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             1.  Our Lady of Fatima …………………………………………...    Page 54

             2.  St. Irenaeus, Bishop  …………………………………………..   Page 56

             3.  St. Augustine, Doctor of the Church  …………………………    Page 57

             4.  St. Cyril of Jerusalem  …………………………………………   Page 57

             5.  St. John Chrystostom  …………………………………………   Page 57

             6.  St. Jerome  ……………………………………………………… Page 57

            7.   St. Methodius  …………………………………………………..  Page 58          

            8.   St. Ephraem, Father and Doctor of the Church ……………...     Page 58

            9.   St. Remigius, Bishop …………………………………………… Page 58

           10.  St. Nilus, Hermit  ……………………………………………….  Page 58

           11.  Pope St. Gregory the Great ……………………………………  Page 59

           12.  St. Caesar of Arles, Father of the Church ……………………   Page 59

           13.  St. John Damascene, Doctor of the Church ………………….   Page 60

           14.  St. Hildegard  …………………………………………………... Page 60

           15.  St. Francis of Assissi  …………………………………………...Page 61

           16.  Sister St. Mechtild ………………………………………………Page 61

           17.  St. Vincent Ferrer  ……………………………………………..   Page 61

           18.  Brother John of the Cleft Rock  ………………………………. Page 62

           19.  St. Nicholas of Fluh  …………………………………………… Page 62

           20.  St. Robert Bellarmine, Doctor of the Church ………………..   Page 62

           21.  Venerable Sor Marianne de Jesus Torres  ……………………Page 62

           22.  Venerable Bartholomew Holzhauser  …………………………  Page 63

           23.  Blessed Anna Maria Taiga ……………………………………. Page 63

           24.  Venerable Isabel Canori-Mora  ………………………………. Page 64

           25.  George Washington’s Vision ………………………………….. Page 64

  26.  Venerable Sister Nativity ……………………………………… Page 67

           27.  Nursing Nun of Belay  …………………………………………  Page 68

           28.  Bug de Milhaus  ………………………………………………..   Page 69

           29.  Maria Julia Jahenny …………………………………………… Page 69

           30.  Our Lady at La Salette ………………………………………… Page 69

  31.  Pere Lame ……………………………………………………… Page 70

           32.  Marie de la Faudais  …………………………………………… Page 70

           33.  St. Caspar del Bufalo  ………………………………………….  Page 71

           34.  Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified  ……………………………..  Page 71

           35.  Sister Marianne  ……………………………………………….. Page 71

           36.  The Ecstatic of Tours  …………………………………………. Page 71

           37.  Pope St. Pius X ………………………………………………….  Page 71

           38.  Professor Drexel, Holy Mystic ………………………………… Page 71

           39.  Message of Heede ………………………………………………. Page 73

  40.  Sister Elena Aiello  ……………………………………………... Page 73

           41.  Sister Agnes of Akita ……………………………………………Page 74

           42.  Rev. Benjamin Martin Sanchez, Doctor of Theology ………...   Page 75

43.    Our Blessed Mother at Garabandal, Spain ………………….     Page 80

        44.  Messages of Our Lord to His Mexican “Portavoz” ………….   Page 81

  45.  Our Lady at Necedah, Wisconsin ……………………………..   Page 83

           46.  Our Lady of the Roses at Bayside, New York ………………..   Page 87

           47.  Prophecies about the Great Warning  ………………………..    Page 95

           48.  Padre Pio’s Letter ………………………………………………  Page 97

49.    The Anti-Priests  ……………………………………………….   Page 100

50.    Bayside Directives ……………………………………………..  Page 104

51.    Miscellaneous ………………………………………………….   Page 111



               A-1  Comet’s Course

               A-2  Companion Sun’s Influence

               A-3  Total Timeline of History

               A-4   Pyramid of Evil








A.  The “Day of the Lord” – Prefigurement and Forewarning of Final Judgment


Judgment/Purification of World

Matthew 24:1-35

Apocalypse Ch. 6-9

 I.  Tribulation  --

  4 horses of the Apocalypse


World revolution, war, famine, disease, Communist takeover

Apocalypse 6:1-11 (4 seals)

II. Abomination of Desolation


Flight and murder of pope; Anti-Pope, Schism, false christs; massive apostasy in the Church

Matthew 24:15-28

III.  The Great Warning – All men shown their sins.  The Great Miracle


Sky turns white and rolls up like a scroll.  All men know their sins.  Cross appears in sky.  Many Conversions.

Apocalypse 6:12-17 (6th seal)

IV.  Rapture:  “Sealing Servants of God” and the vision of Christ coming upon clouds of Heaven


The elect to escape final Chastisement are taken up (raptured); Christ seen coming in the clouds of Heaven to set His Kingdom on earth in order.

Apocalypse Chap. 7 (between 6th and 7th seals)

V.  The Great Chastisement

a.  comet (trumpets 1-4)

b.  demons (trumpet 5)

c.  WW III (trumpet 6)


7th seal opened; 3 days of darkness:  “Ball of Redemption” (Comet); nuclear holocaust; 2/3 of mankind dies

a. Apocalypse Chap. 8

b. Apocalypse 9:1-11

c. Apocalypse 9:12-21









B.  The Great Peace – Complete Triumph of Catholic Church, World Peace


Universal Peace and Order; End of time as we know it begins; all evil men and spirits banished to Hell

Apocalypse Chaps. 10 and 11

VI.  Seven Thunders: Pronouncements of Greatest Ecumenical Council of the Church


Divine appointment of Great Monarch and the “Angelic Pastor” (St. Malachy’s “Glory of the Olive”?) Purification of the Church; removal of all heresy

Apocalypse 10:1-10

VII.  Great Monarch Triumphs, Crowned Holy Roman Emperor


Conversion of the whole world.  Peaceful rule of all nations; Agricultural society

Apocalypse 10:5-11

VIII.  The Two Prophets Appear; Return of (i.e., conversion of (the Jews)

2030-2033 AD

The Prophets measure those in the Temple (Church) warning that their wicked ways are re-inviting Satan onto the earth.  Their death coincides with the public ascendancy of Antichrist, their resurrection with conversion of the Jews.

Apocalypse 11:1-14










C.  The Time of Antichrist (in Person)

2031-2037 AD

The Great Apostasy, Enslavement of Mankind

Apocalypse 11:15 to Chapter 13

IX.  7th Trumpet – Woman and the Red Dragon; The Great Persecution follows Great Apostasy

2031 AD

Great Monarch lays down crown in Jerusalem, greatest persecution of the Church.  “Angelic Pastor” who ruled with “iron rod” is “snatched up” to Heaven.  Church flees to “wilderness”

Apocalypse 11:15-59 and Chapter 12

X.  Universal Despotic Rule of Antichrist for 3 ½ years

2034 AD

Antichrist and False Prophet deceive and overwhelm the world!  Worshipped by all but the Elect; mark on forehead to buy or sell.  Many martyrs.

Apocalypse Chapter 13

XI.  Hour of Judgment

A.      Earth is reaped



B.       7 plagues, vials, Armageddon (6th Plague)


C.       Harlot and Fall of Babylon



2036 AD

Divine Retribution on massive scale; Comet Returns?


Comet’s effect causes plagues? Great War surrounds Jerusalem


Fall of Antichrist’s pagan civilization and false church

A. Apocalypse Ch. 14




B. Apocalypse Ch. 15, 16



C. Apocalypse Ch. 17, 18









D.  The Final Coming in Victory and Judgment by Christ, and the End of Time


(The 7000th year since the completion of Creation, i.e., since the creation of Adam in 4963 B.C., according to the Benedictine calendar.)

Apocalypse Ch. 19-22

XII.  Christ’s personal Victory over 10 Kings, Antichrist and False Prophet in Jerusalem

2037 AD

Beast and False Prophet thrown alive into the Pool of Fire

Apocalypse Ch. 19

XIV.  Final coming of Christ at the Final Judgment


General Resurrection; all men are judged; time and the universe ends.

Matthew 25:31-46

Apocalypse 20:1-10

  (historical summary)

Apocalypse 20:10-15

   (Last Judgment)

XV.  Heavenly Jerusalem and the Tree of Life


Elect enjoy new Heaven and new Earth in eternity, the City of God

Apocalypse Ch. 21, 22







I.  The Apocalyptic Stage


Our purpose here is to present a relatively short but substantial introductory summary of the latter times, with emphasis on “the Day of the Lord,” especially the Chastisement from Heaven, i.e., the Comet which, together with World War III, will destroy 2/3 of the human race -- somewhere around the beginning of the 21st century it appears.

The causes of this threatened Divine Chastisement, our means of mitigating it and of protecting ourselves and our loved ones from its worst effects will be reviewed in the context of Scripture and the many genuine Catholic prophecies of every age quoted herein. (See Chapter V)

Above is a chart showing the order of the end times events and their most important Scriptural references.  I believe we are about to enter the “Tribulation” at the outset of these times. 

Here we quote Ives Dupont, a student of ancient prophecies, summarizing 2000 years of prophecy concerning the Day of the Lord and the Great Peace, taken from the Preface to his book Catholic Prophecy.


“Precisions on the Great Disaster:

General Events:  


·        Not a war only, but a world-wide revolution as well.

·        Not a two-camp war, but a multi-sided war.

·        Not simply a man-made holocaust, but also a God-sent

chastisement, accompanied by cosmic disturbances.

·        To last about four years.


Particular Events:

            The whole world will be involved in the fighting.  A unique

            feature is the internal disintegration of the Western democracies and the

invasion of Western Europe by Arab forces.

            The roles of the U.S.A. and U.S.S.R. are not clear in the beginning.

The U.S.A. may be involved in the Far-East or at home or both.  The U.S.S.R.

may want to keep out of the fray at first, while abetting the Arab world, or

may be involved in Siberia.

            Civil wars rage in Western Europe.  The Church is persecuted; the

Pope leaves Rome [At this point a cataclysmic Warning and Miracle will

occur] and eventually dies in exile.  After his flight an anti-pope [a false

pope] is installed in Rome; the Catholic Church is split, leaderless and

completely disorganized, Communism is victorious.  The Mohammedans

invade Europe and commit innumerable atrocities.

            In the West, however, Christians rally around an unexpected leader,

an army officer of royal blood, but their chances seem very slim.

            The natural disturbances begin:  floods, droughts, famines.

            A comet approaches the earth:  Whole mountains split open; huge

tidal waves swallow up low-lying lands, stones fall from the sky; a deadly

fog or gas poisons the atmosphere; a prolonged darkness envelopes the earth.

Two-thirds or three-fourths of the human race is wiped out.

            The powers of evil are shattered. [The final victory probably coincides

with the arrival of the Comet.]  The Christian Prince leads his growing army

to battle and wins victory upon victory.  In West Germany he crushes a

Germano-Russian Army.  Communism collapses everywhere.  The Moham-

medans are thrown back to the sea.  The war is carried to Africa and the

Middle East, where the Arab Power is dealt a deadly blow.  At this stage,

if not earlier, U.S. troops come to the assistance of Western Europe.

            Russia and China are converted to Catholicism, as also the Moham-

medans.  All non-Catholics return to Mother Church.  A holy Pope is elected;

he shows great firmness; and he restores all the former disciplines in the


            All the nations of Western Europe unite and form a new Roman

Empire, and accept as their emperor the great Christian Prince, chosen by

God, who works hand-in-hand with the holy Pope.  The triumph of the

Catholic Church is universal.

            The whole world enjoys a period of complete peace and unprecedented

prosperity in mutual love and respect among people and nations.

            This great peace will last until the coming of Antichrist.


In order to substantiate our claim that we are about to enter this Tribulation, beginning with 4 years of war and revolution, we will discuss in this section the historical, political, and religious events needed to understand what we see happening before our eyes.  The following are my personal opinions, most of which are  substantiated by documented evidence (see “References”), some of which are speculations based on a foundation of probability.  Our limited space only allows the most general and blunt analysis of our times and the history that puts it in perspective as the end times.  So, hang on!

 Beginning from our vantage point of December, 2002, we see President Bush and the One Worlders, including all the “former communists,” preparing to kick off WWIII, starting with our attack on Iraq. Saddam Hussein was armed and set up as a “tar baby” by order of George Bush, Sr. (supposedly to offset radical Iran), who a short time later proceeds to slam our Desert Storm fist into said tar baby.  Balance of power politics has been played everywhere as a thin excuse for our elite internationalist (traitor) politicians of the last 70 years to aid the enemy of all nations: the World Revolutionary Movement (WRM), which is under the “spiritual” direction of Satan. (See Ref. Carr.) Their plan called for Hussein to be spared in the rehearsal called Desert Storm, so he could continue to be cultivated as a recalcitrant Bad Boy for Israel and the Christian West to hate and as a martyr-hero for the Muslim Middle East to love as the longsuffering leader of the Iraq people, who have (indeed) been unjustly treated by UN sanctions. (Five hundred thousand infant deaths are alleged.) This planned mistreatment fuels hatred.

Vital to our analysis is why we have in the Middle East an explosive situation between Jews and Arabs.  It was arranged by the WRM.  Their first step was for England to gain control of Palestine in WWI.  Palestine was partitioned in 1948 by the UN (a then newly created, Communist-dominated One World Government entity in the employ of the WRM).  Israel became a state stolen from the Semitic peoples of Palestine by a fraudulent World Government and given to a ruthless bunch of Communist “Jews” (Zionists) who had terrorized the Palestinians for years, illegally funneling their brethren into the country from Russia, Germany and Eastern Europe before, during, and after WWII.  Note that “Jews” without a political agenda had lived in peace with the Palestinians for centuries before the Zionist/Communists chose to politicize and enrage the whole region by the theft of land and the displacement of its ancient Semetic inhabitants and the establishment of a belligerent, unlawful state.  The Zionists’ pretext for expropriating by force the rightful inhabitants of the land and claiming the right of their illegitimate State was the murderous persecution of the “Jews” in Germany and Russia -- which had been almost surely engineered for just that purpose.

Three books by the Jewish authors, Black, Nurenberger and Hecht (see References) detail the abandonment of the Jews Hitler murdered by the powerful Jewish elite of America and Zionist Palestine. Against them stood the lower class Jews who wanted to break Hitler by continuing an effective Jewish boycott of Germany, in order to rescue their brethren crying loudly for help inside Germany and Poland. In the end a deal was made between the elite and Hitler to end the boycott in exchange for only releasing 60,000 Jews, 10% of the 600,000 Jews in Germany alone. Were those released special friends of the elite???

Millions of victims were needed, supposedly, to get a recognized Jewish State and not just a Jewish sector in British controlled Palestine. The big Zionists and their British friends stopped the escape of Jews from Germany or their settlement in Palestine.

Black, on page 4, mentions the historical prejudice of the wealthy German Jews who began the secret society, B’nai B’rith.They deemed themselves the Hofjuden or courtly Jews, followers of the Rothschild dynasty of Germany, who stood above and apart from the poor, uncultured Russian and Polish Jews, who comprised around 92% of the Jews Hitler murdered. In other words, the Conspirators used the simple, innocent, common Jew as a scapegoat and a cover for their evil plans, which when put  into action were blamed on the common Jew, resulting in pogroms, which the elite also arranged. This ongoing betrayal made great propaganda; when Jewry was viewed as one homogenous entity, instead of as we have described. But one of the elite, Jacob Schiff, a powerful financier, championed (controlled) the common Jews . As the financier of the socialist Russian Revolution he formed a militant foil for the capitalist kings, his Zionists brothers in the west. Their planned (and near complete)  synthesis will be the one world government of Antichrist. This is why Bush holds hands with Putin, the leading puppet for the enemy of all free people.

            The evidence is now in hand (see Ref: Loftus) that part of a huge network of Jewish Communist “spies” controlled the actions of the German high command in WWII under

 the cover of being “fascist Jews.”  These spies were also involved as intermediaries between the Nazis and frontmen for the biggest American and English bankers, Rockefellers and

Rothschilds, whose web of banks and oil companies were financing, through various entities: Nazi Germany, Russia, England, France and America.  (There is purported evidence that

Hitler himself was an illegitimate son of Soloman Mayer Rothschild of Austria.( See Ref. APFN.)  This Jewish communist spy network called “Max” funneled criminal Nazis, Nazi

gold and select Jews (probably communists or war criminals) over the same Italian escape route. 

The Nazis, professional fascist agents, went to South America where they would begin to corrupt the governments of that continent, especially Brazil.  Since fascism is created by the WRM to oppose its communist creation, these fascist S.A. countries would later be challenged by communist guerillas or political parties. Build up a right wing dictatorship with police state laws and secret police atrocities to enrage the people, then insert a Communist guerilla/terrorist army “of the People” to carry on a revolution that will produce chaos and communist takeover.  This formula has been repeated in Central and South America, Africa and throughout the whole world. 

Other Nazis were sent to the U.S.A. where they would be employed as agents within the Republican party in the rising American fascist state.  These “conservatives” would be opposed, of course, by their communist brothers in revolution, the “liberals.” The “former” Nazis in the U.S.A. formed the neo-conservative political movement, which was first headed by Leon Trotsky operating out of S.A., an “ousted” Russian revolutionary.  Nelson Rockefeller headed up the whole S.A. operation. The Jews went to Palestine and the gold to the Big Zionist Bankers and their agents who had financed the war. Loftus reveals that the Soviet Union and Nelson Rockefeller’s influence over South America were principally responsible for obtaining the UN votes to partition Palestine. The Soviet Union sent 200,000 Communist Jews to Israel through what was the “Iron Curtain” for everyone else.  

The Zionist/Communists, I believe, covered their tracks as promoters and benefactors of the war by victimizing (murdering) hundreds of thousands of their own people through their brother Nazis.  By defeating (as planned) the anti-communist thrust of Hitler’s pre-war Germany, which they set up as the opposition necessary for a war, these Communists gobbled up half of Europe, as permitted at Yalta by Franklin D. Roosevelt and Churchill. 

The Jewish holocaust provided cause for the State of Israel, which in turn was created as the central catalyst for WWIII

China, raped by Japan in WWII and betrayed to the Communists under Mao by the CIA/State Department, is further evidence that WWII was generated for the expansion of Communism. The defeat of the fascists (Japan) provided a void of power and government in China for the Communists to fill. That was the plan from day one.

Millions paid the price for these huge gains.  Harriman and Allen Dulles played pivotal roles as bankers and U.S. officials.  Dulles became the first Director of the traitorous C.I.A. after World War II.  The legitimate, patriotic use of an intelligence agency is (undetectably) perverted by making secrecy the “cover” for criminal and traitorous acts of sabotage and assassination that are beyond the reach of immediate investigation or supervision by responsible parties. In short, such agencies are, by their nature, vulnerable to criminal misuse by infiltrated enemy agents. A secret one world government is greatly aided by the cooperation or interpenetration of the various secret service agencies of the nations whose sovereignty and self-interests are to be sacrificed to the super government’s plan.

            It is important to understand that Communism began in Russia as a secret revolution of the “Jews,” who had been confined to Poland and the “Pale of Russia,” the biblically referenced Land of Gog, i.e., Magog or southern Russia. (See books of Gensis, Daniel  and the Apocalypse.) They had been so confined since being driven out of Europe in the 1700’s by the Christian nations of Europe, which had suffered intensely from the “Jewish” inspired and financed Protestant Revolt (see Ref: Walsh), and the subsequent explosion of usurious lending by Jewish lenders that followed, almost bankrupting the continent.

            When the Russian Government finally released the “Jews” from their ghetto, they quickly assumed the educational and bureaucratic positions in Russia that required an education.  From this vantage point they managed many years of silent revolution, treachery and turmoil, assassinating five Russian Czars by 1917.  [Please note: References to the “Jews” in this work do not apply to morally upright people who in good faith believe and practice the uncorrupted Judaic creed, but only to that small criminal element that hides behind that good reputation.]  (See A-4)

The Zionists of the 1940’s were that set of Communist “Jews” assigned to agitate for a “Jewish homeland.” This in itself was a fraud, since 99% of the “Jews” in the world are Yiddish, descended from Japheth, the father of the white race and of Magog, his second son, and this by their own admission and cultural traditions. (See Ref: Koeslter) In 700 A.D. they were Kazars, a tribe of pagan phallic worshippers living in their ancestral land of southern Russia.  Their elite “earned” a living by extortion practiced on travelers.  They were conquered and made to choose a religion.  They chose Judaism. Their ancestral homeland is not Palestine.  They are not even of the Semetic race. The Zionists, then, are the “Anti-Semites” -- just what they accuse everyone who opposes them of being. It was the Zionists who drove the Semetic Palestinians from their homeland.

God’s Providence allowed the Romans to disperse those who had rejected His Son by destroying Jerusalem in 70 AD.  Since Christ fulfilled Judaism, it was dissolved in Christianity. Therefore, after the coming of Christ, Judaism exists only by specifically denying Jesus Christ.  And the devil uses the historical anti-Christ curse to possess and to use the evil elite of such a creed for his war against Christianity. “And all the people answering said:  His blood be upon us, and upon our children.” (Matt. 27:25)

            Even the “Jews” who killed Christ were Herodians, not Jews.  Herod was an Edomite, not an Israelite, much less a descendant of Juda. Herod and his followers were called “Jews” because the Edomites, the descendants of Esau, took over political control of Juda after the people were taken into Babylonian captivity.  They had maintained much of this power down to the time of Christ and were hated by the people of Israel – including the real Jews -- for the tyrannical imposters they were. Herod was their leader.

            Zionism agitates for a Jewish State of Israel that will receive the promised Messiah/King, who conquers the world by force.  Zionism is opposed to the Christian Church that conquers the world by the self-sacrificing Love of God, in the Divine Person of Jesus Christ. After killing Christ, the Herodians, who were radical Zionists, provided cause, by their secular rebellion, for the Roman destruction of Jerusalem.  We are reminded of the tactics of the Communists, who invite the crushing rule of civil authority as state remedies for their revolutions perpetrated in the name of “the people.” 

Under Herod Agrippa III the Zionists formed a secret society called “The Force” for the purpose of destroying Christianity.  Hiram was their leader.  This secret society of murderous anti-christians, who practiced diabolical rites based on a corrupted version of the Talmud, was the same secret society to change its name to “Freemasonry” many centuries later.  They are responsible, behind the scenes, for instigating most of the early persecutions of Christians and of the heresies attacking the spiritual unity and existence of the Church. These Zionists masquerade as pious Jews, often infiltrating Christianity as clergy with secret agendas. This was true before the Protestant Revolution. Solid historical evidence shows that the Protestant Revolt, the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution were events of their instigation. 

            A slight digression is in order here.  The diabolical “Jewish” elitists, who should be called “frauds,” could never carry out their plans without at least 95% of the work being done by “gentiles,” who have also given themselves over to Satan by sin, thus becoming tools for his highest agents.  These “gentiles” include people of all faiths, including Catholics. 

For example, Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit priest and professor of Ingolstadt University in Bavaria, organized the “Illuminati” on May 1, 1776.  The Illuminati “played a key role directing and coordinating the carnage and terror of the French Revolution.” The Skull and Bones Club which the Bushes belonged to is one of the fronts for Illuminism today.

“The Evil Eye” by William F. Jasper, January 27, 2003 issue of The New American quotes Weishaupt, a forerunner of Marx, “We must begin by destroying all Religion, all civil society, and finish by the destruction of all private property.  … When the object is an universal Revolution, all the members of these societies aiming at the same point, and aiding each other, must find means of governing invisibly.” Jasper writes, “This exercise of “invisible power” – and the necessity of “concealment,” conspiracy, penetration, and infiltration – are constant themes in his writings.  By placing Illuminists in governments, institutions, and positions of influence, Weishaupt said, “we may, in secret, influence all political transactions.”  “By this plan,” he boasted, “we shall direct all mankind.  In this manner, and by the simplest means, we shall set all in motion and in flames.”

God would not allow the Devil’s special agents to succeed (as His disciplinarians), if a great majority of humanity, including His own people, were not in need of severe correction, due to their sins, by which they reject Him in favor of Satan.  So, it is the “gentiles,” the lax Christians actually who are the cause of all these woes. Thus, we keep the record straight and spread the blame fairly.  To whom more is given (Christians) more is expected.

            As to the charge of “anti-semetic” bigotry, this is a smear and a trick for covering up the truth we have just reviewed and for putting the opposition on the defensive! If the man with a flashlight can be made fearful, the light’s aim will be diverted from the vermin in the dark. The Frauds always create their own real or pretended right wing bigots and “Jew haters,” like Hitler, in order to appear as the innocent oppressed ones. How can such lambs be blamed for anything!  Also, by creating a bigoted opposition, they can “justify” murderous retaliation by their allies, i.e., those they get to fight for them. It takes two sides to fight.  Communists and Fascists and related anarchists, therefore, always play the “race card.” It easily divides human societies.  It stops all rational investigation, enrages passions and scares people into silence and “cooperation.”

            The thematic thread of history has always been the battle between good and evil. Just as Esau was an enemy of Jacob, so Cain was an enemy of Abel.  The progeny of Cain, “the sons of men,” warred against and tempted “the sons of God,” who were descended from Seth. Only the Hebrews resisted the building of the Tower of Babel under Nemrod, the descendant of Ham, who mocked his father, Noah.  Nemrod built Babylon, as his race had built Egypt, whose Pharoah tried to exterminate Israel, the people of God.

            History is only seen truly, in its essential dramatic aspect, when seen as this battle between the followers of God and those of Satan.  From the day Lucifer rebelled from God and was thrown into Hell, with all his followers, we see him as Satan, the Adversary, trying to destroy the people of God, beginning with Adam and Eve themselves.  Without this vital perspective of diabolical malice and power warring against God and His Church, one has a very hard time believing in a Conspiracy enduring century after century, accomplishing monstrous evils by moving thousands of agents in super-complicated plots.  Human beings alone, especially in groups, are not capable of this kind of perpetual malice and organization.  But with the power of Lucifer, the highest creature ever created, in direct defiance of God, such a conspiracy is easily imaginable, since it is carried out by those who actually worship Lucifer and, thus, come under his direct influence and control.  They become instruments in Lucifer’s hands, just as the Saints were instruments in God’s hands.

            We cannot imagine a People of God, from Adam to the present, maintaining one true doctrine, unless we understand that the unseen power of God is behind it. We see in history God opposing Satan’s forces, saving His people, i.e., those who will suffer and die for Him Who is Truth and Goodness itself.  So God destroyed the wicked in the Flood and interrupted the first one world government by the confusion of tongues at the Tower of Babel.  He saved Israel at the Red Sea, as He saved all men from Hell by Christ through incorporation in His Mystical Body, the Church. So too God will save us from our diabolical enemies at the Chastisement and bring us a heavenly peace on earth.

            Men of sin give themselves up to Satan as tools.  These human tools go far  beyond the confines of “Jewry” or Talmudic Judaism.  Yet, therein lies the heart of the beast. Jesus said of the Pharisaical “Jews” or Herodians.  “If you be the children of Abraham, do the works of Abraham,” and, “If God were your father, verily you would love me … but … you are of your father, the devil … He was a murderer from the beginning … he is a liar and the father thereof.” (John 8: 39, 42, 44)

Satan’s pride despises human beings as the special object of God’s love, which love is evidenced by Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Redeemer of the human race.  Pride wishes to hurt what wounds it.  To tempt men to deny that God has sent a Redeemer is the means by which Satan hopes to hurt God – because positive disbelief in the Redeemer is a ticket to Hell, Satan’s home.  Therefore, to honor the fact and the memory of Judaism, before Christ’s first coming, as the religion of Israel awaiting the Messiah is a virtue, but to do so after His coming mocks the Redeemer of the human race, God Himself.  This Blasphemy represents all sin, the epitome of its expression.  This blasphemy is the mortal enemy of all human life created by God.  Freedom of belief is not the issue; bigotry is not the issue; blasphemy is the issue.

            Judaism exists today by denying Christ.  Protestantism, Judaism’s creation, exists by protesting Christ’s Church.  Together they comprise a direct attack on the Church.  But to merge them with the Church is the “Abomination of Desolation,” that is, the event in Scripture which really kicks the Tribulation of the Day of the Lord’s wrath into high gear.(See Matthew Chapter 24.) For God will destroy all such pretense of wedding His Church with any other religion or creed.

            This is why false Ecumenism is one of the greatest heresies of the 20th Century.  It threatens to destroy the work of Christ’s Church and, to that extent, the means of Salvation.  The Truth of the Catholic Church is Sacred.  It is The Word of God, Jesus Christ, embodied in human society as the Mystical Body of Christ.  It must not be denigrated, denied or adulterated with anything else.  There must be no reapproachment between Catholicism, pagan cultures, Judaism, Protestantism, or any other philosophy or religion.  Peace will only come with complete subservience of all to the One True Church.

            We return to our analysis of the current political situation. Britain (center of the WRM since their Protestant Revolution) created both the state of Saudi Arabia and that of Israel by arranging for terrorist leaders to take power as adversaries.  Saudi Arabia was created by the British agent, Phillby, their “deniable asset”.  He put a rotten desert terrorist, Ibn Saud, up as king of all the Arabs and, thereafter, as controller of Moslem’s holiest city and of 25% of the world’s cheapest oil.  The Saudis are tools of the Rockefeller oil network, another arm of the WRM, like Communism, Zionism, the Secret Services of the world, etc.  The Wahabi brand of Muslim extremism, which hates Israel and Christianity, was useful as a fuel for the Jewish-Arab feud that had to be ignited and fired white hot, in order to draw into conflict the USA and Europe in support of Israel against Russia’s secretly sponsored nations of the semetic and black races, i.e., the Middle East and eastern and northern Africa.  The plan is to destroy the white race, the prime bearer of Christianity, by creating a phony racial/religious conflict between white and dark skinned peoples. 

Saud’s Wahabism has been preached to an army of terrorists funded by Saudi Arabia.  It proposes hatred of Jews and Christians along with their corruptive western, capitalistic civilization, which in some respects is morally unsound.  It proposes suicide missions which in a Holy War are the tickets to “heaven,” plus other extremes. Saud’s fellow terrorist was an Egyptian named Yassar Arafat, recruited by the Soviets through Bulgaria as a  catalyst for never-ending unrest in Palestine. Everything is orchestrated by the KGB/GRU.

Suffice it to say that the Rothschild-Rockefeller (Illuminati) Bankster dynasty, which heads the church of Satan in its WRM, financed both Hitler and Stalin and all sides of WWII.  It used WWII and its aftermath to prepare the hotbed in the Middle East conflict that would spawn WWIII.  George W. Bush’s grandfather and father were among these players, being board members of the U.S. bank laundering Nazi money.  (See Ref. Unauthorized Biography and Loftus.)

Bush, Putin, Hussein, and most heads of state in the world are fellow Conspirators.  For the most part there is a wide moral separation between the people and their evil leaders, who in turn take orders from their managers behind the scenes, who in turn follow the satanically guided masters, the Illuminati (the “enlightened” ones), with their “Plan of the Serpent.”  The WRM Conspiracy is a pyramid of knowledge about the truth of this Plan, with fullest knowledge/power only at the top in the most evil, the most completely possessed Satanist members.  At each level, the individual conspirator knows the plan below him, but not that above.  He takes secret orders from above, which in turn direct him in those orders he gives to those below him.

What is the Ultimate Plan?  An element of Catholic tradition holds that Satan’s plan is to stop the reproduction of the human race and otherwise to snuff it out by war, euthanasia, birth control, abortion, starvation, disease and environmental sabotage.  Satan wants to take enough of humanity to Hell to stave off his own eternal banishment, which will occur when the number of the saved fills the places of the fallen angels (which is reputed to be 3 billion, one third of the total number of angels).  The world will end when these vacant places in the choir of angels are filled by the elect.  Then Satan will be locked in Hell forever. Therefore, Satan’s captive souls on earth serve him by tempting men to sin, then killing them by war, etc., so they will go to Hell and not to Heaven. 

By preventing births to begin with, even to the point of exterminating all human life, Satan reduces the number who could possibly get to Heaven.  This is why the anti-life movement was created and sustained by the Conspiracy, using every means of deceit, fraud, coercion and violence. Abortion prevents Baptism before death.  Artificial contraception prevents the possibility of life itself.  Scripture tells us Onan was slain by God for spilling his seed to avoid conceiving children.  Only the true Christian Church continues to condemn this great sin.

But Satan’s time has run out.  The decisive battle is now.  For the number of people on earth (6 billion) is now more than the total number of people who have lived since the beginning of the world.  So the number of souls saved or lost in these times decides the time left for the world.  If more are saved, the time is shortened; if less are saved, Satan’s game continues longer.

President Bush may or may not know that our CIA, FBI and other agencies are riddled with enemy undercover agents cooperating with foreign secret service agencies. These agents pulled off Waco, OKC and 9-11, in order to label as targets for opposition and future elimination religious minorities (Waco), patriots (OKC) and Middle Eastern terrorists (9-11). The facts in each case point to a government/secret service managed plot.  Government Gestapo agents initiated the incineration of innocents at Waco with deadly, explosive tear gas, which government agents ignited. The OKC Building was blown down with explosives planted at the base of its columns, not by a truck bomb that didn’t even make a hole in the street under it. Two of the bombs were removed from the building.  All was blamed on a young man who hated the government for what it did at Waco.  By insinuation he was the model of all U.S. patriots who will resist the un-American, evil Government we now have.

These atrocities are staged for the purpose of fashioning scapegoats tied to the desired opposition and for the purpose of generating emotionally charged pretexts for police-state laws which will be enforced by a dictatorial Executive branch.  Only at this point does Bush need to come in. He only does what he is told to do, in order to play his parts of 1) building domestic tyranny, under the pretext of setting up a homeland defense and 2) by smacking foreign “tar babies,” in order to entangle our military (our real homeland defense) in an international war designed to make us vulnerable and universally hated. All of this was done so we can be invaded, while our hands are tied by our own police state and while our military is tied down in some distant war zone or has been nuked into oblivion.

Bush holds hands with Russia’s Putin.  Russia trained every terrorist state as a surrogate, a partner in the World Revolutionary Movement.  Bush is a sly, knowing puppet on strings, as are all other leaders, even Putin.  But the gullible majority see Bush as their independent, patriotic representative and leader, reacting to events with necessity and reason.  Actually, his role for America is similar to Hitler’s role for Germany. He legislated a police state after blaming his burning of a great public building on his opposition, German patriots.  After executing them, Hitler attacked Poland. The planned response was four great nations subsequently declaring war on Germany, and an ensuing world war built around carefully preplanned alliances.

George W. Bush’s grandfather secretly armed and financed Hitler through their New York Bank; he and his son George H. sat on its board of directors.  In the 1980’s George Bush, Sr. was behind the arming of Saddam Hussein. “ George Bush arranged for billions of American tax dollars to be loaned to Iraq, money that Saddam used to purchase chemical weapons, factories, and nuclear components.”  (Loftus, p. 329)  The chemical and nuclear weapons were meant to be the cause for invading Iraq later. 

Loftus also reveals (pp. 334-5) that, as CIA chief, George Bush gave Carter false estimates of oil reserve shortages.  Russia would have to import 3 ½ MM barrels by ’85 and even the Saudis would run short.  As a result he suggested Russia would invade the Middle East, so we needed to get in there and prevent it.  Carter, on cue, buys this lie and retains the cap on U.S. oil prices while foreign prices rise due to the “shortage.”  Result?  The booming American petroleum exploration business is suddenly uneconomical compared to overseas.  The big companies pulled out of U.S. exploration to leave us with a great dependence on foreign oil and therefore a great economic and national defense vulnerability.

Carter’s environmental edicts helped this abandonment of U.S. exploration immensely. In the next 25 years the U.S. becomes 60% dependent on foreign oil.  The need to protect Middle East oil becomes super critical to the American economy.    So we arm the Arabs to protect against a Soviet threat, while arming Israel to the teeth simultaneously.  In the meantime, the Soviets are also arming the Middle East with terrorists, missiles, weapons of mass destruction.  Both principals, the U.S. and Russia worked hand in hand to set up all sides of the Middle East detonator of WWIII, because the U.S. government has communist/one world government traitors operating throughout its ruling elite.  They only pretend to have conflicting interests. In 2002 Russia makes a deal to buy Iraq oil and Bush Junior trumps up a lame excuse to attack Iraq (one of 20 sponsors of terrorism), which rivals Saudi Arabia for reserves.

Once again the Bush clan is key to initiating war, first in Germany, now in the Middle East.  Like grandfather, on like father, like son – not coincidental.

Many communist/fascist nations are now poised to let this Iraq invasion signal their counter attack.  The Arab/Muslim world will attack Israel and eventually Europe; North Korea will attack South Korea and Japan; China will attack Formosa.  The U.S. will try to help defend South Korea, Free China, Japan, Israel, etc., spreading its military forces ridiculously thin against overpowering odds.  Deliberate folly.  Murder. Finally, China, Korea, Cuba, Central and South America will attack the west and south coasts of America, with plenty of strategic guidance and “special effects” from Russia, wherever needed (perhaps especially in the central and Northeastern states).  It’s pack of dogs loosed on America, Russia will finally attack Europe, along with its Muslims surrogates.

Perhaps Israel will survive war, because it is the special creation and protectorate of the same beast with two faces:  communism and fascism, who only pretend to war against each other’s common interest – the subjugation of the whole world. I predict that Israel will appear to conquer and dominate all evil forces in the end.  At least, this may be the plan.  If so, it will be by way of a secret prearranged victory.  This will appear as if a miraculous decree of divine providence protected and made victorious its “chosen people,” to whom would come the anointed one – Antichrist.

This author believes it likely that a cell of Zionists will remain unconverted throughout the Peace, emerging thereafter to build the stage for Antichrist himself.  The antichristian state of Israel may be the “little horn” of the Apocalypse that comes to dominate all ten kingdoms; for the seat of Antichrist is reputedly in Jerusalem itself.

Reagan’s Vice-president Bush, Loftus reveals, cooperated with the CIA and British intelligence (M-16) to fund the biggest Communist-terrorist gunrunner and drug runner, Al Kassar, of Syria. Through him U.S. taxpayers spent billions for communist made arms which were then sent to Iran so they would release U.S. hostages they supposedly held in Lebanon.  Bush desperately wanted the CIA agent, Buckley, who had been taken captive.  Buckley, under torture, signed a 400-page document detailing Bush’s involvement in this highly illegal arms for hostages deal.  Kassar was an agent of Russian intelligence (GRU)), who blackmailed Bush (and the USA) with this information.

 Bush also funded and armed Iraq, the PLO and Cambodian Communists. As a cover-up/pay-off to Syria, he reversed U.S.-Syrian relations and allowed the Syrian takeover of Christian Lebanon.  He traded innocent peoples’ liberty for his reputation. (This is an evil man in my book.) M-16 ran a Bank, the BCCI, funded by innocent Saudi, American, and British investors, in which all the terrorists of the world held accounts and borrowed money (which was never repaid) for their operations.  All of the above was supposedly done for ostensibly good reasons.  The truth is that these reasons were as phony as the loyalty to the free world of George Bush and the CIA, the British leaders and their M-16.  They are all Communist-Nazi One World Government Conspirators, liars, and murderers.  They just play different roles.

Once again we see that Bush armed the bad guys he later as President attacked because they were bad guys.  His actions as Vice President running a private secret service behind Reagan’s back was totally illegal in its conception and all its activities.

In short, Bush and the British gave huge amounts of money and weapons to terrorists and covered up their massive worldwide drug smuggling operation for over a decade.  Even part of the PLO was trained and funded by the CIA, which authorized them to conduct terrorist attacks on Israel.  Then Bush was blackmailed into betraying Lebanon.  How did such a man and his son become U.S. Presidents, except through a massive, criminal, thoroughly traitorous support system hiding within our Government.  We are in the hands of the enemy, and they appear to us as our National leaders and institutions.  It only takes a few working in an interconnected web of key positions, secretly and illegally, to rule and misdirect the tremendous energy, good will and resources of this great nation, the United States of America.

America is the Great Prize, and it will be attacked, but only after it is subdued (as much as we allow) by the tyranny of its own runaway anti-Constitutional, false, secret government, run by One World agents and “useful idiots” of all sorts and stripes at every level.  Foreign terrorists, working with enemy agents in our secret services, will continue to create the havoc (e.g., 9-11 style atrocities) to give this bogus government an apparently sufficient reason for police state martial law, disastrous foreign police missions and, finally, submission to UN dictates.

For example, in order to have a sufficient excuse to attack Afghanistan and Iraq, 9-11 was made to look like the work of Muslim extremists commissioned by Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. It was a crude hoax, like OKC, where one disgruntled young man took the rap for a sophisticated professional explosive job he didn’t even know about. 

Seven of the nineteen 9-11 terrorists named were found by the FBI to be out of the country at the time.  None of the nineteen could fly the big planes they were supposed to have guided into the buildings. The planes crashing into the Towers could not have brought them down.  The heat produced was nowhere intense enough to melt the steel.  The Towers fell long after the fires had cooled to roiling smoke.  The buildings did not topple, as if failing midway, but fell straight down in the perfect implosion style of a professional inside demolition job. And that’s what it was. Many firemen reported hearing the multiple explosions inside.

But it was important enough to run some planes into these buildings so that Muslim radicals  -- who had been conveniently allowed to enter the country and enter flying schools -- could get all the credit for the attacks, thus covering up the “inside job” managed by subversives in our FBI.  Auto-pilot remote control devices developed in the 1970’s by TWA and the U.S. government to (supposedly) thwart hijackings were actually used to pilot the planes, not suicidal pilots. 

It is also of note that the passport of one of the supposed pilots, Mohamed Atta, just happened to have been found on the sidewalk below the buildings! only slightly singed! right after the attacks!!  (It is reported that Atta himself called his father from Europe the next day to say he was doing fine and had not been involved.)  It was found later that, like many of the other accused, Atta’s ID had been stolen in the recent past.  All these facts and more point to the familiar “set up” pattern that intelligence agencies, like Israel’s Mossad, specialize in.  When Arabs look like bad guys, Israel looks like a good guy, deserving of America’s help (money and arms) in exterminating these bad guys. U.S. taxpayers have literally financed Israel with 3 ½ billion dollars in aid every year.  Since its inception, each American has paid $5700 to Israel.

An arguably unjust pre-emptive strike by the U.S. against Iraq is to be played up by the U.S. Liberals and the Muslim branch of the Conspiracy as a fascist move by Bush and the USA to save Mideast Oil for America, the self-appointed Imperialist World Policeman.  The plan is that East and West will react to mutual atrocities, with justification for retaliation by both sides established by these same mutual atrocities. Sharon and his predecessors have done their part.  Bush has done his part.  Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden and Yassar Arafat, all puppets, all have done their part. The Conspirators point of view amounts to this:  “Let me help you and him fight.  We will appoint you fearless leaders who will set it all up, finance and arm all sides, fan the flames and watch you gullible idiots kill each other without a single good reason.”

 The aftermath of WWIII is meant to be the destitution of the wealth, institutions, civilization, religion and hope of its survivors, who will, desiring peace at any price,  submit docily to a despotic, atheistic government (the United Nations’ Supergovernment) run by the devil’s men, the Illuminati. Those chosen to be slaves would have their souls preserved for Hell by “brain-washing”, which is essentially removing the idea of God from the mind, according to the first hand experience of Rev. Wurbrand. Resisters will be murdered.

Suffice it to say that God the Father has other plans.

The U.S. “practiced” for our entrance into WWIII in “Operation Desert Storm.”  Here the American public was shown that these “heroic” police actions had 1) just cause, 2) the support of “the world” and 3) could easily be done, with low casualities.  The self-righteous, cultivated overconfidence is a key deception in convincing Americans to enter the amBush being set up now.  All is done under the “authority” of the U.N. (the pretense of a consensus of world opinion) in order to build its reputation as a necessary tool of the peaceful co-existence and government of peoples.

Classical Marxist theory borrows from Hegel’s dialectic, which proposes a natural social evolution when two opposing forces (e.g., the left and the right) collide to produce a synthesis or compromise, usually by way of some “mediator,” like the U.N, for example.  The desired end is the “compromise.” It is thus, the Marxists say, that history marches on (or, shouldn’t we say, history is manufactured).

The UN is controlled by Communist/Socialist states!!  So now we have the USA, supposed champion of liberty, conscripted into doing the will of godless tyranny.  What a clever turnabout.  Keep it secret; paint it all in altruistic, “save the world from the bad guys” rhetoric and foolish American pride will send their own flesh and blood to seal the deal.  Rambo Mania!! Everything, anything is okay if the UN approves it!  Total consensus (and totally phony at that) becomes a god.  But this is pure Humanism – Man worshipped as God. Antichrist will personify this religion in himself.  Such is the height of idolatry.

Peaceful, deceived people worldwide are being conscripted into fratricidal war and carnage by diabolical, government sponsored and controlled agents, some of whom have been brainwashed into deniable killer-zombies, micro-chipped for remote controlled duty on the streets.  The reins of power have been gathered by the forces of the mortal enemy of mankind, the same Serpent who tempted Eve in the Garden.

This basic story of duplicity and diabolical tyranny has been repeated throughout the history of the world!  From the perspective of Divine Providence, it is allowed as a corrective punishment for the sins of the people, who have taken the proffered apple, i.e., disobedience to the laws (commands) of God.  God aims to save these people, despite their culpable ignorance, their self-serving, insincere sentimentality and their lamentable apathy and cowardice.

After domestic terrorism on a large scale and a massive World-Wide Depression,  beginning with the crash of Wall Street (nuked ?), the U.S.A. will be attacked.  One prong of the planned attack will be a bio-warfare incident or “scare”, followed by mass immunizations seeded with deadly, manufactured viruses.  It is now known that AIDS and the Gulf War Syndrome were seeded in this way.  (See References: Horowitz.) (Latest word is that microchips are now for sale to our Government small enough to be injected into us, e.g., through immunizations.  These chips allow a person to be identified, determined to be dead or alive and tracked by satellite anywhere, accurate to within 10 feet.

Illegal alien armies from within our borders, along with a South American terrorist invasion from the West coast to Florida, will cause Civil Chaos. New York City and/or other major cities will probably be nuked for terror/control/blackmail purposes. Pre-placed Russian warheads or submarine launched missiles may be used.  Then nuclear blackmail and the chaos within the U.S.A. will be used as an excuse by the traitors in control of our government to cave in to various demands, such as control by a U.N. appointed “provisional government”, backed by a huge invasion of  “peacekeeping forces,” namely, the Red Chinese Army, which is even now planning a full scale invasion of the West Coast. 

These will be the times for true Americans to fight, while godless, selfish, immoral or cowardly people will acquiesce and become the Tories of the Second American Revolutionary War.  (See Ref: Pedry)

With the whole world in an economic depression, Europe, likewise will be attacked by internal revolutionaries and waves of Communist-inspired and led Mohammedans, as many ancient prophecies affirm.  The Pope will flee Italy.  Then Russia will invade Europe and control the Church through an anti-pope, who will pretend to radically change the Church to a One World Pan-Religion.  The true pope will die a cruel death in a foreign land (possibly America). About this time a worldwide Warning will occur.  Each person on earth will know his sins and where they stand with God.  A great Miracle in the sky will follow within a year thereafter.  If mankind does not stop sinning and radically turn to God after these prodigies, God will send the Great Chastisement, the six days of WWIII and the Comet.

Across America and Europe and the world God will raise up just men to combat the enemy.  And, with God’s intervention of a Chastising Comet, the odds will be evened and all evil men will be killed, and the devil will be banished from the earth. A Great Peace will follow; it will only last 25 years. During this time the kingdom of Christ on earth will be established – that “Kingdom” for which we pray in the Our Father. The true Church will be restored to its original purity.

 Shining resplendent, the Church will convert all peoples through an Angelic Pastor (pope) working with the Great Monarch (a descendant of the French kings) who will again re-establish the Holy Roman Empire.  Catholic prophecies for 2000 years say that a great Monarch and a great Pope will combine forces to defeat the enemy. In “Hereditary Rule” by Solange Hertz (see Ref. Remnant Resistance), Clovis, the French Monarch, is shown to be a descendant of David, so that the promise to David that his descendants would reign forever is true in a double sense, spiritually in Christ and genetically in the French kings, who are, according to Hertz, related to all European royalty.  The Holy Roman Emperor is the only Monarch the Church ever consecrated, since they are of God’s chosen lineage. (The article is very much worth reading!)

The cause of all the 20th century carnage is a cultural and moral revolution dependent on 18th century Enlightenment social philosophy.  Recently the destruction of traditional values, customs, laws and institutions via a massive campaign of media generated immodesty, soft and hard porn, as well as legislative/judicial folly has left a weakened American/European character incapable of detecting and resisting a subtle, pseudo-patriotic enemy within.

But the greatest blow to the West (the seat and homeland of Christianity) is the massive Communist/Freemasonic infiltration of the Catholic Church.  Their agenda was accomplished through their deliberate misuse of ambiguous language in Vatican II, and afterwards, through the strong-arm tactics of the Council’s implementing Commissions and Committees, which were stacked with Masons.

Beyond this, disinformation and Masonic-led disobedience of clergy at all levels brought about a massive heresy and apostasy of clergy and laity. The denigration of doctrine and holy Tradition is ongoing to this day. The sacred Liturgy (the Mass), by which the Justice of the Heavenly Father is appeased through the continual offering up of the one Sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ, was radically adulterated.  To this degree, the mitigation of God’s Justice is lessened and the world sinks by the weight of its own sins.

The recent homosexual pedophile scandal in the Catholic Church was the work of the WRM.  Infiltrators were sent into the priesthood (See AA 1025, Chapter V).  For some their job was to commit sex crimes, get caught and cause scandal, lawsuits, etc.  Others had missions to corrupt seminarians who would, as a result, commit sex crimes as priests.  The takeover of the seminaries in the USA by these Communist and freemasonic agents was devastating. (See Reference: Rose) Yet in Russia not a single case of clerical sex abuse has occurred.  Why?  The Church in that country was not targeted.

Therefore, the greatest bulwark to Satan, to militant atheism, to materialism and to secular humanism, the Church Itself, is being significantly misrepresented by tiers of dirty rats, spewing ridiculous heresies, parading blasphemous profanities, while leading multitudes of laity into modernism, and therefore, automatic excommunication.  (See Ref.: AA1025)

On page 514 Loftus ends his book with words of wisdom which also seem a fitting end to this chapter:  “If we are to keep future generations safe, we must first teach them the perils of ignorance.  Then we must show them how to fight evil by exposing it.  They must not continue the awful silence of previous generations.  We must teach what Sol Shnadow told his children before he died. … “You should never be afraid to speak the truth.”

So what’s going to happen when?  We don’t know.  But considering there is much overlapping of events when they are posted in a linear order, we present here our best guess, on January 30, 2003.






Do we have evidence of a solar system that could naturally produce a giant long period comet (Comet X) that could have been and/or will be a Chastising Comet used by God? There is some evidence we may be in a binary star system and/or have a very large comet orbiting around both “suns”.  The Sun’s companion star would be a smaller, dark “brown dwarf” star (Nemesis), one that never reached the critical mass necessary for nuclear fusion to begin.  (See A-1) 

The following article is from the December 31, 1983 issue of the Washington Post. It states that our IRAS (infrared) telescope in orbit spotted a dark “mystery object” perhaps 50 billion miles away that was “seen” at 40º above absolute zero (459º below zero) near the western edge of the Orion constellation.


Mystery Heavenly Body Discovered

“A heavenly body possibly as large as the giant planet Jupiter and possibly so close to Earth that it would be part of this solar system has been found in the direction of the constellation Orion by an orbiting telescope aboard the U.S. infrared astronomical satellite. So mysterious is the object that astronomers do not know if it is a planet, a giant comet, a nearby “protostar” that never got hot enough to become a star, a distant galaxy so young that it is still in the process of forming its first stars or a galaxy so shrouded in dust that none of the light cast by its stars ever gets through.  “All I can tell you is that we don’t know what it is,” Dr. Gerry Neugebauer, IRAS chief scientist for California’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Director of the Palomar Observatory for the California Institute of Technology said in an interview.

The most fascinating explanation of this mystery body, which is so cold it casts no light and has never been seen by optical telescopes on Earth or in space, is that it is a giant gaseous planet, as large as Jupiter and as close to Earth as 50 billion miles.  While that may seem like a great distance in earthbound terms, it is a stone’s throw in cosmological terms, so close in fact that it would be the nearest heavenly body to Earth beyond the outermost planet Pluto. “If it is really that close, it would be a part of our solar system,” said Dr. James Houck of Cornell University’s Center for Radio Physics and Space Research and a member of the IRAS science team.  “If it is that close, I don’t know how the world’s planetary scientists would even begin to classify it.”

The mystery body was seen twice by the infrared satellite as it scanned the northern sky from last January to November, when the satellite ran out of the supercold helium that allowed its telescope to see the coldest bodies in the heavens.  The second observation took place six months after the first and suggested the mystery body had not moved from its spot in the sky near the western edge of the constellation Orion at that time.  “This suggests it’s not a comet because a comet would not be as large as the one we’ve observed and a comet would probably have moved,” Houck said.  “A planet may have moved if it were as close as 50 billion miles but it could still be a more distant planet and not have moved in six months time.

Whatever it is, Houck said, the mystery body is so cold its temperature is no more than 40 degrees above “absolute” zero, which is 459 degrees Fahrenheit below zero.  The telescope aboard IRAS is cooled so low and is so sensitive it can “see” objects in the heavens that are only 20 degrees above absolute zero.” 


Could this be a companion star or an approaching comet?!

Could the elliptical, inclined orbit of Pluto be directly or indirectly caused by the gravitation of a brown dwarf star.  It would seem that this theory could be verified to some extent if the lobe of Pluto’s orbit walked around the compass, as if led by an orbiting Mystery Body’s gravitational attraction. For example, if the long axis of Pluto’s orbit changed by say 1º per 10 years, then the orbit time of the mystery body (MB) would presumably be 3600 years.

A binary star would revolve around a center of mass fixed at a distance between the two stars and determined by their relative mass.  In our diagram we arbitrarily put the center of mass 2 billion miles from our Sun and the dark star 10 billion miles from that center of mass. Both stars would orbit the center of mass in opposite directions, completing their revolution in the same period of time, the smaller one moving much faster in a much longer orbit in order to maintain mutual equilibrium of momentum.

In September 1989 Pluto reached its perihelion, its nearest distance from the sun.  Did the opposite of this, its aphelion, the furthest distance from the sun, fall on an angle of right ascension passing through the western end of Orion, where in 1983 the IRAS satellite detected the Mystery Body?!

As the Post article suggested, the Mystery Body (MB) did not appear to move in six months, which they suggest means that it is at least 50 billion miles from us --  unless, I would suggest, it was a comet heading straight for us!!

My guess is that the MB, (if it exists), is either a comet approaching us or a more distant brown dwarf star (a neutron star is almost never in a binary system) bound by gravity to revolve around the Sun.  Diagram. A-1 shows a theoretical binary star system which produces comets. The current of gas, dust, and rock swirling around the two stars, as shown, is the raw material left over from a stellar explosion that created our sun. Comets are later formed from this leftover material. This raw material would collect in an eddy, a seemingly ideal place for the creation of comet nuclei before their injection into the solar system.  These two eddies are areas of stability predicted in astrophysics by the 4th and 5th Lagrangian points.

Theoretically, when the mass of a forming comet revolving in these areas is large enough, its centripetal force would eject it from the eddy into the Sun’s Roche lobe, or gravitational field, where gravity would draw it toward a relatively close orbit around the sun.

Comet X in our diagram is a potentially huge cometary body on a collision course with our inner solar system, gaining speed, heat and spin as it approaches a tight turn around the sun and past the inner planets, including ours!  All comets must whip relatively close around the Sun at the perihelion of their eccentric orbits.  At this point when the comet is closest to the sun, a piece of it could break off and fall into the sun, causing a cataclysmic eruption that could produce the physical effects of the Warning, where Scripture (Apocalypse 6:12-17) says:

            “And I saw, when he had opened the sixth seal, and behold there

was a great earthquake, and the sun became black as sackcloth

            of hair:  and the whole moon became as blood: / And the stars

from heaven fell upon the earth, as the fig tree casteth its green

figs when it is shaken by a great wind: / And the heaven departed

as a book folded up:  and every mountain, and the islands were

moved out of their places. / And the kings of the earth, and the

princes, and tribunes, and the rich, and the strong, and every

bondman, and every freeman, hid themselves in the dens and in

the rocks of mountains: / And they say to the mountains and the

rocks:  Fall upon us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth

upon the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb: / For the great

day of their wrath is come, and who shall be able to stand?


            The Comet would then continue on towards its perihelion and back past the earth and then past the sun again. But because of its partial disintegration, it would be spinning erratically as it approached on its collision with the earth.  This vision is recorded in some of the prophecies we will quote.  Even Fatima’s “dancing sun” throwing off multicolored lights which then suddenly plunges towards the people (October 13, 1917, witnessed by 70,000 people) is reminiscent of this image of God’s instrument of punishment.  The people in great fear thought it was the end of the world.

Lagrangian point one L-1, where the two Roche lobes meet is a place where the gravity fields of both stars meet and balance.  If Comet X were a short period comet, it would not pass through L-1.  If it was a long period comet, it would crossover here on its return journey, to then orbit the Dark Companion Star.  This long journey is measured in thousands of years, whereas short period comets, like Halley’s Comet (76 years) have much less.  Eventually all comets would be short period comets, finally captured by the sun’s gravity. 





Let us now turn to the historical evidence for a catastrophic Comet-Earth Collision in the past.

Despite all its faults, Worlds in Collision by Immanuel Velikovsky documents the written and pictorial descriptions of catastrophic events from cultures all over the world beginning around the time of the Exodus, the Flight of Israel from the bondage of Egypt, say 1400 B.C.  The catastrophic events described in these cultures worldwide resemble the 10 plagues of Egypt and the walls of water created in the division of the Red Sea, which Moses relates in Holy Scripture.  Especially notable are the huge tidal waves far inland, days of deep darkness, deadly dust, giant earthquakes, and the massive death toll.

These phenomena are explained by Velikovsky as caused by the near passage of a comet to the earth. Only a large passing cosmic body could cause the tidal forces necessary to wall up the Red Sea, or cause huge walls of water far inland elsewhere.  Nor does this physical explanation in the least detract from the Divine Hand performing this prodigy at the very moment when Israel was about to be overtaken by the Pharoah’s army.  Rather, it is a witness to Divine Providence, i.e., bringing about the coincidence of these two unrelated events.

Indeed no other natural causal instrument than the tidal force of a passing comet or meteor – though it be initiated by God and used as His instrument of punishment – could easily account for the Flood of Noah, a flood that put the massive Ark at rest 16,000 feet above sea level on Mount Ararat, where it was seen, entered and measured by two companies of Russian soldiers under the last Czar of Russia, Nicholas II.  It was also recorded in ancient histories as being seen by many famous persons.   The Czar’s soldiers measured it and found it to be the exact cubits specified in Genesis.  The Kurds have reverenced and visited this Ark (encased in blue ice) for centuries and have artifacts from its interior in their possession.  Aerial photographs of this long box-shaped Ark have been published.

Another event possibly caused by the Comet is a mass extinction of the dinosaurs and most of the terrestrial creatures on earth firmly recorded in the rock record during the late Cretaceous age.  This is most easily explained by the passing of a Comet, with its poisonous gases, plant killing dust, earthquakes, and erupting volcanoes spreading ash worldwide.  Could we not be more or less regularly and yet Providentially visited by a Giant Cometary Body?

Seven hundred and fifty years after Exodus, Amos began to prophecy the great Day of the Lord, the day of God’s wrath – a devouring fire that would devour the nations near and far “with a tempest and a whirlwind” (Amos 1:14) “… The day of the Lord is darkness, and not light … even very dark and no brightness in it.”  (5:18-20).  He said the land “shall rise up wholly as a flood … and it shall come to pass in that day, saith the Lord God, that I will cause the sun to go down at noon, and I will darken the earth in the clear day. (8:8-9)

Not only did Amos here refer to a cataclysm that was to come near the end of time, but to one, a more minor one, to come in his own day.  After his martyrdom, at the appointed time, earthquake and flood came – in the days of Uzziah, King of Judah.  Velikovsky believed that the calendar was changed at this time in history (747 B.C.), perhaps because the global nature of this catastrophe by an extraterrestrial agent caused a change in the speed of the earth’s rotation.  He says, “It is asserted that some astronomical event gave birth to this calendar.  Ptolemy in the second century AD referred to this date as a “point of departure of astronomical Tables”.  “Time was counted “from the commotion in the days of Uzziah.” (p. 210)

Geologic history and ancient Hebrew history, therefore, suggest catastrophes which could be produced by huge astronomical bodies passing near the Earth. In addition, modern scientific knowledge based on observation shows that comets are numerous and that, in having to pass around the Sun, their orbital anchor and pivot, they will necessarily pass close to the general vicinity of the earth, such that chance alone could predict an eventual collision or near collision.  In addition, some recent observations which we have mentioned hint at the possibility of a giant comet now heading our way.




The approach of this Comet becomes imminent, however, when we fit into mere scientific speculation and historical precedent the Divine Providence of God, needing to correct the present waywardness of mankind, in order to bring him to salvation through repentance.  And with the confirmation of numerous prophecies from many Saints whose sanctity was verified by miracles, the probability increases even more for a celestial chastisement as an instrument of God’s wrath at this very moment in history!

A comet’s sudden appearance, its universally frightening, attention-getting, totally humbling effects get the job done as nothing else could.  To punish by horrifiying death is God’s last resort in eliciting final repentance.  For some it is only then that He is revered for His Justice, such that His Mercy is sought.  The Great Peace that follows is predicated on the certainty that God saves a remnant to begin a new world, purified and chastened.

In short, the fittingness of the divine economy of the celestial comet as an instrument of God’s Justice and Mercy lend credence to its past and future appearances.

Some may believe the free hand of God’s personal Will must be removed from the appearance of these comets, since they are governed by natural laws. But there is no scientific knowledge that asks us to assume this dictum of the unbelieving, who would presume to explain all by “chance.”  The religious may say, on the other hand, that God does not need a comet to do His will.  But we respond, He can, however, work with that nature He created if He so chooses.

Although the authenticity and certainty of prophecy is determined on its own grounds of evidence, without the permission of science or the example of history, the witness of the latter two, nevertheless helps our human nature believe more vividly and readily. 





We need to examine with special care our greatest authority in eschatological (end time) matters, namely, Sacred Scripture, the accuracy and certainty of which is unquestionable in itself, while the proper interpretation of some passages may be a matter for disputation.

It is helpful to keep in mind that the Day of the Lord is a warning of and pre-figurement of the Final Judgment, so that just as all will rise from the dead, to appear before Christ sitting in Judgment at the end of time (Matthew 25) -- so some of the elect are raptured to appear before Christ who is seen coming on the clouds of Heaven before the Chastisement on the Day of the Lord (Matthew 24).  The Chastisement itself is the image or prefigurement of the Final Judgment, saving the good and punishing the wicked.  This relationship helps explain the fitness of the Rapture immediately preceding this Chastisement and the coinciding vision of Christ coming on the clouds of heaven, just as he will come at the Final Judgment at the end of time.  It helps explain the similarity of language in Scripture referring to Christ’s coming near the Day of the Lord and at the End of Time.

In our day there seems to be a great confusion concerning the sequence of end-time events.  In Section V, we quote Rev. Martin Sanchez, Doctor of Theology, in The Last Times and the End of the World.  He clearly shows that the great Day of the Lord is not the same as the Final Judgment at the end of the world, but rather is a terrible judgment followed by life on earth.  Some Catholic scholars tend to fall into the error that in no sense does Christ return nor is there a “Rapture,” except immediately preceding the Final Judgment and end of the world.  But we will show that their view is not definitively supported by Scripture and that our view is suggested.  While no Catholic prophecy denies that the Rapture and the second Coming of Christ will occur at the Great Chastisement preceding the Great peace, some Catholic prophecies definitely do prophecy this.  Here are some examples from Our Lady’s Messages at Bayside, NY from 1969-1995.

King of Kings:  “There will be a great War, and at the time of

this crisis will return the Lord of lords and the King of kings.”

(Our Lady, November 20, 1972)


Second Coming:  “After the great tribulation, the number saved

Will be counted in the few.  They will join with My Son and con-

tinue on with a life of great joy and glory to the Father as

planned in the beginning.” (Our Lady, September 13, 1974)


(See Ref: Our Lady of Roses for information verifying these important Messages  for our times.)

St. Paul in II Thessalonians 2: 1-4, said: “And we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and of our gathering together unto him: That you be not easily moved from your sense, nor be terrified, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by epistle, as sent from us, as if the day of the Lord were at hand.  Let no man deceive you by any means: for unless there come a revolt first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition, Who opposeth, and is lifted up above all that is called God, or that is worshipped, so that he sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself as if he were God.”

This passage assures us that before Christ comes, Antichrist will be revealed, apostasy will occur and Antichrist will “sit” in the temple of god, showing himself as if he were God.”

All this will definitely happen after the Great Peace, when an individual man will be possessed by Satan himself in a greater and more complete degree than at any other time in the past.  But, Satan, who has possessed many, will also possess a man in a special degree immediately before the great Chastisement.  This man and others so possessed can be truly called Antichrist, for the essence of Antichrist is Lucifer himself.  The possessed individual will be a “man of sin” and a “son of perdition,” as St. Paul describes him.  He will have already lost his soul by giving fully unto Satan himself.

This person will especially cause the final holocaust of WWIII.  He will sit in the Pope’s vacant Chair, perhaps through a puppet or “prophet,” and he will in this way lead to its culmination the great apostasy that we already see in the Church to have grown to a massive scale.  So, St. Paul’s passage in 2:1-4 is fulfilled by our interpretation which depends on seeing that there will be a rehearsal of the end time events after the peace which precede the Final (3rd) Coming of Christ in Judgment at the end of the world.

Our Lady of Roses again helps us understand these things: 

            Demon 6:  “Number 6 – beware of the Antichrist among you –

            Number 6!  He will promote now the Third World War, the great

            War of destruction to mankind – a war that has never been met

            With a sequel upon mankind, a war of destruction so great that

            Countries shall disappear in a fraction of a second.  So great

            Will be the power of 6 that he shall start this war!” (Our Lady,

            September 7, 1974.  Our Lady explains the true meaning of 666,

The Antichrist, on November 20, 1978:  “666 is Lucifer [and his

Army], with five powerful demons plus Lucifer is six; and the six

Days of terrible suffering from the Chastisement; and the six that

Will be punished – Lucifer and his hordes, his ogres, for their

Terrible atrocities upon mankind.”)


Egypt:  “From out of this land [Egypt] will come number six,

Completing the reign of the spirits.  He will promote the great

War.  Many will leave the earth by extermination of warfare.”

(Our Lady, December 31, 1973)



 It is interesting that Yassar Arafat is an Egyptian, with beastly vices, conscripted by Russia to be at the center of the mid-East conflict and WWIII.

            One Individual:  “And one individual, in darkness of spirit and

            insanity of sin, shall set mankind into a major War that shall

            bring about the destruction and annihilation of nations and shall

            burn and set fires upon earth that shall consume the skin from

            the bodies of mankind, and skin will dry up and blow off of  the

            bones as if it had never been!” (Our Lady, May 28, 1977)


            Rapture:  “Remember, without prayers and atonement, the world

            will become devastated. … a grouping would have been taken

            up into Heaven, My child and My children, to await the terrible

            devastation that falls upon mankind.”  (Jesus, May 28, 1983)


            Great Hope:  “Yes, your country and the world must go through

            great trial.  However, I do not wish to fill you with fear, but to

            prepare you for what is to come.  All who remain of well spirit

            will have no fear, but will go through these days of trial with

            great hope and rejoice with the Second Coming of My Son.” 

            (Our Lady, December 29, 1973)


If Jesus did not return at the Chastisement, no flesh would be left upon the earth.

Some Protestants seem to fall into the error of merging the pre-Chastisement Tribulation, the Persecution of Antichrist, Armegeddon and the Rapture of the elect into one continuous series of events followed by a 1000-year “millennium” of bliss before the end of the world.

The true sequence, on the other hand, is fairly easily determined by a more careful look at Sacred Scripture.  And when this is confirmed by Church teaching, the Church Fathers and the Saints’ Catholic prophecies over the last 2000 years, a reasonable certainty is attainable.

Although the Catholic Church has not defined a complete order of events for the latter times, according to Catholic researcher Desmond Birch (Trial, Tribulation and Triumph, p. 547-548, 1996, Queenship Publishing), the common teaching authority of the Church, the Doctors and Fathers and the Saints and Venerable in private prophecies outline the following sequence of events:  1) a conditional minor Tribulation/Chastisement, preceded by great heresies in the Church; 2) an age of peace; 3) establishment of a Roman Empire during the peace; 4) universal apostasy; 5) preaching of Gospel worldwide; 6) an unconditional 3 ½ year reign of Antichrist, including major Tribulation/Chastisement; 7) full conversion of Jews; 8) conversion of nations; 9) coming of Christ at Final Judgment.

This is probably not meant to be an exclusive list.  For example, I would add the Warning, Miracle, Rapture and Second Coming in (1).  Birch evidently believes that the degree of corroboration among his sources constitutes his set of basic events as being very dependable.  And I would largely agree. Our Sequence of Events seems to be in line with Catholic Tradition. But I will use “Tribulation,” “Chastisement,” and “Day of the Lord” to be terms designating his “minor chastisement” and the “time of Antichrist” as a term for his major tribulation and chastisement.  I would also reverse the order of items 4) and 5) and place 7) and 8) between 2) and 4).

 Let us briefly examine a few texts in Scripture to see if they support the “Sequence of Events” we have charted.  All quotes are from the Douay Rheims Bible, the first English translation (16th century) of St. Jerome’s Latin Vulgate approved by the Catholic Church. (My comments are in brackets.)

“Matthew 24:1-30  1.And Jesus being come out of the temple,

went away.  And his disciples came to shew him the buildings

of the temple. 2. And he answering, said to them:  Do you see

all these things? Amen I say to you there shall not be left here

a stone upon a stone that shall not be destroyed. 3. And when

he was sitting on mount Olivet, the disciples came to him

privately, saying:  Tell us when shall these things be? And what

shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the consummation of the

world? 4. And Jesus answering, said to them: Take heed that

no man seduce you: 5. For many will come in my name saying,

I am Christ: and they will seduce many. 6. And you shall hear of

wars and rumours of wars.  See that ye be not troubled.  For these

things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. 7. For nation shall

rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and there shall

be pestilences, and famines, and earthquakes in places: 8. Now all

these are the beginnings of sorrows. 9. Then shall they deliver you

up to be afflicted, and shall put you to death:  and you shall be hated

by all nations for my name’s sake. 10. And then shall many be

scandalized: and shall betray on another; and shall hate one

another. 11. And many false prophets shall rise, and shall seduce

many. 12. And because iniquity hath abounded, the charity of many

shall grow cold. 13. But he that shall persevere to the end, he shall

be saved. 14. And this gospel of the kingdom, shall be preached

in the whole world, for a testimony to all nations, and then shall

the consummation come. [“consummation,” as in “consumed

by fire”]15. When therefore you shall see the abomination of desola-

tion, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the

holy place:  he that readeth let him understand. 16. Then they that

are in Judea, let them flee to the mountains: 17. And he that is

on the housetop, let him not come down to take any thing out of his

house: 18. And he that is in the field, let him not go back to take his

coat.  19.  And woe to them that are with child, and that give suck in

those days. 20. But pray that your flight be not in the winter, or on

the Sabbath. 21. For there shall be then great tribulation, such as hath

 not been from the beginning of the world until now, neither shall be.

22. And unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be

saved: but for the sake of the elect those days shall be shortened. [life

will continue afterwards]  23. Then if any man shall say to you: Lo

here is Christ, or there, do not believe him. 24. For there shall arise

false Christs and false prophets, and shall show great signs and

wonders, insomuch as to deceive (if possible) even the elect. 25.

Behold I have told it to you, beforehand. 26. If therefore they shall

say to you: Behold he is in the desert, go ye not out: Behold he is

in the closets, believe it not. 27. For as lightning cometh out of the

east, and appeareth even into the west: so shall also the coming of the

 Son of man be. [Yes, the Lord is coming, but in a manner you

cannot doubt, in the sky as lightning comes.] 28. Wheresoever the body

shall be, there shall the eagles also be gathered together. 29.

And immediately after the tribulation of those days, the sun shall

be darkened and the moon shall not give here light, and the stars shall

fall from heaven, and the powers of heaven shall be moved: 30. And

then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall

all tribes of the earth mourn: and they shall see the Son of man coming

in the clouds of heaven with much power and majesty. [So, imme-

diately after this tribulation, which some will survive “they shall see”, Christ will return on the clouds of heaven. This coming is described

as a vision.] 31.  And he shall send his angels with a trumpet, and a

great voice: and they shall gather together his elect from the four

winds, from the farthest parts of the heavens to the utmost bounds of

them. [And upon this coming of Christ the elect only shall be gathered by angels from all over the earth.  This is a “taking up” or “rapture”] 32. And from the fig tree learn a parable:  When the branch thereof is now

tender, and the leaves come forth, you know that summer is nigh.

33. So you also, when you shall see all these things, know ye that

it is nigh, even at the doors. 34. Amen I say to you, that this

generation shall not pass, till all these things be done. 35. Heaven

and earth shall pass, but my words shall not pass. 36. But of that day

and hour no one knoweth, no not the angels of heaven, but the

Father alone.  37. And as in the days of Noe, so shall also the coming

of the Son of man be. 38. For as in the days before the flood, they

were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, even

till that day in which Noe entered into the ark, 39. And they knew

not till the flood came, and took them all away; so also shall the

coming of the Son of man be. 40. Then two shall be in the field: one

shall be taken, and one shall be left. 41. Two women shall be grinding

 at the mill:  one shall be taken, and one shall be left. 42. Watch

ye therefore, because you know not what hour your Lord will come.”  [Still talking about the same event, “the coming of the son of man” just described above, some are taken mysteriously from among the living.  The context points to the same rapture described above in more general terms by the angels gathering the elect.]


Matthew 25:31-41 “And when the Son of man shall come in his majesty, and all the angels with him, then shall he sit upon the seat

of his majesty. [This image of Christ’s coming, when He “shall come,” recorded in the next chapter of Matthew is decidedly different. Christ “shall sit” upon the throne of His majesty, His Judgment Seat, for immediately following is the judgment of all who ever lived.  Clearly this is another, third coming of Christ.] 32. And all nations shall be gathered together before him, and he shall separate them one from another, as the

shepherd separateth the sheep from the goats: 33. And he shall set

the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on his left. 34. Then shall

the king say to them that shall be on his right hand: Come, ye blessed of my Father, possess you the kingdom prepared for you from the

foundation of the world. … 41. Then he shall say to them also

that shall be on his left hand: Depart from me, you cursed, into

everlasting fire which was prepared for the devil and his angels.”



         Matthew 25 is clearly the final coming of the Son of Man who comes “in his majesty and all the angels with him upon the seat of his majesty,” i.e., to sit in eternal judgment of the living and the dead.  But Matthew 24 is clearly the Day of the Lord, a temporal judgment of those living at that time, some of whom (both good and bad) are destroyed and some of whom (the good) are spared.

         Chapter 24:30, “they shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven with great power and majesty.”  This is rendered as a vision of one coming; it is a “sign of thy coming” (Matthew 24:3), that is, of the impending Final Judgment.  It is not Christ sitting in Judgment.  It is a coming of Christ but not the definitive, consummate, final coming of Christ.

         Matthew 24:22 shows that the days are shortened and some flesh will be left on earth. But this does not happen in Chapter 25 after Christ’s coming, where verse 46 says, “And those shall go into everlasting punishment: but the just, into life everlasting,” i.e., to Hell or Heaven.       

         Another passage proving our thesis is found in II Peter. Heaven and earth have been “reserved for fire unto the day of judgment, and of the perdition of wicked men …  on the Day of the Lord.” But we [i.e., good men] look for new heavens and a new earth, according to his promise in which justice dwelleth.” (II Peter 3:7-13)  The Day of the Lord brings punishment for the wicked but a renewed earth for the good where “according to his promise … justice dwelleth..” This is the Our Father’s “Thy Kingdom come … on earth as it is in Heaven.”  This renewed earth alludes to the Great Peace which will follow the fiery chastisement or “consummation” of the earth, in which “the elements shall melt with the heat of fire.”


         Immediately after the vision of Christ Coming in Matthew 24, verse 31 announces what must be a worldwide rapture of the elect, for His angels “shall gather together his elect, from the four winds, from the farthest parts of the heavens to the utmost bounds of them.”  In the next two verses, 32 and 33, we are told to “learn from these signs” (i.e., the tribulation and the coming of Christ referred to in verses 30 and 31) that it (the end of time or final consummation of the world) is near, “even at the doors.”

         In other words, that coming of Jesus in verse 30 was not the end, his final coming, but a sign that this final coming and the end of the world is very near, “at the door,”  not 1000 years away. With verses 30 and 31 Jesus answers the Apostles’ question in verse 3, “… what shall be the sign of thy coming and [the sign of] the consummation of the world,” by saying “learn from these signs,” that is, the Day of the Lord itself, as described in Matthew 24.  This Day is the sign that the end of the world is very near. 

         In verses 39-42 the coming of Christ is again associated with the taking up (rapture) of one and the leaving of the other in the field and at the mill.  If this referred to the general resurrection, both of the individuals at the mill and in the field would have risen.  In fact, all the living and all the dead would be rising.

         I Thessalonians 4:15-16 is often interpreted as referring to this Rapture, but it refers to the General Resurrection instead. In addressing the elect Paul says: “… the dead who are in Christ shall rise first.” A gloss says: shall rise first.  Not in the order of time, for all shall rise in the twinkling of an eye, but first in order of dignity.”  In vs. 16: “Then we who are alive, who are left, shall be taken up together with them in the clouds, to meet Christ in the air …, and so shall we be always with the lord.”  This seems to be a specific reference to the elect at the general resurrection of the living and the dead; for they will “be always with the Lord,” i.e., in Heaven.  The dead do not rise in the Rapture.

“The dead who are in Christ” are saved, and they would not need to rise and be saved from God’s wrath upon the wicked during the Chastisement; they are beyond suffering death’s sting.  Furthermore, if this passage in Thessalonians were a reference to the Rapture at the Day of the Lord, all the elect would seem to rise with Christ and be saved and immortal.  But this does not fit with the great victory of the elect in the Church during the Great Peace to follow the Rapture, which precedes or coincides with the Chastisement. 

         As I read the relevant Scriptures, there appears to be two raptures of the living elect, one at the Day of the Lord and one at the General Resurrection.  But since the latter is part of a raising of all bodies of all time, the good and the wicked, the term final “resurrection” seems to be more appropriate, and the term “rapture” more appropriate for that taking up of some of the living elect on the Day of the Lord.

         Those raptured would not necessarily be in possession of immortality and salvation, but like Henoch and Elias, they may be taken up to the Lord alive, in order to return to the earth as God’s special witnesses to lead and to help those on earth after the Chastisement.  For all is to be put in right order in the Kingdom of God on Earth.  We believe, as some prophecies indicate, that Christ will appear on occasion to some during these times, as He did after His resurrection, i.e., in His glorified body.

         Those to be raptured may be described in 1 Thessalonians 5:5,6: “For all you are children of the light … therefore let us not sleep as others do:  but let us watch and be sober.” The raptured may not be all those in the state of grace, for the Saints’ prophecies tell us both the bad and some of the good will suffer and die in the Chastisement; rather, those raptured may be those who have been eminently “faithful and true” to the One, Holy Catholic Faith through all persecution and false prophesying.  These indeed could later return to earth as living witnesses to God’s grace and truth and saving power to help all those in need after the Chastisement.  

         Another Scripture cited by some for the Rapture is also instead a clear reference to the general resurrection:  I Corinthians 15:51-53, “Behold, I tell you a mystery.  We shall all indeed rise again:  but we shall not all be changed. / In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet:  for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall rise again incorruptible:  and we shall be changed. / For this corruptible must put on incorruption; and this mortal must put on immortality.”  The bodies of the damned will become immortally corrupt, but they will not “be changed” in the sense of being glorified, as will the bodies of the elect. And the preceding verses in this chapter leave no room for doubt that St. Paul is referring to the resurrection at the end of time; for he refers to “the last trumpet.”  This is blown after the death of the two prophets at the end of the Peace. The time of the Rapture occurs just before the peace begins.

         The Rapture is referred to in Luke 17:21-37:

                     “21. Neither shall they say:  Behold here, or behold there: for, lo, the

                     kingdom of God is within you.  22. And he said to his disciples: The

                     days will come, when you shall desire to see on day of the Son

                     of man, and you shall not see it.  23. And they will say to say:  Lo

                     here, and lo there.  Go ye not after, nor follow them:  24. For as the

                     lightning that lightened from under heaven, shineth unto the parts

                     that are under heaven, so shall the son of man be in his day.  25. But

                     first he must suffer many things, and be rejected by this genera-

                     tion.  26. And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the

                     days of the Son of man.  27. They did eat and drink, they married

                     wives, and were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered

                     into the ark: and the flood came, and destroyed them all. 28. Like-

                     wise, as it was in the days of Lot:  They did eat and drink, they

                     bought and sold, they planted and built:  29. And in the day that Lot

                     went out of Sodom, it rained fire and brimstone from heaven,

                     and destroyed them all:  30. Even thus shall it be in the day when the

                     Son of man shall be revealed.  31. In that hour he that shall be on the

                     house top, and his goods in the house, let him not go down to take

                     them away: and he that shall be in the field, in like manner, let

                     him not return back.  32. Remember Lot’s wife. 33. Whosoever shall

                     seek to save his life, shall lose it: and whosoever shall lose it,

                     shall preserve it.  34. I shall to you, in that night there shall be two

                     men in one bed:  the one shall be taken, and the other shall be left.

                     35. Two women shall be grinding together; the one shall be taken, and

                     the other shall be left.  36. They answering, said to him: Where, Lord?

                     37. He said to them: Wheresoever the body shall be, thither will the

                     eagles also be gathered together.”


“The day will come when you shall desire to see one day of the Son of man, and you shall not see it.” (vs. 22) This seems to imply that there will be more than one day in The Day of the Lord, a time of Justice when good is rewarded and evil is banished.  This time of Justice followed by peace we pray for in the Lord’s prayer: “… thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven …” This “kingdom” is not in Heaven; it is “on earth,” as it is in Heaven.  In Heaven is justice; so there will be a perfect justice on earth during the peace when Christ will come as a king.

         In Luke 17: 23, 24 Jesus tells them that even though you may desire to see me in my coming, do not go because they say he is here or there, “For as the lightening … flashes across the sky, so shall the Son of Man be in his day.”  That is, he will appear to all in “the clouds of heaven,” as lightening appears to all in the heavens.  Note that “the day of the Lord” is associated with this event verbatim.

         In verse 30, after saying many will not be prepared, as in the day of Noe, “Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man shall be revealed.”  This second coming of Jesus will not be like a final judgment, but like a “revelation” unto the conversion of many unprepared sinners and unto the consolation of those elect who have suffered so much injustice from unbelievers.  Note also that in verses 34-35, referring to the Rapture immediately associated with Christ’s coming, “… in that night there shall be two men in one bed:  one shall be taken, and the other shall be left …”

         In verses 36 and 37 Jesus is asked:  “Where Lord?”, that is, where will those “taken” go?  Jesus answered, “Wheresoever the body shall be …”  The Fathers of the Church see the “body” as the slain and resurrected Lamb of God.  In other words, the man will be taken from his bed up to the Glorified Christ in the heavens.

Why are they being taken up?  Because these are not to suffer the wrath of God, which will be visited upon the wicked especially.  For in the next eight verses of Chapter 18 Jesus tells the parable of the unjust judge who nevertheless avenged the widow, concluding:  “And will not God avenge his elect, who cry to him day and night … I say to you, he will quickly avenge them.”  The fury of God’s wrath is not meant for His elect, and He will therefore remove them, even as a special sign that His wrath is directed to the wicked and those wanting in Faith and good works, i.e., those who could benefit by this suffering unto their conversion or perfection.

         Vengeance rights wrong, establishing justice, so that peace may reign.  This is not the Final Judgment, but the great justifying event that must necessarily precede the Great Peace, so that “thy Kingdom come.”

         In Luke 21: 7-36 above is recorded the same description of the Day of the Lord we examined in Matthew 24.  It ends in vs. 36:  “Watch ye, therefore, praying at all times, that you may be found worthy to escape all these things that are to come, and to stand before the Son of man.”  To escape from the Chastisement and to stand before Christ is a definition of the Rapture.  It puts the lie to the weak and vain argument that there cannot be a rapture because we must be willing to suffer for Christ.  The Raptured may have suffered and may be willing to suffer for Christ’s sake, but that does not prevent God from sparing them this evil, which they cannot will to endure for its own sake, but only if God wills it so.  Luke says we are to “watch” so that we may be “worthy” to be raptured, i.e., “to stand before the Son of Man.”

         From what I have seen the Catholic backlash to the fabulous 1000 year millenium error is too ready to throw the good out with the bad.  I do not believe any solid Catholic authority or reasoning exists to condemn the Rapture, as I have outlined it herein.  In general, there is an irresponsible lack of intelligent, mature discussion of these matters in Catholic circles today.   

         Be it known, however, that I declare myself subservient to the Magisterial Authority of the Catholic Church in this matter, as in all others discussed in this work.  For I am not a prophet, nor do I presume to prophecy.  Furthermore, some of these matters to not admit of absolute certainty one way or another, but are left for our study and intelligent speculation and consultation with Scripture and Tradition.  So, in these matters we aim to acquire well supported opinions, authoritatively supported.





         The Millenium error telescopes the Day of the Lord and the reign of Antichrist into one event and turns the Great Peace, which should separate them, into a 1000 year reign of raptured saints awaiting the Final Judgment.  This error may have occurred primarily by way of a misinterpretation of Apocalypse 20:1-11, which is a summary of the whole age of Christ, from His first to His last coming that comes near the end of the book of the Apocalypse:

                     “And I saw an angel coming down from heaven, having the

                     key of the bottomless pit, and a great chain in his hand.  2.

                     And he laid hold on the dragon the old serpent, which is the

devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years. 3. And

he cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a

seal upon him, that he should no more seduce the nations, till

the thousand years be finished.  And after that, he must be

loosed a little time. 4. And I saw seats; and they sat upon them;

and judgment was given unto them; and the souls of them that

were beheaded for the testimony of Jesus, and for the word of

God, and who had not adored the beast nor his image, nor

received his character on their foreheads, or in their hands;

and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years. 5. The

rest of the dead lived not, till the thousand years were finished.

This is the first resurrection. 6. Blessed and holy is he that hath

Part in the first resurrection.  In these the second death hath no

power; but they shall be priests of God and of Christ; and shall

reign with him a thousand years. 7.  And when the thousand

years shall be finished, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison,

and shall go forth, and seduce the nations, which are over the

four quarters of the earth, Gog, and Magog, and shall gather

them together to battle, the number of whom is as the sand of

the sea. 8. And they came upon the breadth of the earth, and

encompassed the camp of the saints, and the beloved city. 9.

And there came down fire from God out of heaven, and devoured

them; and the devil, who seduced them, was cast into the pool

of fire and brimstone, where both the beast 10. And the false

prophet shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

11.    And I saw a great white throne, and one sitting upon it,

from whose face the earth and heaven fled away, and there was

no place found for them.”


            According to St. Augustine, the “first resurrection” is of the souls being saved  just after their death.  These will wait with Christ until the Final Judgment when they will be reunited with their bodies, which is the “second resurrection.”  The “first death” is that of the body, but the “second death” is that of the damned soul.  St. Augustine states that the “1000 years” is a number symbolic of a long time, alluding to the time between the first advent of Christ, when the devil was “chained” (lessened and restrained) until the end times when he is unchained for a short time to seduce the nations. In other words, as we write, the “millennium” has passed, and Satan is now unchained.  Satan himself and all Hell are now on earth, since 1940 according to some prophecies.  He will be fully chained again during the Peace and then fully unchained one more time during the 3 ½ year reign of Antichrist.

            The Peace will last only 25 years, according to the prophecy of Our Lady of La Salette, not 1000 years.  Those who “reign with Christ a thousand years,” according to St. Augustine, are the souls of the elect who have died since the first Advent.  They reign in Heaven with Christ awaiting the redemption of their bodies and complete happiness of body and soul at the Final Resurrection.

            “But we look for new (read: “ renewed”) heavens and a new earth according to his promise in which justice dwelleth” (II Peter 3:13)  Here the Peace is indicated.  It is not the heavenly Jerusalem descending at the end of time in Apocalypse 21, 22.  It is not an ethereal paradise of the saved where “we be always with the Lord” (I Thessalonians 4:16)  For after the Peace most of the world will fall to Antichrist.

            By erroneously combining the references to the final resurrection in I Thessalonians 4 and other such passages with those of the Rapture in Matthew 24 as referring to one event, an idea arose of the earthly reign of immortal saints enjoying heavenly paradisiacal bliss after a rapture.  Combine this error of a paradise of the saved on earth with a literal interpretation of the 1000 year reign in Apocalypse, chapter 20, and the millenarian error is completed.

Once again it is helpful to see that Apocalypse chapter 20 is a quick, general summary of all Christian history, ending in the Last Judgment.  In Apocalypse 20:7-11, the surrounding of the camp of the saints by Gog and Magog who have seduced the nations, and God’s destruction of those forces is a Summary of the Tribulation/Chastisement. But trying to make these lines into Russia attacking the modern secular State of Israel is obviously stretching the context.  It involves a misinterpretation of “Israel” as a Jewish State, instead of as the Scriptural intention, the Church, the Mystical Body of Christ -- which the People of God (Israel) became upon Christ’s death in as much as they accepted Him as their Messiah.



            The antichrist before the Peace is a collective term: “He is antichrist, who denieth the Father, and the Son.”  (I John 2:22)  All those like Nero, Lenin and the like prefigure the Great Antichrist.  Even the coming antipope will not be the Great Antichrist or his Prophet.  Rather these two possessed human individuals (according to the Fathers of the Church) will come after the Peace, when Henoch and Elias return to earth and are killed.  This is clear when we go through the Apocalypse, and see that there is no mention of Antichrist, “The Beast,”  before the Great Chastisement (Chapter 9) which is finished by the end of the sixth trumpet.  So the Supreme Antichrist, the individual, is not in power today, but the Antichrist is operative today, as we said earlier, in a singularly possessed individual, who will be a perfect archetype of the Great Antichrist. 



            Except for the summary in Chapter 20, the Apocalypse reads in sequential order, matching the Order of Events in our chart, “Sequence of End Time Events.”  The following is a brief “walk through” demonstration.  The private, non-canonical prophecies to be quoted later greatly help to “flesh out” and clarify the symbolically described events in the Apocalypse.  That is one purpose of “private” prophecy, to illuminate God’s Word in Scripture.

The first four seals (the four horses of the Apocalypse) describe the Tribulation and the fifth seal its martyrs who cry out for Divine Retribution. The sixth seal describes the Warning. The7th Seal and its Trumpets describe the Great Chastisement.  Altogether then, the seven seals open up the book containing the last things.  The Peace intervenes between the end of the 6th Trumpet and the beginning of the 7th when Antichrist appears.


Apocalypse 6:12-17  --- The Great Warning.

“And I saw, when he had opened the sixth seal, and behold there was a great earthquake, and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair: and the whole moon became as blood: 13. And the stars from heaven fell upon the earth, as the fig tree casteth its green figs when it is shaken by a great wind: 14. And the heaven departed as a book folded up: and every mountain, and the islands were moved out of their places. 15. And the kings of the earth, and the princes, and tribunes, and the rich, and the strong, and every bondman, and every freeman, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of mountains:  16. And they say to the mountains and the rocks:  Fall upon us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth upon the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb: 17.  For the great day of their wrath is come, and who shall be able to stand?”


                        The intervention between the 6th and 7th seals, Apocalypse Chapter 7, alludes to those from among whom the Raptured will come:  “Hurt not the earth, nor the sea, nor the trees till we seal the servants of our God in their foreheads.”  These are the “144,000”, a symbolic number for a select number from every part of the Church. These who are to be spared are spiritually akin to those who have, in the next vision, been martyred in the near past, Apocalypse 7:14-17:  “… who are come out of the great tribulation and have washed their robes and have made them white in the blood of the Lamb.”  These are “before the throne day and night;” They are in heaven, where “… God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.”

                        Next, the first four trumpets describe the Chastising Comet.  The fifth describes the demons who will appear during these times; the 6th describes the climax of WWIII, where nations will be annihilated in seconds, according to Our Lady of Fatima.  This War, we believe, will start in Iraq where the 6th Trumpet will: “Loose the four Angels, who are bound in the great river Euphrates,” which runs through Iraq, where Babylon of old lies buried under Bagdad.


Apocalypse 8:7-13 -- The Comet

“And the seven angels, who had the seven trumpets, prepared themselves to sound the trumpet. And the first angel sounded the trumpet, and there followed hail and fire, mingled with blood, and it was cast on the earth, and the third part of the earth was burnt up, and the third part of the trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up. And the second angel sounded the trumpet: and as it were a great mountain, burning with fire, was cast into the sea, and the third part of the sea became blood: And the third part of those creatures died, which had life in the sea, and the third part of the ships was destroyed. And the third angel sounded the trumpet, and a great star fell from heaven, burning as it were a torch, and it fell on the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters: And the name of the star is called Wormwood. And the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter. And the fourth angel sounded the trumpet, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars, so that a third part of them was darkened, and the day did not shine for a third part of it, and the night in like manner.”

Apocalypse (Chapter 9, vs. 1-11) -- The Appearance of Demons

"And the fifth angel sounded the trumpet, and I saw a star fall from heaven upon the earth, and there was given to him the key of the bottomless pit. And he opened the bottomless pit: and the smoke of the pit arose, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened with the smoke of the pit. And from the smoke of the pit there came out locusts upon the earth. And power was given to them, as the scorpions of the earth have power: And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, nor any green thing, nor any tree: but only the men who have not the sign of God on their foreheads. And it was given unto them that they should not kill them; but that they should torment them five months: and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion when he striketh a man. And in those days men shall seek death, and shall not find it: and they shall desire to die, and death shall fly from them. And the shapes of the locusts were like unto horses prepared unto battle: and on their heads were, as it were, crowns like gold: and their faces were as the faces of men. And they had hair as the hair of women; and their teeth were as lions: And they had breastplates as breastplates of iron, and the noise of their wings was as the noise of chariots and many horses running to battle."

               Apocalypse 9:13-21 – World War III

"And the sixth angel sounded the trumpet: and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar, which is before the eyes of God, Saying to the sixth angel, who had the trumpet: Loose the four angels, who are bound in the great river Euphrates. And the four angels were loosed, who were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year: for to kill the third part of men. And the number of the army of horsemen was twenty thousand times ten thousand. And I heard the number of them. And thus I saw the horses in the vision: and they that sat on them, had breastplates of fire and of hyacinth and of brimstone, and the heads of the horses were as the heads of lions: and from their mouths proceeded fire, and smoke, and brimstone. And by these three plagues was slain a the third part of men, by the fire and by the smoke and by the brimstone, which issued out of their mouths. For the power of the horses is in their mouths, and in their tails. For, their tails are like to serpents, and have heads: and with them they hurt. And the rest of the men, who were not slain by these plagues, did not do penance from the works of their hands, that they should not adore devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and wood, which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk: Neither did they penance from their murders, nor from their sorceries, nor from their fornication, nor from their thefts."

These unrepentant ones will be killed by the comet, which according to the prophecies will follow the last terrible three days of WWIII with three more days of darkness and death.

Next, in Chapter 10 and 11, the time of Peace and universal conversion is alluded to under various terms. The Seven Thunders (verse 4) may be the edicts of the prophesied greatest Ecumenical Council of the Church during the Peace, which will purify the Church of heresies and laxity. The angel declares that “time shall be no longer.”  This appears in several prophecies.  In one prophecy it is rendered as “the end of time as you know it.”  In another, Garabandal, the seer said ‘after the Warning, time would end but not the world.’ We interpret this as the gradual increase in the manifestation of spiritual realities, which were before hidden from our perception. It is like the drift towards the state of Adam and Eve, who lived on a more ethereal plane of reality, according to the great mystic, Catherine Emmerick, who envisioned Paradise down to Christ’s Resurrection. (See References) 

Another way of looking at it is that if time ends its march, one begins to approach eternity, just as when the rubber ball (of temporal reality) stretches the rubber band (of time) it is attached to as far as it can, it swiftly returns to the force (God in eternity) which caused it to stretch the rubber band to begin with.

In Chapter 11 the temple (the Church) is measured: “Arise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that adore in it.”  This is the essential nature of the Great Peace, to provide a time without temptation when Christ’s Kingdom on earth is fulfilled or “measured” as to how great it will be.

The two witnesses who prophesy 3½ years are then introduced.  They will, according to tradition, convert the Jews and warn of and resist the coming of Antichrist. Apocalypse 11:7 “And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast, that ascendeth out of the abyss, shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them.” Only now, at their death, does the time of the Supreme Antichrist begin.  The 7th Trumpet is blown (Apocalypse 11:15), and in verse 18:  “the time of the dead to be judged” is come.  The terrible chastisements of the seals and trumpets in the preceding chapters, therefore, were not those immediately preceding the final coming of Christ in judgment, for these Chastisements are now to come in these last chapters of the Apocalypse, which will be better interpreted by those living at that time.

In Chapter 12 the Church (the woman with the crown of twelve stars – 12 Apostles) goes into hiding from the devouring red dragon (a beast).  The 3 ½  years of Antichrist ensue. Only now does Armegeddon occur near Jerusalem.  The Beast, the Harlot and their final destruction are then described.

In Chapters 20-22 the Final Judgment and the mystical city of Jerusalem, Heaven, coming unto the elect as their eternal dwelling are described. 

This sequence of events is abundantly confirmed by Catholic prophecy (quoted in Chapter V), by the Fathers of the Church and by the same order of the events found in the Book of the Apocalypse itself.  Additionally recommending this interpretation is that it avoids the contradictions and problems of other interpretations, such as millenarianism, which the Church has actually condemned.

Today’s preaching on the end times from the Catholic pulpit often finds sufficient the admonition that, ‘since no one knows the date, don’t concern yourself with these things.’  But this is too simplistic and careless, as if God did not have the Apocalypse written for instruction and study, but for us to ignore.  In I Thessalonians 5:1-5 Paul admits, “For yourselves know perfectly, that the day of the Lord shall so come, as a thief in the night,” but he then tells them, “But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief:  For all you are children of the light … Therefore let us not sleep, as others do: but let us watch and be sober.”

Jesus is saying, we are to watch for this terrible day in order not to be caught unaware. It is not necessary to foreknow the ”hour” the thief will arrive; it is sufficient to know which night or week he is coming, by way of the signs of his activities round about.

It is foolish to go on “…eating and drinking and marrying …” (Matthew 24:38),  not being concerned with “the signs of the times.”  Those to be taken up (raptured) will be those who have kept the true faith (doctrine), those who are sober and those watching, those, in short, who have kept their lamps burning until the coming of the bridegroom, Christ, who will return on the clouds of heaven.

And how many today are thus ready?  Or, to put it in Jesus’ words, “But yet the Son of man, when He cometh, shall He find, think you, faith on earth?” (Luke 18:8)  The answer is “not much.” But, with this “remnant” Christ will rebuild the Church and the world during the Great Peace.  This renewal will be so great that it will be known to be a miraculous event, dependent on Christ’s mystical presence.

There are other Scriptural texts referring to the coming of Jesus before the Peace.  We just quoted the same in Luke 18:8: “When the Son of man cometh … shall He find … faith on earth.”  In the Epistle of St. Jude is found another such reference, “Behold the Lord comes with thousands of His saints to execute judgment on all and to reprove the ungodly.”  (Jude 1:8, 12-21) 


There are a few more sticky points of interpretation that should be dealt with.  Some identify the return of the “Jews” to Palestine and the creation of the UN imposed, secular State of Israel in 1948 as a sign of the end times and the return of Christ. Some Jews may believe that the worldly ruler expected by the Zionists of Jesus’ time will now come, i.e., the “real” messiah, not the one they rejected. Some Christians may believe Christ will return to earth as a man to crush the vast armies (200,000,000) of “Gog and Magog” (Russia) surrounding Israel.  The present situation set up by the Zionist/Communist forces appear to lend itself to such a contrived development, a likely application of Scriptural events to fit the desired explanation.  And, in fact, the Divine Chastisement of the Comet will end the man-made part of the Chastisement, WWIII, which is prosecuted by Russia (Magog).

Ezechiel Chapter 38 is probably the Scripture used to support thse interpretations.  Gog  “…shalt come upon my people of Israel like a cloud.”  But God then says to Gog, “I will break thy bow …” and “Thou shalt fall upon the face of the field.” (Ezechiel 39) The truth is, as Our Lady said at Fatima, Russia will indeed sweep over the Church with her errors and over the world with its terrors.  But God will destroy those evils in the Chastisement and allow a time of peace.  When “Israel” is understood to be the Church in the eschatological (end times) interpretation of Ezekiel, then the reference is clearly not to the bandit State of Israel today.  Such a misinterpretation would lead Christians to look towards Israel for the coming of the Lord.  This is a false prophecy of the latter times.

Any eschalogical references to “Israel” refer to the Church, which became the new Israel, the new people of God at the coming of the promised Redeemer. Those Israelites who accepted Christ became like those who were passed over by the angel of death in Egypt.  To repeat what we said before, the race of Israel and the real Jews of the tribe of Juda are no more.  They were virtually lost in the Diaspora, by the Will of God.  The everlasting kingdom promised to David by God, which Zionists falsely await, was fulfilled in the royal Priesthood of Jesus Christ, who was born of the Davidic line and is destined to rule the People of God forever!

The secret rulers of Russia and Israel are now creating the springboard of WWIII with the Israel-Palestinian conflict as a centerpiece for a Mid East War. They may use this situation as a Biblical prophecy come true, a battle between Magog (Russia) and the State of Israel. They may destroy huge armies which they have arrayed against Israel, with their secret, electromagnetic scalar cannons. These can create huge, multiple “nuclear” explosions anywhere on earth from a single position, e.g., Siberia.  (See Ref. Bearden)  This feat they could attribute to a christ-like figurehead of theirs, namely their Antichrist  Since these weapons are non-detectable and have been kept ultra secret from the general public, a wave of their messiah’s hand could be correlated to the firing of these advanced and  truly awesome secret weapons. The intended result is that Zionism and Judaism are vindicated by their phony, antichrist Messiah/Saviour, which will seem like the same one Christians have been waiting for.  This will be perhaps the greatest of those “false miracles of the latter days.” Many gullible Christians have already been hooked on these expectations.  Beware! the devil characteristically mocks the divine, mimicking his prophecies, sacraments and even the person of Christ.

But we are forewarned, “For there shall arise false christs and false prophets and shall show great signs and wonders, insomuch as to deceive (if it were possible) even the elect.” (Matthew 24:24)

The enemy today are the forces of materialism, atheism, and communism under the secret societies of Masonry (see Chart A-4).  These are the archetypes of Antichrist and his empire, the beast with seven heads and ten horns.  And God will destroy them in the Great Chastisement.  And they will try to write the Apocalypse for us as they fancy, just as they have rewritten history for us.  A great many would be led astray by this mockery of Apocalyptic events.  Beware, Christ will return on the clouds of heaven, like lightning seen from east to west.  In other words, there will be no doubts.  He won’t be on NBC nightly news wiping out Russian helicopter assaults on Israel or sitting in the Chair of Peter embracing all religions in a universal Ecumenical embrace of a One-World Religion.  No, these are signs of Antichrist.

The “Jews” or Zionists are the progeny of their ancestors in disbelief who had the long prophesied Christ before them performing the wonders of God and still rejected him and crucified Him.  For this blasphemy God “rent his garment,” the great veil of the Temple, even as the high priest blasphemed by renting his garment when Christ declared Himself the Son of God before him.  (This tearing of one’s garment was the customary response to blasphemy, the greatest of all sins.)

Zionism, Russian Communism and the Internationalist fellow travelers worldwide, directed by the secret societies, comprise the heart of Gog and Magog attacking the Church and the people of God today.  These forces will try to hide their true identity and shift the truth and the blame. They wish to appear as the people of God to whom a messiah (the Antichrist) will come, and they will do all they can to stage manage such a farce.  Of these evil antichristian forces, God said: “And I will send a fire on Magog … and they shall know that I am the Lord.  … And the house of Israel shall bury them for seven months to cleanse the land.  (Ezekiel 39:6.12)  This may be literally true.  The fire of the Comet will destroy the forces of Magog and after the Chastisement, the Church may oversee the burial of the dead for seven months to stem the spread of disease and cleanse the earth of pestilence.



  “The Day of the Lord cometh, because it is nigh at hand … The like to it hath not been from the beginning, nor shall be after it … Before the face thereof a devouring fire, and behind it a burning flame:  the land is like a garden of pleasure before it, and behind it a desolate wilderness, neither is there any one that can escape it.”  Joel 2:1-3

Having briefly selected and discussed such eschatological passages from Holy Scripture, we now turn to non-canonical revelations.  We have not used original sources, but have taken the actual quoted passages from reputable scholarly works such as Trial and Tribulation by Birch, Catholic Prophecy by DuPont and various other reputable sources. By far the greatest of these prophecies, which usually entail apparitions of Jesus and/or Mary to holy souls, and deserving special attention is the prophecy of Our Lady of Fatima in 1917. 


     In 1917, the Blessed Virgin appeared at Fatima, Portugal, to three young shepherds, Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta, ranging in age from ten to seven years. On her last visit, October 17, 1917, 70,000 people witnessed the stupendous Miracle of the Sun.  The sun danced in the sky, radiating many colors, then plunged towards the earth (like the fiery comet will?). Lucia is the only one of the three seers still alive.

     The Message, or secret of Fatima, has three parts. The first was the vision of Hell; the second Lucia tells us was:

"As if to ask for help, we raised our eyes to the Lady, who told us, with kindness and sadness: ‘You have seen hell where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wishes to establish on earth the devotion to My Immaculate heart. If people do what I tell you many souls will be saved and there will be peace.

But if it is not done and if the world does not cease offending God, Divine Justice will manifest itself with newer and even greater punishments. Russia will scatter her errors throughout the world, provoking wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, and various nations will be destroyed…
            This war (1914-1918) will soon end, but if men do not cease to offend God, another and a worse war will begin during the next pontificate.’"

      … the child, Jacinta, later said something she repeated on her deathbed: "If men will repent, God will pardon them, but if they do not amend their lives, there will come upon the earth the most terrible chastisement ever known."

     These extracts are, briefly, the first two parts of the Fatima Message.
     … Although, the third part of the secret of Fatima remains hidden …we can dimly see what it might contain through another document already published.

A MESSAGE OF LUCIA OF FATIMA (Note: This was given to Father Agustin Fuentes who was, at the time, the postulator of the Cause of Beatification of the two little Seers, Francisco and Jacinta.)

"I bring you a message of extreme urgency: the Holy Father has permitted me to visit Lucia.
          She received me sadly. She was very thin and quite afflicted. Upon seeing me she said: "Father, our Lady is very unhappy because they have not taken her message of 1917 seriously. Neither the good nor the bad have paid any attention to it. The good continue their way without preoccupying themselves with it, they do not heed Her celestial requests. The bad walk through life swollen with perdition, not taking into account the punishment that threatens them. Believe me, Father, God will chastise the world very soon. Think, Father, about all the souls who will fall into Hell. This will happen because no one prays, because they do not do penance.

All this is the reason why the Blessed Virgin is sad. Father, tell everyone that our Lady has, frequently, announced to me that many nations will disappear off the face of the earth. Russia is the scourge chosen by God to punish mankind, if we, through prayer and the sacraments, do not obtain the grace of their conversion. Tell them, Father, tell them that the devil has begun a decisive battle against our Lady, because what most afflicts the Immaculate heart of Mary and the Sacred heart of Jesus is the fall of the souls of religious and priests.

The devil knows that when religious and priests fail in their beautiful vocations they carry along with them many souls into hell. And now, precisely, is the moment to stop the chastisement of Heaven. We have at our disposition two very efficacious means of doing this: prayer and sacrifice.

 "The devil does everything he can to distract us and take away our liking for prayer; we shall save ourselves or condemn ourselves together. Furthermore, Father, it is now necessary to tell the people that they should not wait for a call to penitence and to prayer from the Holy Father, nor from the Bishops, nor the pastors, nor the Superiors. It is the right moment for them to use their own initiative in fulfilling good and holy works and reform their lives as the Holy Virgin desires.

The devil desires to strengthen himself through consecrated souls; he tries to corrupt them so he can deceive others into a final impenitence. He uses many tricks even the ruse of suggesting tardiness in entering a religious life.
          The results are a sterility of interior life and a coldness among the laity keeping them from renouncing pleasures and from offering a total immolation of themselves to God.
          Tell them, Father, that two things are the basis of the sanctification of Jacinta and Francisco, the sorrow of our Lady and the vision of hell.

It is as if our Lady were between two swords: On one side She sees humanity obstinate and indifferent facing the announced chastisements and on the other side She sees how we profane the Sacraments and ignore the punishment which is coming ever nearer and nearer, remaining incredulous, sensuous and materialistic. Our Lady has said: "We are on the border of the last times."

Our Lady has told me three times:

          a)     First: She has affirmed that the devil has begun a decisive battle, that is to say, from which one or the other will win or lose. We are with God or we are with the devil.
          b)     Second: She repeated to me that the last remedies given to the world are the Holy Rosary and the devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
          c)     Third: She told me that other means of salvation have been despised by men many times. In Her anguish She offers us the last anchor of salvation which is Herself (perhaps the other means were Her numerous apparitions, signs of tears, messages of various seers scattered throughout the world).

Our Lady has also said that if we will not listen and continue to offend God, we will not be pardoned. Father, it is urgent to understand this terrible reality, we do not wish to frighten souls, but it is an urgent call to humanity.

          Since the Blessed Virgin has given such a great remedy as the Rosary, there does not exist a single material, spiritual, national or international problem that cannot be solved through the Holy Rosary and our sacrifices. To pray the Rosary with love and piety will console Mary and erase the numerous tears of Her Immaculate Heart." (taken from the "Messagero del Cuore di Maria" No. 8-9 August –September, 1961, Rome, Italy)

We now quote in a temporal order some of the Catholic prophecies about the End Times.

2.  ST. IRENAEUS, BISHOP (125-203)

            “The Antichrist will deceive the Jews to such an extent that they will accept him as the Messias and worship him.”

            St. Irenaeus says of the Antichrist:  “Jeremias does not merely point out his sudden coming, but he even indicate the tribe from which he shall come, where he says:  ‘We shall hear the voice of his swift horses from Dan – he shall come and devour the earth.’” (Jeremiah 8,16)

            “At the time of his reign, Antichrist will command that Jerusalem be rebuilt in splendor, and will make it a great and populous city, second to none in the world and will order his palace to be built there.”


            “It is a familiar theme in the conversation and heart of the faithful, that in the last days before the judgement the Jews shall believe in the true Christ, that is, our Christ, by means of this great and admirable prophet Elias who shall expound the law to them.  For not without reason do we hope that before the coming of our judge and Saviour, Elias shall come, because we have good reason to believe that he is now alive. For, as Scripture most distinctly informs us, he was taken up from this life in a chariot of fire.  When, therefore, he is come, he will give a spiritual explanation of the law which the Jews at present understand carnally; and shall thus, ‘turn the heart of the father to the son.”


            “…since the true Christ is to come a second time, the adversary makes use of the expectations of the simple, and especially of those of the circumcision [the Jews]; and he brings in a certain man who is a magician, and who is quite expert in sorceries and enchantments of beguiling craftiness.  This one shall seize the power of the Roman Empire, and shall falsely style himself Christ.  By the name of Christ he shall deceive the Jews, who are expecting the Anointed; and he shall seduce the gentiles by his magical illusions.”

            “and after these shall arise Antichrist … and having by the signs and lying wonders of his magical deceit, beguiled the Jews, as though he were the expected Christ, he shall afterwards characterize himself by all kinds of excesses of cruelty and lawlessness. … And he shall perpetrate such things for three years and six months.”


            “In the same way as those kingdoms which existed before the Roman Empire were destroyed (the Babylonian by the Persian, the Persian by the Greek, the Greek by the Roman), so will the Roman Empire be destroyed by Antichrist.  This will happen when the Roman Empire shall have been divided into ten kingdoms.”


            “Therefore, let us state what all the ecclesiastical writers [omnes scriptores ecclesiastici] have passed down [tradiderunt]: At the consummation of the world [consummatione mundi], when the Kingdom of the Romans has been destroyed, when ten kings shall have divided the territory of the Romans between themselves, an eleventh [man] shall rise to [the kingship of[ a small kingdom, who when he shall have overcome three of the ten kings, i.e., the king[s] of the Egyptians, of the Africans, and of the Ethiopians and consequently as we learn more manifestly – whom he shall have killed, the other seven kings shall submit their necks to the victor [the eleventh king].

            “Nor do we think him [the eleventh king] to be the Devil or a demon (as some others do), but one of mankind in whom Satan shall dwell totally … his mouth uttering great boasts, for he is the man of sin the son of perdition, such that he will seat himself in the Temple as if he were God.” [Here St. Jerome is directly quoting from St. Paul’s description of the Antichrist in II Thessalonians, 2:15]


            “A day will come when the enemies of Christ will boast of having conquered the whole world.  They will say: ‘Christians cannot escape now!’ But a Great king will arise to fight the enemies of God.  He will defeat them, and peace will be given to the world, and the Church will be freed from her anxieties.”


            “And when the son of perdition has drawn to his purpose the whole world, Enoch and Elias shall be sent that they may confute the Evil one;”

            “Then the Lord from his glorious heaven shall set up his peace.  And the kingdom of the Romans shall rise in place of this latter people, and establish its dominion upon the earth, even to its ends, and there shall be no one who will resist it.  After iniquity shall have [subsequently] multiplied, and all creatures have become defiled, then Divine Justice shall appear, and shall wholly destroy the people, and coming forth from perdition, the man of iniquity shall be revealed upon the earth, the Seducer of men, and the disturber of the whole earth.”


            “Take notice that the Kingdom of France is predestined by God for the defense of the Roman Church which is the only true Church of Christ.  This kingdom shall someday be great among the kingdoms of the earth, and shall embrace all the limits of the Roman Empire, and shall submit all other kingdoms to its own scepter.”


                After the year 1900, toward the middle of the 20th century, the people of that time will become unrecognizable. When the time for the Advent of the Antichrist approaches, people’s minds will grow cloudy from carnal passions, and dishonor and lawlessness will grow stronger. Then the world will become unrecognizable. People’s appearances will change, and it will be impossible to distinguish men from women due to the shamelessness in dress and style of hair. These people will be cruel and will be like wild animals because of the temptations of the Antichrist. There will be no respect for parents and elders, love will disappear, and Christian pastors, bishops, and priests will become vain men, completely failing to distinguish the right-hand way from the left.
          … At that future time, due to the power of such great crimes and licentiousness, people will be deprived of the grace of the Holy Spirit, which they received in Holy Baptism and equally of remorse.

          The Churches of God will be deprived of God-fearing and pious pastors, and woe to the Christians remaining in the world at that time; they will completely lose their faith because they will lack the opportunity of seeing the light of knowledge from anyone at all. … At that time men will also fly through the air like birds and descend to the bottom of the sea like fish. …

          Then the All-good God will see the downfall of the human race and will shorten the days for the sake of those few who are being saved, because the enemy wants to lead even the chosen into temptation, if that is possible… then the sword of chastisement will suddenly appear and kill the perverter and his servants."



            “Before the birth of her child, the mother of Antichrist will announce the advent of a Messias who will restore great prosperity to mankind.”


            “When the entire world, and in a special way France, and in France especially the provinces of the north, of the east, and above all that of Lorraine and Champagne, shall have been laid waste by the greatest miseries and trials, then the provinces shall be comforted by a prince who had been exiled in his youth, and who shall recover the crown of the lilies.  This prince shall extend his dominion over the total universe.

            At this same time, by the will of God, a most holy man shall receive the Papacy, who will be most perfect in every spiritual perfection.  This Pope will have with him the great Monarch, a most virtuous man, who shall be an eminent leader of the holy line of French Kings.  This great Monarch shall assist the Pope in the reformation of the whole earth.  Many nations and their princes that are living in error and impiety [at that time] shall be converted, and an admirable peace shall reign among men during many years, because the wrath of God shall be appeased through their repentance, penance, and good works.  There will be one common law, only one faith, one baptism, one religion.

            All nations shall recognize the Holy See of Rome, and shall pay homage to the Pope.  But after an extended period of time, fervor will cool, iniquity will abound, and moral corruption shall become worse than ever before, which shall bring upon mankind the last and worse persecution of Antichrist, and the end of the world.”


            “One should know that the Antichrist must come.  Antichrist, to be sure, is everyone who does not confess that the Son of God came in the flesh, is perfect God, and became perfect man while at the same time He was God.  In a peculiar and special sense, however, he who is to come at the consummation of the world is Antichrist.  So, it is first necessary for the Gospel to have been preached to all the Gentiles, as the Lord said, and then he shall come unto conviction of the impious Jews.  For the Lord said to them: ‘I am come in the name of the Father, and you receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him you will receive.’  And the Apostle:  ‘Because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.  Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying: that all may be judged who have not believed the truth but have consented to iniquity.  Hence, the Jews did not receive the Lord Jesus Christ and God, although He was the Son of God, but the deceiver who says that he is God they will receive.”


 “Before the comet comes, many nations, the good excepted, will be scourged by want and famine.  The great nation in the ocean [England] that is inhabited by people of different tribes and descent will be devastated by earthquake, storm and tidal wave.  It will be divided and, in great part, submerged.  That nation will also have many misfortunes at sea and lose its colonies. …

“By its tremendous pressure the comet will force much out of the ocean and flood many countries, causing much want and many plagues.  All coastal cities will live in fear, and many of them will be destroyed by tidal waves, and most living creatures will be killed, and even those who escape will die from horrible diseases. ….

            “For in none of those cities does a person live according to the laws of God. Peace will return to the world when the white flower again takes possession of the throne of France.  During this period of peace, people will be forbidden to carry weapons, and iron will be used only for making agricultural implements and tools. Also during this period, the land will be very productive, and many Jews, heathens, and heretics will join the Church.”


            “An unchaste woman will conceive an unchaste son.  The wicked serpent, who deceived Adam, will influence this child in such a way that nothing good or virtuous will enter into him; nor, under the circumstances will it even be possible for any good to be in him.”


            “Enoch and Elias will be instructed by god in a most secret manner in Paradise.  God reveals to them the actions and condition of men that they may regard them with eyes of compassion.  Because of this special preparation, these two holy men are more wise than all the wise men on the earth taken together.  God will give them the task of opposing Antichrist and of bringing back those who have strayed from the way of salvation.”


15.  ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI (1181-1226)

               “There will be an uncanonically elected pope who will cause a great schism; there will be diverse thoughts preached which will cause many, even those in the different orders, yea, even to agree with those heretics which will cause my Order to divide, then will there be such universal dissensions and persecutions that if those days were not shortened even the elect would be lost.”


16.  SR. (ST.) MECHTILD (D. 1301)

            “Both are in Paradise, living in blessed happiness.  An angel will lead Enoch and Elias out of Paradise.  The transparency and bliss which their bodies possessed there, will then disappear … As soon as they behold the earth they will become afraid, just as people do who, when they first behold the sea, do not know how they will be able to traverse it.  They will appear as preachers when the majority of the good have died as martyrs and for a long time will comfort the people … Enoch and Elias will force Antichrist to a show-down; they will tell men who he is and through whose power [Satan’s] he is working miracles.  Then many men and women who had previously followed Antichrist, will be converted.” 



17.  ST. VINCENT FERRER (1350-1419)

            “In the days of peace that are to come after the desolation of revolutions and wars – before the end of the world – Christians will become so lax in their religion that they will refuse the sacrament of Confirmation, saying that “it is an unnecessary sacrament”; and when the false prophet, the precursor of Anti-Christ comes, all who are not confirmed will apostasize, while those who are confirmed will stand fast in their faith, and only a few will renounce Christ.”


            “For he [Antichrist] will cause images and babes of a month old to speak.  The followers of Antichrist will question these statues or babies, and they will make answer concerning this lord who has come in the latter times, affirming that he is the saviour.  The devil will move their lips and form the words they utter when they declare Antichrist to be the true saviour of the world; and in this way he will cause the destruction of many souls.”


            “Those in the third category whom he will try to seduce are learned folk, such as masters and doctors of civil and canon law, who can argue and grasp proofs of things.  Against these Antichrist will weave spells of enchantment, bringing out the most subtle arguments, the most seductive reasoning, to render these learned men tongue-tied and incapable of answering.” 


            “The remedy for this state of bondage is faith, which follows simple obedience and not argument or reasoning.  Argument may be good for the strengthening of the intelligence, but it is not the true foundation of faith.  Those whose faith rests on reason will lose it when they hear the specious reasoning of Antichrist.  Those on the contrary who rely on a firm belief founded on obedience will reply: ‘Away with your arguments!  Such reasonings are not the grounds of my faith.’”



            At that time, the Pope, with the cardinals will have to flee Rome in trying circumstances to a place where he will be unknown.  He will die a cruel death in this exile. The sufferings of the Church will be much greater than at any previous time in her history … God will raise a holy Pope over whom the Angels will rejoice.  Enlightened by God, this man will reconstruct almost the entire world through his holiness.”



            “The Church will be punished because the majority of her members, high and low, will become so perverted.  The Church will sink deeper and deeper until she will at last seem to be extinguished, and the succession of Peter and the other Apostles to have expired.  But, after this, she will be victoriously exalted in the sight of all doubters.”



            “Heading Six.  The sixth demonstration arises from the last sign, that follows Antichrist, which shall be the consummation of the world.  For Antichrist shall come a short time before the end of the world … after Antichrist at once comes the last judgment … the future reign of Antichrist shall be of one thousand two hundred and ninety days duration… Matthew 24.”



            “The sacred Sacrament of Holy Orders will be ridiculed, oppressed and despised, for in doing this, one scorns and defiles the Church of God, and even God himself, represented by his priests.  The Demon will try to persecute the Ministers of the Lord in every possible way, and he will labor with cruel and subtle astuteness to deviate them from the spirit of their vocation, corrupting many of them. These [corrupted priests] who will thus scandalize the Christian people, will incite the hatred of the bad Christians and the enemies of the Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church to fall upon all the priests.  This apparent triumph of Satan will bring enormous sufferings to the good pastors of the Church, to the great majority of good priests, and to the Supreme Pastor and Vicar of Christ on earth, who … will shed secret and bitter tears in the presence of his God and Lord, beseeching light, sanctity and perfection for all the Clergy of the world, of which he is the King and Father.

            “Moreover, in these unhappy times there will be unbridled luxury which, acting thus to snare the rest into sin, will conquer innumerable frivolous souls who will lose themselves.  Innocence will almost no longer be found in children, nor modesty in women, and, in this supreme moment of need of the Church, those whom it behooves to speak will fall silent.”



            “The Powerful Monarch, who will be sent by God, will uproot every Republic.  He will submit everything to his authority, and he will show great zeal for the true Church of Christ.  The empire of the Mohammedans will be broken up, and this Monarch will reign in the East as well as in the West.  All nations will come to worship God in the true Catholic and Roman faith.  There will be many Saints and Doctors (of the Church) on earth.  Peace will reign over the whole earth because God will bind Satan for number of years until the days of the Son of Perdition.  No one will be able to pervert the word of God since, during the sixth period, there will be an ecumenic council which will be the greatest of all councils.  By the grace of God, by the power of the Great Monarch, by the authority of the Holy Pontiff, and by the union of all the most devout princes, atheism and every heresy will be banished from the earth. The Council will define the true sense of Holy Scripture, and this will be believed and accepted by everyone.”


          Events she predicted:
          Our Lord announced to her that "after the purification of the world and the Church and the uprooting of all of the bad weeds," He would prepare a renewal, a miraculous triumph of His mercy, adding: "My all-powerful hand will once again put order wherever human force is impotent."
          Then He added: "God will send two punishments, one in the form of wars, revolutions and dangers originating on earth, the other will be sent from heaven. There will come upon the earth an inner darkness that will last three days and three nights. Nothing will be visible and the air will be pestilent and foul and will harm, although not exclusively, the enemies of religion.
          During the three days of darkness artificial light will fail, only blessed candles will burn. During those days of darkness the faithful should remain in their houses, praying the Holy Rosary and asking God for mercy.
          All the enemies of the Church, known and unknown, will perish all over the world during the universal darkness, with the exception of a few who will be converted. St. Peter and St. Paul will intervene in the election of a new Pope." (This is part of the beatification documentation.)
          Finally, in a vision she had: "I saw the earth enveloped in flames, many buildings crumbling, the earth and heaven seemed to be in agony."
          "Millions of men will die by steel, some in war, others in civil strife; other millions will perish in an unforeseen death. After this trial there will be a universal rebirth. This change will happen when the Church will seem to have lost all human means to defend itself in the persecution."




            “All men shall rise one against the other, and they shall kill one another without pity.  During this sanguinary conflict the avenging arm of God will strike the wicked, and in His mighty power He will punish their pride and presumption.  God will employ the powers of hell for the exterminations of these impious and heretical persons who desire to overthrow the Church and destroy it to its very foundation … Innumerable legions of demons will overrun the earth, and shall execute the orders of Divine justice by causing terrible calamities and disasters; they will attack everything’ they shall injure individual persons and entire families … Nothing on earth shall be spared.  God will allow the demons to strike with death those impious men, because they gave themselves up to the infernal powers, and have formed with them a pact against the Catholic Church.”


            “Happy will be all true and good Catholics!  They shall experience the powerful protection of the Holy Apostles, St. Peter and Paul, who will watch over them lest they be injured … These spirits shall plunder every place where God has been outraged, despised, and blasphemed; the edifices they profaned will be pulled down and destroyed, and nothing but ruins shall remain of them.”


            “Then a great light appeared upon the earth which was the sign of the reconciliation of God with man.  The angels conducted before the throne of the prince of the Apostles the small flock that had remained faithful to Jesus Christ.  These good and zealous Christians testified to him the most profound respect, praising God and thanking the Apostles for having delivered them from the common destruction, and for having protected the Church of Jesus Christ by not permitting her to be infected with the false maxims of the world.”


            “St. Peter then chose the new Pope.  The Church was again organized; religious orders were reestablished; the private families of ordinary Christians, through their great fervor and zeal for the glory of God, became like the most exemplary religious communities.  Such is the glorious triumph reserved for the Catholic Church; she shall be praised, honored, and esteemed by all men.”


By John Grady, M.D.

THE VISION: Various accounts of George Washington’s vision and prophecy all agree in content. There have been only minor variations in some details as the story was repeated over the years by those to whom it was related by General Washington. The place was Valley Forge, in the cold and bitter winter of 1777. Washington’s army had suffered several reverses and the situation was desperate. Food was scarce. The Continental Congress was not sending supplies or money. Some of the troops did not even have shoes to wear in the snow. Many soldiers were sick and dying from disease and exposure. Morale was at an all-time low and there was great agitation in the Colonies against continued effort to secure our freedom from England. Nevertheless, General Washington was determined to see the struggle through.

 These are the words of a first-hand observer, Anthony Sherman, who was there and describes the situation: "You doubtless heard the story of Washington’s going to the thicket to pray. Well, it is not only true, but he used often to pray in secret for aid and comfort from God, the interposition of whose Divine Providence brought us safely through the darkest days of tribulation.

 One day, I remember it well, when the chilly winds whistled through the leafless trees, though the sky was cloudless and the sun shone brightly, he remained in his quarters nearly all the afternoon alone. When he came out, I noticed that his face was a shade paler than usual. There seemed to be something on his mind of more than ordinary importance. Returning just after dusk, he dispatched an orderly to the quarters who was presently in attendance. After a preliminary conversation of about an hour, Washington, gazing upon his companion with that strange look of dignity which he alone commanded, related the event that occurred that day.

WASHINGTON’S OWN WORDS: "This afternoon, as I was sitting at this table engaged in preparing a dispatch, something seemed to disturb me. Looking up, I beheld standing opposite me a singularly beautiful female. So astonished was I, for I had given strict orders not to be disturbed, that it was some moments before I found language to inquire the cause of her presence. A second, a third and even a fourth time did I repeat my question, but received no answer from my mysterious visitor except a slight raising of her eyes

"By this time I felt strange sensations spreading through me. I would have risen but the riveted gaze of the being before me rendered volition impossible. I assayed once more to address her, but my tongue had become useless, as though it had become paralyzed.

"A new influence, mysterious, potent, irresistable, took possession of me. All I could do was to gaze steadily, vacantly at my unknown visitor. Gradually the surrounding atmosphere seemed as if it had become filled with sensations, and luminous. Everything about me seemed to rarify, the mysterious visitor herself becoming more airy and yet more distinct to my sight than before. I now began to feel as one dying, or rather to experience the sensations which I have sometimes imagined accompany dissolution. I did not think, I did not reason, I did not move; all were alike impossible. I was only conscious of gazing fixedly, vacantly at my companion.

 "Presently I heard a voice saying, ‘Son of the Republic, look and learn,’ while at the same time my visitor extended her arm eastwardly. I now beheld a heavy white vapor at some distance rising fold upon fold. This gradually dissipated, and I looked upon a strange scene. Before me lay spread out in one vast plain all the countries of the world – Europe, Asia, African and America. I saw rolling and tossing between Europe and America the billows of the Atlantic, and between Asia and America lay the Pacific.
          "’Son of the Republic,’ said the same mysterious voice as before, ‘look and learn.’ At that moment I beheld a dark, shadowy being, like an angel, standing, or rather floating in mid-air, between Europe and America. Dipping water out of the ocean in the hollow of each hand, he sprinkled some upon America with his right hand, while with his left hand he cast some on Europe. Immediately a cloud raised from these countries, and joined in mid-ocean. For a while it remained stationary, and then moved slowly westward, until it enveloped America in its murky folds. Sharp flashes of lightning gleamed through it in intervals, and I heard the smothered groans and cries of the American people.
          "A second time the angel dipped water from the ocean, and sprinkled it out as before. The dark cloud was then drawn back to the ocean, in whose heaving billows it sand from view. A third time I heard the mysterious voice saying, ‘Son of the Republic, look and learn,’ I cast my eyes upon America and beheld villages and towns and cities springing up one after another until the whole land from the Atlantic to the Pacific was dotted with them.

          "Again, I heard the mysterious voice say, ‘Son of the Republic, the end of the century cometh, look and learn.’ At this the dark shadowy angel turned his face southward, and from Africa I saw an ill-omened spectre approach our land. It flitted slowly over every town and city of the latter. The inhabitants presently set themselves in battle array against each other. As I continued looking I saw a bright angel, on whose brow rested a crown of light, on which was traced the word ‘Union,’ bearing the American flag which he placed between the divided nation, and said, ‘Remember ye are brethren.’ Instantly, the inhabitants, casting from them their weapons became friends once more, and united around the National Standard.

          "And again I heard the mysterious voice saying, ‘Son of the Republic, look and learn.’ At this the dark, shadowy angel placed a trumpet to his mouth, and blew three distinct blasts; and taking water from the ocean, he sprinkled it upon Europe, Asia and Africa. Then my eyes beheld a fearful scene: from each of these countries arose thick, black clouds that were soon joined into one. Throughout this mass there gleamed a dark red light by which I saw hordes of armed men, who, moving with the cloud, marched by land and sailed by sea to America. Our country was enveloped in this volume of cloud, and I saw these vast armies devastate the whole country and burn the villages, towns and cities that I beheld springing up. As my ears listened to the thundering of the cannon, clashing of swords, and the shouts and cries of millions in mortal combat, I heard again the mysterious voice saying, ‘Son of the Republic, look and learn.’ When the voice had ceased, the dark shadowy angel placed his trumpet once more to his mouth, and blew a long and fearful blast.

          "Instantly a light as of a thousand suns shone down from above me, and pierced and broke into fragments the dark cloud which enveloped America. At the same moment the angel upon whose head still shone the word Union, and who bore our national flag in one hand and a sword in the other, descended from the heavens attended by legions of white spirits. These immediately joined the inhabitants of America, who I perceived were well nigh overcome, but who immediately taking courage again, closed up their broken ranks and renewed the battle.

          "Again, amid the fearful noise of the conflict, I heard the mysterious voice saying, ‘Son of the Republic, look and learn.’ As the voice ceased, the shadowy angel for the last time dipped water from the ocean and sprinkled it upon America. Instantly the dark cloud rolled back, together with the armies it had brought, leaving the inhabitants of the land victorious!

"Then once more I beheld the villages, towns and cities springing up where I had seen them before, while the bright angel, planting the azure standard he had brought in the midst of them, cried with a loud voice: ‘While the stars remain, and the heavens send down dew upon the earth, so long shall the Union last.’ And taking from his brow the crown on which blazoned the word ‘Union,’ he placed it upon the Standard while the people, kneeling down, said, ‘Amen.’

          "The scene instantly began to fade and dissolve, and I at last saw nothing but the rising, curling vapor I at first beheld. This also disappearing, I found myself once more gazing upon the mysterious visitor, who, in the same voice I had heard before, said, ‘Son of the Republic, what you have seen is interpreted: Three great perils will come upon the Republic. The most fearful is the third, but in this greatest conflict the whole world united shall not prevail against her. Let every child of the Republic learn to live for his God, his land and the Union. With these words the vision vanished, and I started from my seat and felt that I had seen a vision wherein had been shown to me the birth, progress, and destiny of the United States."

          Thus ended General George Washington’s vision and prophecy for the United States of America as told in his own words.


The Antichrist will be a child prodigy: “The fullness of his powers will first manifest themselves when he reaches the age of 30 years at which time his greatest heroic deeds will begin.”

"Prophecy of St. Nilus, A 5th Century Hermit – After the year 1900, toward the middle of the 20th century, the people of that time will become unrecognizable. When the time for the Advent of the Antichrist approaches, people’s minds will grow cloudy from carnal passions, and dishonor and lawlessness will grow stronger. Then the world will become unrecognizable. People’s appearances will change, and it will be impossible to distinguish men from women due to the shamelessness in dress and style of hair. These people will be cruel and will be like wild animals because of the temptations of the Antichrist. There will be no respect for parents and elders, love will disappear, and Christian pastors, bishops, and priests will become vain men, completely failing to distinguish the right-hand way from the left.

… At that future time, due to the power of such great crimes and licentiousness, people will be deprived of the grace of the Holy Spirit, which they received in Holy Baptism and equally of remorse.

The Churches of God will be deprived of God-fearing and pious pastors, and woe to the Christians remaining in the world at that time; they will completely lose their faith because they will lack the opportunity of seeing the light of knowledge from anyone at all. … At that time men will also fly through the air like birds and descend to the bottom of the sea like fish. …

Then the All-good God will see the downfall of the human race and will shorten the days for the sake of those few who are being saved, because the enemy wants to lead even the chosen into temptation, if that is possible… then the sword of chastisement will suddenly appear and kill the perverter and his servants."

27.  NURSING NUN OF BELAY (1800-1850)

                        “Once again the madmen seem to gain the upper hand!  They laugh God to scorn.  Now, the churches are closed; the pastors run away; the Holy Sacrifice ceases.

                                    “The wicked try to destroy everything; their books and their doctrines are swamping the world.  But the day of the justice is come.  Here is your King; he comes forward amidst the confusion of those stormy days.  Horrible times!  The just and the wicked fall!

                                    “There was also a great battle, the like of which has never been seen before.  Blood was flowing like water after a heavy rain.  The wicked were trying to slaughter all the servants of the Religion of Jesus Christ.  After they had killed a large number, they raised a cry of victory, but suddenly the just received help from above.

            “A saint raises his arms to heaven; he allays the wrath of God.  He ascends the throne of Peter.  At the same time, the Great Monarch ascends the throne of his ancestors.  All is quiet now.  Altars are set up again; religion comes to life again.  What I see now is so wonderful that I am unable to express it.

                                    “… All these things shall come to pass once the wicked have succeeded in circulating large numbers of bad books.

                                    “The end of time is approaching and the antichrist will not delay his coming.  We will not see him, nor those who follow us, but those who come after the latter, will be under his dominion.

               “The beginning of the last period of the world will not occur in the nineteenth, but the twentieth century.”


28.  BUG DE MILHAUS (D. 1848)

            “A war, in Europe, is announced by name and their prophecies will be fulfilled.  That war will ravage all places.  Pestilence and many other plagues will scatter terror everywhere.  The fanaticism of false beliefs and of intolerant parties will fill many countries with victims.  Iberia (Spain and Portugal) will be the asylum of all its refugees.  Catholics fleeing from the fury of their enemies will seek refuge in Spain.

            “Then the region of the river Tajo (Spain and Portugal) will produce a valiant warrior similar to the Cid and he will be as religious as Ferdinand III who, planting the standard of the faith, will unite around himself innumerable armies.  With his army he will go out to meet a formidable giant who, with his ferocious soldiers, will advance towards the conquest of the Peninsula.

            “The Pyrenees will witness the cruelest combat ever seen throughout the centuries.  The battle will last three days.  In vain, the fearsome giant will try to encourage his own to continue the fight, but the finger of God will already show him the end of his reign and his army will fall under the sword of the new Cid.

            “Then the victorious army, protected by their Supreme Creator, will cross provinces and seas and will carry the standard of the Cross even to the banks of the river Neva (the heart of Russia).  The Catholic religion will triumph everywhere.”


 29.  MARIA JULIA JAHENNY (1850-1941 AD)

She said: "There will come three days of great darkness." During those days only blessed candles of pure beeswax would give light in the horrible darkness. A single candle would burn for the three days, but in the houses of the wicked they would not burn. During those days demons would appear, in horrible and abominable shapes, and would make the air resound with frightful blasphemies. Lightning and sparks would penetrate the houses, however, the winds, storms and earthquakes would not put out the light of the blessed candles.

A cloud, red as blood, would cross the sky, a clap of thunder would make the earth tremble. The world would become an immense cemetery. The bodies of the wicked and the good would cover the earth. The hunger that would follow would be terrible. All of the vegetation would be destroyed as well as three fourths of the human race. The crisis will come to everyone, suddenly, and the chastisement would be worldwide."




The Secret of La Salette in Melanie’s own words:

France, Italy, Spain and England will be at war. Blood will flow in the streets. Frenchman will fight Frenchman; Italian will fight Italian. A general war will follow which will be appalling. For a time, God will cease to remember France and Italy because the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been forgotten. The wicked will make use of all their evil ways. Men will kill each other; massacre each other even in their homes.
          At the first blow of His thundering sword, the mountains and all nature will tremble in terror, for the disorders and crimes of men have pierced the vault of the heavens. Paris will burn and Marseille will be engulfed. Several cities will be shaken down and swallowed up by earthquakes. People will believe that all is lost. Nothing will be seen but murder, nothing will be heard but the clash of arms and blasphemy.

          The righteous will suffer greatly. Their prayers, their penances and their tears will rise up to heaven and all of God’s people will beg for forgiveness and mercy and will plead for my help and intercession. And then Jesus Christ, in an act of His justice and His great mercy will command His angels to have all His enemies put to death. Suddenly, the persecutors of the Church of Jesus Christ and all those given over to sin will perish and the earth will become desert-like. And then peace will be made, and man will be reconciled with God. Jesus Christ will be served, worshipped and glorified. Charity will flourish everywhere. The new kings will be the right arm of the holy Church, which will be strong, humble, pious in It’s poor but fervent imitation of the virtues of Jesus Christ. The Gospel will be preached everywhere and mankind will make great progress in it’s faith, for there will be unity among the workers of Jesus Christ and man will live in fear of God.

 This peace among men will be short-lived. Twenty-five years of plentiful harvests will make them forget that the sins of men are the cause of all the troubles of this earth."

The primary reason for the Chastisement is the failure of religious souls consecrated to God to offer proper sacrifice in the Holy Mass to God.  This is why the troubles of the Church and Christians are inseparable from a discussion of the Chastisement.




            “Peace will be given back to the world, but I shall not see it, … War is big business.  The manufacturer of the aeroplane, the exploitation of the mines, the iron works, all that will dwindle.  There will no longer be those great factories where morality withers and disappears.  The working class will be bound to turn back the land.

            “When peace is given back to the world, big business will shrink to smaller proportions and will stay there.  Everything will grow less. …When peace is given back to the world, plots of [farm] land will rise to more value than they have now. Even if the old workmen insist on dying in towns, that will come to pass…”

            “The world will have to be reevangelized over again and that will be work for a whole generation. … The spiritual state of the first Christians will come back moreover, there will be so few men on earth.”




 “There will come three days of complete darkness.  Only blessed candles made of wax will give some light during this horrible darkness.  One candle will last for three days, but they will not give light in the houses of the Godless.  Lightning will penetrate your houses, but it will not put out the blessed candles.  Neither wind, nor storm, nor earthquake will put out the blessed candles.  Red clouds, like blood, will cross the sky, and the crash of thunder will shake the earth to its very core.  The ocean will cast its foaming waves over the land, and the earth will be turned into a huge graveyard.  The bodies of the wicked and of the righteous will cover the fact of the earth.  The famine that follows will be severe.  All plant-life will be destroyed as well as three-fourths of the human race.  This crisis will be sudden and the punishment will be worldwide.” 



 “The death of the impenitent persecutors of the Church will take place during the three days of darkness.  He who outlives the darkness and the fear of these three days will think that he is alone on earth because the whole world will be covered with cadavers.” 



“During a darkness lasting three days the people given to evil will perish so that only one fourth of mankind will survive.”



            “It is then that the Prince shall reign, whom people did not esteem before, but whom they shall then seek.  The triumph of religion will be so great that no one has ever seen the equal.  All injustices will be made good; civil laws will be made in harmony with the laws of God and of the Church.  Education in the schools will be most Christian, and THE WORKERS’ GUILDS WILL FLOURISH AGAIN.



“There will be earthquakes and signs in the sun.  Towards the end darkness will cover the earth.” 



            “I saw one of my successors taking to flight over the bodies of his brethren.  He will take refuge in disguise somewhere; and after a short retirement he will die a cruel death.  The present wickedness of the world is only the beginning of sorrows which must take place before the end of the world.”

38FAITH IS GREATER THAN OBEDIENCE, Words of the Savior to Professor Drexel (Holy Mystic), Austria 1922-1977.

                                                (In 1932 Professor Drexel had a private audience with Pope Pius XI. He taught as professor in the Vatican University for Missions and was later used as an expert in racial questions at the Vatican.)
          "For the first time in November 1922 and from then on in all the nights of the first Fridays of the month, Our Lord appeared and spoke to our deceased friend, who spent those nights in prayer.

          The phrase which was selected as the title of the book are the words of the Savior, and they may solve the painful conflict between faith and obedience under which many priests and faithful suffer today: Nobody can claim authority in his office, and demand obedience in the name of the Church, when the faith of the Church is lessened or destroyed!
          Whether unbelief and its practice is dictated by the interior or exterior enemies of the Church – the clear teaching of the Acts of the Apostles is still valid: "We must obey God rather than men." (Acts 5, 19)

          "Severe trials are trying My Church. But I shall strengthen My visible representative in Rome, and I shall arm him with wisdom and firmness, even against bishops.
          Not only priests, but also bishops, come under the influence of the spirit of the time, by neglect and violation of their duties; they even try to usurp similar power which belongs only to the successor of the holy Apostle Peter. Therefore, it is necessary that men and women fight and pray indefatigably and imperturbably, defending and clinging to the faith, making sacrifices, and maintaining in this way hope, trust and confidence among the faithful and in the people. Did I not praise the blessed ones, who suffer persecution for the sake of justice? (Mt. 5,10) Have I not said: He who confesses Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father who is in Heaven? (Mt. 10, 32) But the greatest pain to My Heart was given by those Who should be shepherding the faithful – and these are the bishops, who Have become silent, indifferent and cowardly. Not only a few, but many of Them, are afraid of men, and are removed from the fear of God. Tthis is the reason why the wolves could break into the flock, bringing such confusion and devastation and destruction upon the Church.

          Therefore, do not let yourselves be oppressed by the apostasy and heresy of many. All those will crumble in their own sin, and becoming unhappy in their inner soul, they will come back to Me – or perish eternally.

          … In the bosom of My Church, My own sons, the consecrated priests, have rebelled and have become not only enemies, but also traitors, as My Vicar of Rome has openly remarked.
          These disloyal priests have left the path of the faith and have put human pride in place of the revelation of God; they have replaced it with the wicked misuse of the gifts of freedom and the thought and structure of their own spirit, that they may be praised and loved by the world.

          Oh what fools they are, who not only sell their own soul to Satan, but who become seducers of the faithful and thus sin against the Holy Ghost. These confusers and seducers speak and write much about a new Church, of a church that is no longer a religion, but is purely human. I Tell you: This is the church of Antichrist.

          In this new church grace does not count, but in its place steps so-called technology, that is the dream and fake opinion and falsehood of a new world. In this new church their prophets do not speak any more of sin and judgment, of hell and Heaven, but of the coming Paradise on earth.

          In this new church one can no longer find the cross of My redemption which is salvation, but their happiness lies in sensuality.

          This new church is the living Antichrist, the real Babylonian harlot, as My disciple and apostle John has written in the Apocalypse."




            “The world will have to drink the dregs of the chalice of divine wrath for their innumerable sins through which they have wounded the Sacred Heart of Jesus.” [Then She admonished them]:  ‘Pray … pray much, especially for the conversion of sinners.’”

            “Humanity has not heeded My Blessed Mother, who appeared in Fatima, to exhort everyone to penitence.  Now, I have come, in this last hour, to admonish the world.  The times are grave.  Men should do penance for their sins … I am near.  The earth will tremble and will suffer.  It will be terrible.  A minor judgment.  For those who are not in a state of grace it will be frightful.  The angels of My justice are now scattered all over the world.  Men do not listen to My calls.  They close their ears, resist My graces and refuse My mercy.  My love and My merits.  They will agonize in the blindness of their faults.  Hatred and greed fills the hearts of men.  All this is the work of Satan.  The world sleeps in a dense darkness.

            This generation deserves to be annihilated, but I desire to show Myself as merciful.  Great and terrible things are being prepared.  That which is about to happen will be terrible, like nothing ever since the beginning of the world.”



            “The world is flooded by a deluge of corruption.  The governments, of the people, have arisen as demons in human flesh and even though they speak of peace, they prepare for war with devastating weapons that can annihilate whole peoples and nations.”

            “So ungrateful have they become towards My Sacred Heart and abusing My graces they have converted the world into a scene of crimes.  Innumerable scandals carry souls to their ruin, especially the souls of the youth.  They have given themselves, without restraint, to the pleasures of the world which have degenerated into perversions.

            “The bad example of the parents produces, within the families, scandals and infidelities, instead of the practices of virtue and of prayer.  The home, source of faith and holiness is stained and destroyed.

            “The willfulness of men does not change and they stubbornly continue in their sins.  The punishments and afflictions, God sends to make them become reasonable, are severe, but men are enraged as if they were wounded beasts, and harden their hearts against the grace of God.

            “The world no longer merits pardon, but deserves fire, destruction and death.  There must be much penance and prayers, by the faithful, to mitigate the deserved chastisement which is now detained by the intervention of My dear Mother, who is Mother of all men.  Near at hand is the scourge that will cleanse the earth of evil!  Divine Justice clamours for satisfaction for the many offenses and evils which cover the earth.  No more can be tolerated.  Obstinate men, hardened in their faults, do not turn to God.

            The people do not subject themselves to the Church and despise the priests because there are so many among them who are the cause of scandals.”


            “Russia will march upon all the nations of Europe, particularly Italy, and will raise her flag over the dome of St. Peter’s.  Italy will be severely tried by a great revolution and Rome will be purified in blood for its many sins, especially those of impurity.  The flock is about to be dispersed and the Pope will suffer greatly.”

(The following Message was reproduced with the Imprimatur of the Bishop of Cadiz-Cueta in 1959)

          "Listen well to what I tell you and announce it to everyone. My heart is saddened by the many afflictions which threaten the world. The justice of our Heavenly Father is gravely offended.

Men continue to live willfully in their sins. The wrath of God is near at hand. The world will be visited by great misfortunes, by bloody revolutions, by terrible hurricanes and floods of rivers and seas.

In that new pitiless war, much that men have constructed will be destroyed. Clouds with lightning rays of fire and a tempest of fire will pass over the whole world and the punishment will be the most terrible ever known in the history of mankind. It will last 70 hours. The wicked will be crushed and eliminated. Many will be lost because they stubbornly remained in their sins. Then they will feel the force of light over darkness. The hours of darkness are near.”



            THE THIRD MESSAGE:  “My dear daughter, listen well to what I have to say to you.  You will inform your superior.  As I told you, if men do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity.  It will be a punishment greater than the deluge, such as one will never have seen before.  Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor faithful.  The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead.  The only arms which will remain for you will be the Rosary and the Sign left by My Son.  Each day recite the prayers of the Rosary.  With the Rosary, pray for the Pope, the bishops and the priests.”


42. THE LAST TIMES AND THE END OF THE WORLD by Rev. Benjamin      Martin Sanchez, Doctor of Theology

          Since some lamentably confuse the "last times," with the "end of the world," I shall first explain this theme and clarify it with the words of the prophets.
          As I indicated, in the prologue, the "last times", according to the Bible, are those times characterized by a "lack of faith" and are the last times of the Messianic era, which we can denominate as the "times of incredulity."

          The following Biblical texts prove this premise: II St. Peter 3_3-4; St. Jude 1:17-18; II Timothy 3:1-5; II Thess.2:1-11.

          In those times, there will be a judgment of nations or a great chastisement upon the world, which the prophets announced frequently, because men will be living far from God and will turn their backs to the Gospel of Christ.
          The world will come out of the chastisement purified. After the punishment a period of wonderful peace and sanctity will follow during which time Christ will reign "from one end of the world to the other." During His reign "all His enemies will fall at His feet" and they will render Him their vassalage. His Church will be gloriously triumphant.
          The private messages and prophecies we present, as a continuation, agree perfectly, in every detail, with the texts of the prophets who are quoted hereafter. Let me reiterate, the purification of the world should not be confused with the "final judgment" about which the Bible tells us not even the angels of heaven know the date.

          That which is announced is not the end of the world (it cannot be announced) but a judgment of nations, a minor judgment, as the Message of Heede, Germany, warns us of a miniature judgment as Theresa Neumann also announced.

We confirm this assertation with the ensuing texts foretelling "a great chastisement" coming upon the world, after which there will remain a small number of inhabitants who will enjoy a great peace and who will truly form the real people of God, continuing to invoke Him.

Isaias 24:1-6. The thought of the prophet is: because the earth has been profaned by its inhabitants it will be devastated and there will only remain a few people upon it.
          This small number of survivors is reflected in the following imagery telling us that because of the punishment which shall overcome the world, "it shall be thus in the midst of the earth, in the midst of the earth, in the midst of the people, as if a few olives, that remain, should be shaken out of the olive tree: or grapes, when the vintage is ended." (Isaias 24:13) Therefore, there will remain some inhabitants after the great catastrophe, even though only a few, it is, nevertheless, an evident sign that it is not the end of the world.

          Isaias 66: 15-16; 19 and 23. There are many who doubt that the Gospel has been preached to all the world. However, it is one thing to have the Gospel preached and quite another to have it accepted. Therefore, the words of Christ, "And this Gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world, for a testimony to all nations, and then shall the consummation come." (St. Matt. 24:14) will be fully accomplished after the world catastrophe, or judgment of the nations, announced by the prophets, conforming to the words of Isaias. Then, too, all will be fulfilled as our Lord said: "And there shall be one fold and one shepherd." (Eze. 37:24; St. John 10:16)

                                    Sophonias 1:14-17; 3:8-9, 13. Please note that after this judgment some survivors do remain, invoking the name of God, so it is therefore quite clear that if there are some survivors, after he executes His just sentence upon the nations, on the "day of the Lord," it cannot be the end of the world. One is very different from the other.

          Zacharias 13:8-9. "And there shall be in all the earth, saith the Lord, two parts in it shall be scattered, and shall perish: But the third Part shall be left therein.
          And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined; and I will try them as gold is tried. They shall call on My name, and I will hear them. I will say: Thou art My people: and they shall say: The Lord is my God."

          Note, that in the above text, there is to come a great chastisement over the earth, where only a third part remains and that they will be purified and will continue to invoke the name of God.

          Other parts of the Bible likewise confirm that once the universe is renewed, it will serve as the scene of human life. (II St. Peter 3:10-13)

          We could continue to cite many other texts about the same theme of the judgment of the nations, where the wicked will perish, however, it is sufficient to give the preceding to demonstrate that the universal judgment, which will be public, social and collective, against the nations, is not the final judgment nor the end of the world.
          A modern Scripture scholar, Fr. Garcia Ramos, C.M.F., has given us a clarification about this question: "As there are two ways of judging the dead, the personal and the universal so, also, there are two kinds of judgments of the living which are the same, the personal and the universal, according to which the Lord punishes a single nation (the day of the Lord against Egypt, against Jerusalem, against Babylonia, etc.) and that of all nations and peoples collectively at the same time."

          The universal judgment of the living we simply call universal judgment and that of the dead is called the final judgment. The final judgment of the dead is postponed for another time, the end of the world.

          The distinction is already expressed in the dogmatic formula: "And He will come again to judge the living and the dead," which is seen various times in Holy Scriptures. (Acts 10:42; II Tim. 4:1; I Peter 4:5)

          Now, we shall present a very interesting prophecy about Jerusalem and some of the evangelical texts containing words of Jesus Christ which seemingly refer to the last times omitting those which make a full reference to the end of the world.

TIMES OF ANGUISH (St. Matt. 24; St. Mark 13; St. Luke 21)

THE GREAT TRIBULATION (St. Matt. 24:21-24; St. Mark 13: 19-22) "For in those days shall be such tribulations as were not from the beginning of the creation which God created until now, neither shall be. And unless the Lord had shortened the days, no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect which He hath chosen, He hath shortened the days … for there shall rise up false christs and false prophets, and they shall show signs and wonders, to seduce (if it were possible) even the elect."

The "elect," without a doubt, are the "remnant" who are left on earth and who will be preserved by God from death during the great catastrophe or judgment of the nations.

 How will this tribulation be for men? Jesus Christ has already told us: "such as hath not been from the beginning of the world until now, neither shall be." St. John, in the Apocalypse, speaks to us about the seven trumpets that are like divine commands, which will bring upon the world those calamities God uses to exercise His judgments. We are told that the chastisements are so great "upon those who have not the sign of God on their foreheads" that their "torment was as the torment of a scorpion when he striketh a man" and that "in those days men shall seek death, and shall not find it: and they shall desire to die, and death shall fly from them." (Apoc. 9: 5-6)
          "Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth: by reason of the rest of the voices of the three angels, who are yet to sound the trumpet." (Apoc. 8:13)

          These will be followed by cosmic catastrophies, hard and calamitous times, "And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, by reason of the confusion of the roaring of the sea and of the waves; men withering away for fear, and expectation of what shall come upon the whole world. For the powers of heaven shall be moved." (St. Luke 21: 25-26)

          In the predictions of Jesus Christ there appears the revelation of two events intertwined; the destruction of Jerusalem and the universal ruin at the end of the times. The first was simply a pale image of the terrible desolation that comes later. If the prophecy about Jerusalem was fulfilled, we should surely believe that all the other things Jesus predicted will be fulfilled, too.

          EXHORTATION CONCERNING VIGILANCE (St. Luke 17: 26-30; 21: 34-36)

          "And as it came to pass in the days of Noe, so shall it be in the days of the Son of man. They did eat and drink, they married wives, and were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark; and the flood came and destroyed them all.

          "Likewise as it came to pass in the days of Lot: they did eat and drink, they bought and sold, they planted and built. And in the day that Lot went out of Sodom; it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man shall be revealed.

          "And take heed to yourselves, lest perhaps your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting and drunkenness, and the cares of this life, and that day come upon you suddenly. For as a snare shall it come upon all that sit upon the face of the whole earth.

          "Watch ye therefore, praying at all times, that you may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that are to come, and to stand before the Son of man."

Jesus Christ announced to His apostles, referring to the destruction of Jerusalem, that "when you shall see Jerusalem compassed about with an army; then know that the desolation thereof is at hand. Then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains; and those who are in the midst thereof, depart out: and those who are in the countries, not enter into it." (St. Luke 21: 20-21)

          The Christians, of Jerusalem, who had taken into account this prophecy, left the holy city before its downfall, retiring to Pella on the other side of the Jordan, and so were saved. However, when Jesus Christ refers to the great chastisement which is to burst upon the world, He simply tells us that it will come suddenly, without warning, "in that hour we least expect" and for this reason we should be prepared everyday. We should be even more prepared when we see the foretold signs because, "the day of the Lord shall come as a thief; in which the heavens shall pass away with great violence, and the elements shall be melted with heat, and the earth and the works which are in it, shall be burnt up. Seeing then that all these things are to be dissolved, what manner of people ought you be in holy conduct and godliness. Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of the Lord …?" (II St. Peter3:10-12)


I Thessalonians 5:1-3 II Thessalonians 2:1-12 One of the characteristics of the "last times" will be the general apostasy. The apostasy will be a religious defection, a separation or a seduction brought to a head by false messiahs …

          The "man of sin" is the Antichrist whose triumph will lead men to an apostasy, "the mystery of iniquity already worketh," which is working in the world disguised in discord and confusion. Actually, at the present time, one can note the infiltration of an apostasy everywhere and it is aided by the attitude of so-called Christians who are surrendering to error instead of defending the dogmatic truths of their faith and who are accommodating themselves, in their thinking, to a rationalized world, heeding theories that kill their faith.

          … But the worst of all, is that many of the apostates, for the large part, are staying within the Church (II Tim. 3:1-7) and infecting others. (Gal. 5:9)

          A most impressive announcement of Christ about the defection from the faith, despite the promise of His assistance to the Church until the consummation of the centuries, is: "But yet the Son of man, when He cometh, shall He find, think you, faith on earth?" (St. Luke 18:8) … And directly connected to the above another equally important announcement of His: "And because iniquity hath abounded, the charity of many shall grow cold." (St. Matt. 24:12)

                       II TIMOTHY 3:1-5; 4:2-4.

II ST. PETER 2:1-2; 3:1-13.

          "But we look for new heavens and a new earth according to His promises, in which justice dwelleth."

I ST. JOHN 2:18-23; II ST. JOHN 1:7

 … "This is Antichrist, who denieth the Father and the Son.
          … Many are now actually falling into error, but they are those who never sincerely adhered to the truth of the faith.

          ST. JUDE 1:8, 12-21

          …"Now of these Enoch also, the seventh from Adam prophecied, saying: Behold, the Lord cometh with thousands of His saints. To execute judgment upon all, and to reprove all the ungodly …"


           1) St. Augustine, in his Commentary on the 7th Psalm, says:"There will be few with pure and sincere faith among the Christians," adding "The antichrist will be seated in the temple, that is, in the Church, as if the people of God were formed of a multitude of the impious."

            2) St. Ephraim, in his treatise "Of the Consummation of the Century," assures that "when the Antichrist comes the apostasy of the century will be completed."

 3) St. Hippolytus (martyr of the III Century) in his treatise "Of the Consummation of the World," recognizes that "the seduction will fill the entire world;’ that the deserted city of Isaias, Chapter 1, is the Church; then the pastors will be converted into wolves until the end when all will believe in the Antichrist.

          … The results we obtain from these texts and commentaries show us that in the epoch of the end of the times there will be very little faith and that very few will still persevere. Therefore, disorder and dissention will reign due to the ambition and the spirit of pride men will possess which carries in itself the confusion of ideas.

          The apostasy will be general and this will be caused by habits’ more than doctrines, since the Apostles tell us of the abundance of concupiscence of the heart which will be produced by a corrupting naturalism causing the faith to cool. There will not be any life of piety, but only men with an exterior or outward appearance of virtue who will, in fact, be far from God.

Here ends the commentary from Rev. Sanchez.

43.                                GARABANDAL, SPAIN 1960-1965

(The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared many times to four girls and gave them Messages for the world.)

THE WARNING: " Three great supernatural events were prophecied at Garabandal. The first is a worldwide Warning from God to be seen and then felt interiorly by everyone on earth. At that moment we will see the wrong we’ve done and the good we failed to do. The Warning will be sent to correct the conscience of the world and prepare it for the great Miracle

          THE MIRACLE: The Miracle will take place at the grove of pine trees on a bluff overlooking the village of Garabandal. It will occur on a Thursday evening at 8:30 on or between the eighth and the sixteenth of March, April or May. (Visionary Conchita Gonzalez Keena knows the date and will announce it eight days in advance.) It will be on the feastday of a martyr of the Eucharist and coincide with an event in the Church. All those either in the village or on the surrounding mountains will see it. The sick who are present will be cured, sinners converted and the incredulous will believe. As a result of the Miracle, Russia will be converted

          THE "SIGN": After the Miracle, a permanent visible supernatural "sign" will remain at the pines until the end of time.

          THE CHASTISEMENT: If the world still does not change after The Miracle, then God will send the Chastisement.


Imprimi Potest – Sac. J. Gaudze, Superior M.F.

          FIRST MESSAGE, Monday, March 24, 1969: "These two things shall not be attained until later. That is to say, the peace of the world and the unification of My church shall not be achieved until I come once more among men. Not until I return once again to teach them of what spirit they all should be … do you understand?

          "For this same reason, do not expect these two things to be achieved by accepting any propositions or arrangements which may be suggested to you, soliciting your collaboration with those who are outside My Church. Yield no acceptance whatsoever! Accept none of their suggestions! Because all of those who approach you to propose alliances of progress and prosperity, are either in error or incited (impelled) by the evil spirit. The spirit of evil prods them on.

          "All of you have permitted My enemy to enter My Church. THE BARK OF PETER flounders on the sea of human life. It may seem as though I am asleep. But it is not so … I am not asleep. On the contrary, I keep constant watch over My Beloved Spouse (the Church) to whom I have promised Eternal Life. My Church can achieve its mission completely either with few souls or with many. This is so because I do not seek My own glory which I already possess Eternally; and of which no one can deprive Me. But, it is you … you human beings … whom I desire to save from the snares of the devil.

          "Before the time of the harvest arrives, I order, I command that you do two things: see to it that the modern Masses shall immediately cease; and, return to the Canon decreed in the Council of Trent by Pius V

          "Return to the primitive fountains of the Church. Restore the Christian and religious customs among seculars and religious, and repent, all of you who belong to the Hierarchy of My Church! All of you who have apostasized and have become traitors, repent and retrace your steps to the right way! And, of course, this must be done immediately!

          "To come to Me is to confess humbly that MY DOCTRINE IS HOLY AND THAT IT DOES NOT NEED REFORMS, that My Church is divine, and that all must come to her bosom if they wish to be saved eternally. It means to confess her royal dignity which shines through Me, from Peter to My present Vicar, my much loved Paul VI.

          "They must obey him! Let them not pressure him, nor exact from him reforms for My Church!

          "My Church is holy and I remain permanently in her, even though there should remain in her only one single man who would know how to observe My doctrine purely and completely. My Church has rules of life to which all of you must subject yourselves in humble submission.

          "Demagogy, astuteness, error and falsehood are contained in all the so-called sociological techniques proposed by the innovators, who are fighting to supplant My doctrine and My Church.

          "All of these are brimming over with satanic evil, the evil which the spirit of satan has infiltrated into them. Because I love you I reveal the truth to all of you. This is to help you to liberate yourselves from the demon. However, if they persist in their obstinacy in allowing themselves to be carried away by the craftiness of the demon, because he coddles their passions, I will let them fall very soon! Because, all who attempt to surpass their God will be cast down to the infernal abyss, where falsehood and dissolution reign and where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth for all eternity

           "But now, I still invite all: Come to me, all of you!"

THE MARIAN MESSAGE: "Both He and I desire that all of you should fight even as Michael and his angels are fighting at present, against your enemies, who are the fallen angels. For, according to the divine plan, they have been granted the permission to try human beings. Therefore, you, my children, MUST ALSO FIGHT, while withdrawing yourselves from DECEITFUL PASTORS AND FALSE PROPHETS.

          "Insist, my daughter, in telling women that they must be modest, and they must cast aside indecency in dress, in customs, in words, and in their thoughts. On the contrary, if they should act otherwise, on the last day I shall not be able to obtain for them the grace of repentance. But at the present time, certainly they will obtain it if they listen to my words and obey my Son and His Vicar."

          JESUS: "… And the definitions which have been (decreed) from other centuries and which have been approved must not be abrogated nor changed. Let Paul VI speak the truth to the face of the world and let him confess that they have pressured him and obligated him into many present-day definitions which he in his heart has not accepted.

 "… Paul VI suffers! Do not leave him alone in his prison. Go in search of him! Take him out of there to a safe place where he may be able to speak freely, according to the motion and light of My Spirit. Then you shall see that he is loyal to My doctrine and that his soul overflows with charity emanated from My heart."

           "… Tell them it is repugnant to me that they receive Holy Communion standing and without reverence. Tell them that I am offended by those who receive Holy Communion cynically, giving bad example, by the women who approach with heads uncovered and naked bodies! …nor should they receive the Last Blessing unless they are kneeling!"
          "… I speak to many souls just as I talk to you; and I reveal to them the intimate agonies of My love. I make revelations to many, and they prophesy for me, regarding the disaster which the works of the world will bring down upon mankind. I also mention the love of My heart which desires to defend everyone. I manifest Myself to many souls as I do to you."


45.                                              NECEDAH, WISCONSIN

(The following excerpts are taken from the introductory pages of Vol. III and Vol.      IV of Henry Swan’s 4 volume work, My Work with Necedah.)

          FOREWORD: Our Holy Mother, the Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ, has through Mary Ann Van Hoof given certain work and facts, the purpose of which I do not know. I do know that the Revelations given change the entire world picture from that given to the people through the press, radio and television.

          The cunning and basic plot for the control of the world has come down through the ages. It is of the devil, of the Anti-Christ. It has, in part or in its entirety, been adopted by groups or even by individual dictators, whose ambition was world control and world power. In its adoption by each one of these groups, it has been furthering the plan of those by whom it was first conceived.

          Lenin and Marx in their plan for Communist control adopted it in its entirety. It is so diabolical, so cunning, so ruthless that those who have had an opportunity to read and study this plan can hardly believe that it could be conceived by a human mind. It is so well disguised, so cleverly hidden and the paths leading to the Central Plot and those behind made so complicated that in trying to trace back to ‘those behind the plot, most get lost in the labyrinths where these devious paths lead them, and never get to the center of it.

 …    I asked Mary Ann if in any of her work the answer had been given as to who was behind this Plot from the beginning. She said: "It all started with 30 pieces of silver." In that very simple statement lies the answer to both of those questions and more. Those behind the Plot are the descendants of those who crucified Christ when He was here on earth, and have ever since that time been trying to destroy His Teachings and His Church.
          …Russia is the seat of Communism today. Communism is controlled by the Jews and is only a tool that they use to achieve their purposes. The Russian Revolution was planned many years as part of this Yiddish Talmudic Plot, many years before it successfully took place. As early as 1900 they were infiltrating. Part of their plan was, as usual, to destroy and create situations which the Government could not handle and thus cause unrest and dissatisfaction among the people. When people are dissatisfied with their Government, then conditions are ripe for revolution and a change.

          Russian Cossacks, horsemen of the Russian plains, were hired as paid Revolutionists. They created great terror among the people with their raiding, their cruel and inhuman treatment, murdering grownups and children alike in their cruel raids. The fact that the Government wasn’t able to cope with this situation although they tried was one of the reasons the people were looking for a change.  The Cossacks were able to dominate completely the Ukraine in White Russia, which is the wheat raising area, the breadbasket of Russia.

       While this was going on, Lenin and other Revolutionists were demanding the overthrow of the government which permitted those conditions to exist. The Czar and the Government were innocent and were trying to control things; in fact, the Czar, a good man, recognized what was going on, but was unable to control the situation.
          … This great Plot was and is of necessity very complex. However, certain things are elementary. The public opinion must be led in the channels of thinking that they desire. We must be subjected to propaganda and kept from the truth. In this the Plot has been very successful. Our newspapers and press services are controlled. Many, many things are kept from the people, many are distorted and changed to fit best the purposes of the plotters. One of the main means of controlling the expression of opinions that might be detrimental to their cause or their plans is by means of controlled advertising. No newspapers or periodical can exist without advertising, so by means of threats to shut off advertising they can dictate editorial policies. They can handle that very nicely because they control the national advertising. Many papers in the Democratic South came out in support of Dwight Eisenhower for President due to this Pressure.

          The depression which started with the market crash of 1929 was created to serve a purpose. Many of the newspapers, news services and magazines were bought up at that time as they were in financial trouble. Control of some were bought up for about five cents on the dollar of actual valuation. Radio, television and all means of communication are controlled. Some of our radio newscasters are among the male prostitutes who have sold themselves for a price. Their analysis of news directs the thinking of many, many people. Even false polls of one kind of another are used to influence public opinion. For instance, many people like to be able to pick a winner when they vote, and sometimes can be influenced in their vote by false polls.

          Many items of news that could be harmful are stifled completely and never get into the news at all. The true story of Pearl Harbor has never been given to the public in the news. Pearl Harbor had been arranged to create an incident which would involve us into the war. These facts were revealed in the Work here. Kimmel and Short were made the goats, were accused of inefficiency and being derelict to their duties, but it was only to keep any suspicion from falling on those who were actually guilty. Exactly how many had guilty knowledge and had been in on the intrigue regarding Pearl Harbor, I do not know, but of these I do know as they are given in the Work. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was guilty in every way. He helped with arrangements, so was guilty of murder of those who lost their lives there. Harry L. Hopkins made some of the arrangements. This is a direct quote from the Work: "Scrap material and scrap iron was sent in great quantities to Japan first before the war. Also concealed under the scrap material was much new material of war, all ready to be used for the Pearl Harbor deal. All this was planned long in advance.

"Cordell Hull, Sinclair, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Louis D. Brandeis, Harry L. Hopkins, Harold Ickes, George C. Marshall, II L. Stimson, Walter Bedell Smith – all knew about it and helped to promote it to a greater or lesser degree … Pearl Harbor was a great disappointment to them because there were too many survivors. It was supposed to be a complete massacre, like Custer’s last stand."

… The news coverage and propaganda on Korea was the same. In the first place, the Korean Police Action, as it was called, to cover up the fact that we had been engaged in an illegal war by order of the President instead of by Declaration as provided for in the Constitution of the United States, was a disastrous War which served its purpose in the great world plot. It was designed to weaken us, to syphon off the manpower of this Christian Nation. It is to make us more susceptible when the time comes for our final destruction. Again Great Britain and their friend Russia were in complete agreement, as were the traitors in our own Country. Neither Russia nor Great Britain sustained any losses in achieving their purpose. We lost 150,000, the cream of our young men. They were not permitted to go in and win the war as they could have done, but were forced to fight according to the rules of our enemies, Russia and Great Britain. Our supposed Ally, Great Britain, was getting Lend Lease material from the United States as our Ally, and re-selling it to Russia to be thrown back at our soldiers by the Red Chinese, Allies of Russia. It was the greatest disgrace to which this Country was ever exposed, and it was all done with full knowledge and support by many in our government.
          … General McArthur was called back to this Country in disgrace because he wanted to go ahead and win the War instead if seeing our boys slaughtered off in useless combat, in a War not supposed to be won. When he got here he was silenced by threats of reprisal against himself and his family and was finally bribed off by a big paying job. He could tell many things if he would talk.

The serpent is the symbolic snake of Judaism. It has been mentioned in the revelations on several occasions.

… They will strike at our most important cities first, the industrial centers. They have succeeded in ousting our Senator (Joe McCarthy)out of his work, they tied his hands. The Serpent blinded many of their eyes during the investigation.
          … As early as 929 B.C., according to the records of Secret Jewish Zionism, Solomon and other Jewish learned men thought out a scheme in theory for powerful conquest of the whole universe by Zion. As history developed the scheme was worked out in detail. These learned men decided by peaceful means to conquer the world for Zion, with the slyness of the symbolic Snake. The head of the snake was to represent those who had been initiated into the plan, the body represented the Jewish people. The secret was always kept from the Jewish people. This snake has penetrated, devoured and destroyed nations all through history. It has been done largely by infiltration and economic control.

          Many small nations have been subdued entirely by economic conquest. The plot calls for bringing about moral corruption and degeneration by any and all means, including the sacrificing of many of their own people

          A map of the course of the Symbolic Snake is shown as follows: Its first stage in Europe was in 429 BC in Greece where, about the time of Pericles, the snake started eating into the power of that country. Rome was next in the time of Charles V in 1552 AD. …

          The head of the Snake appeared over St. Petersburg in 1881. England and Germany were to be spared economically until the conquest of Russia was complete.

          … The statement about sports and funnies was intentional because it is part of the plan that people shall become so interested in those things that their attention is diverted away from the real issues. It is much easier to take over a people who are so occupied with inconsequential things that they haven’t any time even to notice that their freedoms are being destroyed and they are becoming the slaves of their own controlled Government.
          … I know as sure as I sit here and write that the big cry will go and the big smear against this book will start as soon as some of the Big Zionists get their hands on it. The agonized cry of anti-Semitism will surely go forth, but let it be known here and now that for the Jews that are being victimized by their leaders I have nothing but sympathy. I do not want to see any persecution of innocent people. They have been victimized down through the Centuries and all through no fault of their own. The average Jew is no more guilty of the policies of their so-called Learned Elders than are you and I of the policies of our State Department, policies which are also aimed at our destruction. This statement in the Protocols in itself absolves the Jewish people of guilt. The head of the snake was to represent those who had been initiated into the plan, the body represented the Jewish people. … The secret has always been kept from the Jewish people."


46.                  1970 TO 1995 – BAYSIDE, NY "THE LOURDES OF AMERICA"
                                    JESUS AND MARY SPEAK TO THE WORLD
                                              THROUGH VERONICA LUEKEN

BACKGROUND STORY: Veronica Lueken, the seer of Bayside, is a wife and mother of five children. She is in her late fifties and lives on Long Island, New York. The story of her heavenly visitations goes back to the year 1968 when St. Theresa, the Little Flower, appeared to her and gave her poems and sacred writings by dictation.

          Our Lady herself appeared to Veronica in her home on April 7, 1970, informing her that She would appear on the grounds of the old St. Robert Bellarmine Church in Bayside on June 18, 1970; that vigils of prayer be held there, and that full directions be given to the clergy of the parish to prepare for Our Lady’s first visit there. Our Lady also requested that a Shrine and Basilica be erected on this Her chosen Sacred Site, which is to be named "Our Lady of the Roses, Mary, Help of Mothers." She promised to come on the eve of the great feast days of the Church. A miraculous spring of water will erupt suddenly, like at Lourdes, to cure the ill.

THE WARNING: On April 21, 1973, Veronica experienced the coming Warning while in ecstasy: "It’s as though everything has exploded in the sky. There is a great flash! Then it’s very hot – very warm – and it feels like you’re burning. There is a huge explosion, and the sky becomes very white … and then there are colors – blues, purples … Finally, there is a voice within you: Your warning before the Chastisement. Flash, fire, and the voice within you."

          "Man will feel that the power of the elements have shaken the very foundations of his being. The impact of this Warning from the Father will be so great that none will doubt that it came from Him … It will be a major awakening for many. The rumbling and the shaking of the elements will set fright into many hearts … Hearts will shudder with fear and men will drop from fright … Many signs of an angry God will appear before you…"

          WORLD WAR III: Our Lady showed Veronica in vision a map. Veronica saw Jerusalem and Egypt, Arabia, French Morocco, and Africa. Our Lady – "The start of the Third World War, My child … O My children, the Great War, the war to end all wars … will bring a destruction to mankind far greater than any human eye has ever seen or experienced in the past, or will ever see or experience again in the future. If My Son had not promised to come among you in this great catastrophe, there would be no living flesh left."
          (The message says if there are not enough prayers, ¾ of mankind will perish in the Chastisement. Only a few will be saved.)

          RUSSIA – SCOURGE OF MANKIND: "O My children, I warned you many years ago, I warned you at Fatima, that unless you prayed and you did penance, Russia and the agents of the Sickle and the Hammer would go throughout the world, cutting down nations, and bringing death, destruction and slavery! …"

 THE WORLD COMET-STRUCK: Our Lady showed Veronica a large globe. On one side, she was shown Asia and Africa involved in a great war. Then Veronica saw the United States and Canada, and South America. Then she saw a huge ball – like a sun burning – it has behind it a trail – tail of fire – fast heading to earth – twirling, great heat – cities on fire – all the lights out – people running and falling – looking for candles. The air is heavy and stagnant – a lack of oxygen – candles will not light – it is very dark. The ball is turning and twirling very fast in the sky – spewing out great particles of dust – choking dirt falling – large rocks begin to fall. People run in all directions – no place to run – waves start to rise very high, flowing over the land – New York – the comet flashing…
          SATAN WALKS THE EARTH NOW!!!: "The major demon from hell, Satan, now has entered into the body of one in your country … The man of perdition (2 Thess. 2:3) is Satan --- 666" – (Apoc. 13:18) (the main force, the main individual spirit of 666) in the body of a human being … He is roaming throughout your states, making new covens of iniquity … He has entered into the schools; he is teaching the occult … He has great powers (the powers of hell), and will entice your children into the covens…"
          ROCK MUSIC AND DRUGS: "The spread of drugs was for reason to bring down the morale, and to give your children over to Satan. … Recordings known as rock and roll … are the major instrument for leading your children into the plague, the country wide plague of drugs … They put into your child a spell, a hypnotism leading to promiscuity, deviant sex, homosexuality, drugs, murders, abortions, and all manner of foul deeds …"

          Heaven’s discourses to Veronica Lueken also cover the following Subjects: The One World Government and One World Religion, the Anti-Christ Infiltration of Governments, Schools, Medias, Ecumenism, the Anti-Christ Plot to Place an Antipope on the Seat of Peter, Increases of Natural Disturbances and Catastrophes, the Appearance of New Cults and False Christs, Euthanasia, Test Tube Babies, UFOs, Witchcraft, Rock Music, Astrology and Reincarnation, Women’s Liberation, Modernism and the So-called new Theology, False Prophets, the so-called Charismatic Renewal, etc.
          Our Lady’s counsel to those who wish to be saved: Live a life of prayer, penance and sacrifice. Give up worldly living and amusements. Remain in your parish church as an example of truth and tradition. However, do not accept the modern changes which are from Satan. Receive the Eucharist daily if possible. Make frequent visits to the Blessed Sacrament. pray the Rosary daily. Read the Bible (editions before 1964). Wear the Brown Scapular and other sacramentals. Keep the statues in your homes. Spread the Message of Heaven, and await the imminent return of Christ to earth. 82 is the year of the Countdown. Armageddon is now!

          The Blessed Mother instructed that her messages be disseminated throughout the world. Signs are given to those who come with faith. many miraculous photos have been taken by pilgrims during the Vigils using cameras producing on the spot ‘tamper-proof’ developments. Rosaries have changed from a natural metallic color to a gold color, and in some cases to the actual substance of gold, the substance of gold having been verified by jewelers. Other miraculous phenomena observed by pilgrims during Vigils include the spinning sun like at Fatima and the flight of luminous doves. Numerous testimonials are presently available upon request.

          The Blessed Mother requests the faithful to come in pilgrimage to join in the prayers at the Vigils and Holy Hours to petition Heaven for graces of conversion and cure for themselves and their families. Should it be impossible for you to come and pray and petition Our Lady yourself, then you may send in your special private intention by mail, and it will be placed at Our Lady’s feet during the Vigil.

Our Lady has directed that rose petals blessed by Jesus on the Apparition grounds be distributed to the ill of body and those in spiritual need. The grace and power of conversion and cure is attached to these rose petals and all sacramentals brought onto the grounds to be blessed by Jesus and Mary.

We invite you to take advantage of the graces offered to you by Jesus and Mary today. Write to the following address to receive these urgent Messages from Heaven and the above-mentioned items: Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers Shrine, c/o Arthur, Box 52, Bayside, New York, 11361.

TIMING OF THE WARNING: Jesus: " … I give you one indication that the time is ripe: When you see, when you hear, when you hear, when you feel the revolution in Rome; when you see the Holy Father fleeing, seeking a refuge in another land, know that the time is ripe." Sept. 14, 1976 

THE MIRACLE: On December 24, 1973, Our Lady spoke to Veronica about the Miracle -- "The Warning which will be sent upon man must be effective. And in the mercy of the Father, a great spectacle will then be placed in the sky for all to see. However, the agents of hell will try to prove – disprove the hand of the Father in this Miracle."
          "You must cleanse your souls of all sin, mortal and venial. Come to My Son in belief. Believe what you’ll see at Garabandal, and turn back from your ways that have been created by Satan."

 THE WAR: Jesus, February 1, 1972 "Be ye warned that houses will blow in the wind and skin will dry up and blow off the bones as though it has never been! Hasten and listen. You are receiving one of the final warnings to be given to the world before the cataclysms come upon you!"

A MASSIVE WORLD MONETARY DEPRESSION:  Our Lady, September 7, 1985 “My child and my children, the days will grow darker, and there will be hunger in your land. Yes, My child, what I brought you here for this evening is to tell the world that there will be a crash in the monetary doings of your government – an absolute crash that will affect every man, woman, and child in the United States and Canada, and then, like a serpent, creep all over Europe, until the world sees one big, massive depression.  I can illustrate to you, My children, what I mean by this monetary depression.      Should you go and wish to buy a small instrument, even a guitar, that We hear plucking away at the dervishly, and devilry, of what is called the musical Mass, strung by guitars, and other creations of satan.  My child, I go on to tell you, you will say that the guitar is not a costly item, but in order to buy this guitar you will carry an actual satchel, an overnight bag – size, My child – let Us put it that way clearly – of notes, your currency.  It will take a whole suitcase of paper – paper money that no longer has a value.  You will soon be reduced to bartering for your food.  My child, I know you are affrighted at this word ‘war’; ‘death’, ‘turmoil’, ‘depression’, but what can I do but tell you the truth.  I cannot smooth over it, for I would be accepted like those upon earth who like ostriches, they walk about proud in their scientific knowledge.”

EVIL FORCE LIKE AN OCTOPUS:  Our Lady, June 24, 1976 “There is a great evil force now enshrouding your world; it is like an octopus reaching out in every direction to ensnare the world.  It is a force of evil set up by Satan.  There are many arms of the octopus controlled by the monies of the world.  For the love of money and riches, many will sell their souls to get to the head.  O My children, what do you gain if you gather all of the riches of the world and destroy your soul.  When you come over the veil, and you will come over the veil, what will you bring with you – nothing of the material.  You must gather your riches in Heaven now.  They are supernatural:  the graces, the merits that will allow you to enter into the Kingdom of your God.”

THE ILLUMINATI:  Our Lady, November 25, 1978  “There is a group in the United States and the world, a group that started many years ago, calling itself the Illuminati, coming from the word ‘light bearer’.  Naturally, My children, this light that they bear stands for Lucifer, and as such they have gone through the world secretly known as Luciferians.  They have brought into your country, the United States, and your neighbor Canada, a group of witchcraft practices.  Well have they laid their plan to destroy your children with drugs, using your school systems, your medias of communication, your newspapers, your television, your radios:  every means of communication has been infiltrated by the member and sub-members of the Illuminati, a conglomeration of individuals and powers and principalities throughout the world, and banking systems.  As you well know, My children, money has always been the root of all evil, and many have sold their souls to get to the head.

STORE CANNED GOODS, WATER, AND BLANKETS:  Our Lady, July 1, 1985  “My children, I caution you know, and I wish that you remember these instructions from several years ago in earth’s time that I gave to you, to keep in your homes a good supply of canned goods.  They have shelf value, My children, they will not spoil.  But better that you keep them and they spoil than to have come upon you the great Chastisement.  It will be a ball of fire which will ignite many of the chemicals that are being stored up for the destruction of the nations.  My children, not only with the canned foods you will store just food, but you must also make known to your families and your friends that they had best keep blankets and water in tight containers; for there will be on the onset of the Chastisement, they will be nothing that you can buy due to contamination.”

            THE BROWN SCAPULAR: Our Lady, October 2, 1975 "The Scapular must be worn by all. It will be your badge of courage, and your hope in a discordant world and generation that has set itself onto the road to perdition."

             Our Lady, December 7, 1976 "America, your country the United States, a land of plenty, has never witnessed mass slaughter and death, but, My children, unless – and I say unless you turn back now, your country will witness death such as never has gripped the hearts of man before, a terror brought about by the knowledge that there has been a rejection of truth, a rejection of your God."

              EARTHQUAKES, FAMINE, STARVATION: Our Lady, May 30, 1981 "Earthquakes in your country, the United States, extending up through Canada, earthquakes in places never before known to exist, or the possibility of. And they will know it comes but from the hand of God. Famine, starvation, your crops will rot. The heart will burn, the cattle will starve. And why? Because you refuse to turn back, complacent in your arrogance."

A GREAT PLAGUE: Our Lady, April 5, 1975 "The children are the true victims of their elders. The example given to them is poor. Many children shall be removed from the world. My child. It will be necessary for the salvation of their souls. It will be a great plague."

TELEVISION: Our Lady, September 27, 1975 "I have, many times, cautioned you and all My children against the use of the diabolical machine, your television. There will be no excuses accepted for having these in your presence. They are destroyers of the soul and corruptors of the mind. They take you from your moments of meditation; they take you from reading the words of the Good Book, your Bible. They present to you a way of life that is not akin to the way of God. "

IMMODEST DRESS: Our Lady, July 21, 1974 "Shorts, slacks, shall not be worn in the presence of My son! There will be no rationalizations accepted for the commission of these acts of impurity!"

WOMEN WILL SUFFER A GRIEVOUS BOIL: June 1, 1978 "Women of your nation and all of the nations of the world, the Eternal Father shall send a grievous boil upon you, for you have become unchaste, for you have become immodest, and you have cast aside your role as a woman, as a mother, and as a bearer of children for the Eternal Father in Heaven."

HELL: Our Lady, November 20, 1971 "They will enter hell as numerous as the snowflakes that fall from the heavens. Impress on all the existence of hell, My child. This they would deny. There are fires of hell. Those fires will engulf those who have lost their chastity and modesty, led by modernism to expose their bodies, the temples of the Spirit, to ridicule and sin. The flames will burn every inch that has been exposed!"

ALL DESCENDED FROM ADAM AND EVE: Our Lady, July 25, 1978 "And shout it from the rooftops that man of science is wasting his time seeking life on another planet. There is no life! Were it not so, the Eternal Father would have given you prophets to write down and discourse with you upon this life. the first man and woman created were Adam and Eve, and all descended from them."

THE NEW CATECHISMS: Our Lady, May 29, 1976 "The catechisms, My children … we find abominations, lies, and sinfulness abounding in these books. Your children, their minds are being corrupted and destroyed. The eyes are the mirror of the soul! Each parent has an obligation to children to remove these diabolical books from his schools!"

APOSTLES OF THE LATTER DAYS: Our Lady, August 4, 1979 "I ask all to become apostles of these last days because it will be necessary for man to understand and acknowledge the supremacy of his God in Heaven. I ask that all who have been born into and baptized into the True Faith to go forward as apostles of Light, disciples for Heaven in these latter days. The Knowledge must be given to those who cannot comprehend, who have hardened their hearts and closed their ears – the knowledge must be given to them – that My son is the Messiah: My Son has been upon Earth, and he shall return again as he ascended!"

PRAYER – PENANCE—ATONEMENT: Our Lady, February 11, 1971 "Your world is in darkness! Our House is in darkness! I roam, My children, throughout the world carrying the light; My steps grow heavy! The light is flickering! WON’T YOU LIGHT YOUR CANDLE WITH ME AND HELP US IN THIS WAR OF THE SPIRITS? PRAYER … SACRIFICE … ATONEMENT … Is this too much to ask of you?"

I GIVE YOU HOPE: Our Lady, August 21, 1971 "THIS HOPE I GIVE YOU, MY CHILDREN! It is that we will be triumphant over all evil in the final victory that will be ours. Then, we will restore this garden over to you as a place of paradise and love.

Through the dark days that lie ahead of you, keep in your heart the knowledge that one day My Son will return! We will all appear to you, My children, and be the ultimate in expectation, the realization of every dream and every victory that has been planned by the Father from the beginning of time!"

Jesus, September 28, 1971 "I GIVE YOU MY HEART, MY CHILDREN, for all who will join us in this battle. I hold deeply in my Heart all who will help us in this battle to save our children. We will reward you with the greatest of expectations. The greatest acknowledgement of your God would be to save His children."

"YOU CRUCIFY ME AGAIN … IN MY OWN CHURCH": February 1, 1978 "I gave My human life upon earth, and what have you done? You crucify Me again in My own House. My Church! You crucify those who stand in righteousness in My Church and cast them out, as you rebuild My church. For what? A Renewal?? And what are you renewing? Have you found fault with My way? Shall you create a new way of man? I say unto you, you blaspheme! You have cast yourself out of the light into the darkness, O Pastors!"

CHARISMATIC RENEWAL: Our Lady, May 28, 1977 "Pray, My children, that you do not fall into these errors … You must bring this message to the world! You must warn them now, My child, that they are being misled. The secret societies and the search for the Holy Spirit are entering into the realm of Satan! Too many are searching outside the House of God. You, My child, must make it known that the word you call ‘Pentecostals’ is not of God. It is an error."

ANNULMENTS: Jesus, May 3, 1978 "The Eternal Father has given mankind a set of rules, and in discipline they must be obeyed. It behooves Me to say that My heart is torn by the actions, the despicable actions of My clergy. I unite, as your God, man and woman into the holy state of matrimony. And what I have bound together no man must place asunder. And what do I see but broken homes, marriages dissolved through ANNULMENTS! It has scandalized your nation, and it is scandalizing the World. Woe to the teachers and leaders who scandalize the sheep!

COMMUNION IN THE HAND: Our Lady, February 10, 1978 "I ask you, My children – you ask Me, many times in your prayers, shall you accept My son’s Body in your hands? I say no, and no again for reason! You cannot judge all those about you, My children, who have accepted this diabolical practice under the guise of leadership. No, My children, this was brought about to desecrate My Son, to take from Him the truth of His Divine Nature. No one who hears My voice must accept My son’s Body and Blood in the hands!"

SCHOOLS: Our Lady, December 31, 1974 "There is much needed in change, We see, My children, in the schools – both your public schools and your private schools, -- even those who call themselves Catholic, they are Catholic, My children, in name only, for they have sold themselves for pieces of silver."

1985 BAYSIDE MESSAGES: Massive World Monetary Depression "My child and My children, the days will grow darker, and there will be hunger in your land. Yes, My child, what I brought you here for this evening is to tell the world that there will be a crash in the monetary doings of your government an absolute crash that will affect every man, woman, and child in the United States and Canada, and then, like a serpent, creep all over Europe, until the world sees one big, massive depression. I can illustrate to you, My children, what I mean by this monetary depression. Should you go and wish to buy a small instrument, … it will take a whole suitcase of paper – paper money that no longer has a value. You will soon be reduced to bartering for your food."

"Pray a constant vigilance of prayer. You have a good and holy Father now in Rome, but should he be removed there will come disaster."

CRUCIFIX TO GUARD ENTRANCES TO HOME: "I must reveal, My children, to the world again, that you are to keep a crucifix on your front door and your back door. All entrances to your home must be guarded by the crucifix."

STORE CANNED GOODS, WATER AND BLANKETS: "My children, not only with the canned foods will you store just food, but you also make known to your families and your friends that they had best keep blankets and water in tight containers; for there will be on the onset of the Chastisement, there will be nothing that you can buy due to contamination.

"Your homes are protected by a supernatural being, with St. Michael, the head of the armies from Heaven. Just as in the days of old, so will it be, My children, that there will be sent to you an angel of death, but in human form."

SUDDEN GREAT COLD TO COME: "Do not be afeared, My child; retain your crucifix on your doors. And keep your supply of earthly goods, though they are needed for your human body; the canned food, the candles, the water, and the blankets. A sudden cold shall come upon mankind, and many shall die from the cold."

RUSSIAN PLAN OF ATTACK FINALIZED: "At this very hour, on this very day, a plan has been built now in Russia to attack the United States and Canada. Satan, being at the controls, will soon have one who is possessed, and of, also, a major rank in the world today, to press that one little technical, technological wizard, not in human form but in mechanical form. Like a robot, this will go forth among the nations, and nations shall disappear from the earth in the short time of three to five minutes. Your country, the United States, and Canada, and most of the nations of the world now, are being lined up by Russia for major strikes."

NO VEHICLES FROM OTHER PLANETS: "While We speak of agents of hell, My child, I also wish that you make it knows that there are to vehicles coming from other planets – extraterrestrial vehicles. No, My child and My children; they are agents of hell in transport. Now you may ask, why must they be transported if they are spirits? Ahh, My child, this you may not understand. These are not ordinary spirits; these are the demons from hell: satan’s cohorts, and satan himself. He is also on one of the transports.”

ST. BENEDICT MEDAL – HIGHEST INDULGENCED: "My children, now that the time has grown shorter, the attacks shall be greater upon mankind. There will be accidents that are not accidents. Satan has a plan to eliminate the good. Do not be affrighted, My child or My children. You will wear your sacramentals. Specifically, We have asked you, and My Mother has asked you, to wear the Brown Scapular, and also a crucifix, and with that the highest indulgenced medal in the Church."
          Veronica – "And now Jesus is pointing up to the sky. And out in The sky there’s a huge St. Benedict medal, a huge one. Oh-h, it’s so plain. Oh-h."

"All of this armor was given to you throughout the years of mankind. And it was given for reason, for this very day now that is approaching."



AT FATIMA, PORTUGAL—1917: Jacinto Marto prophecied to Mother Godhino before she died: "It will seem as though it were already the end of the world. In this cataclysm everything will be separated from the sky – which will turn as white as snow."

          AT GARABANDAL, SPAIN: At various times from 1961 to 1965, Our Lady explained to Conchita Gonzales: "The WARNING will be a correction of the conscience of the world. … The WARNING will be like a revelation of our sins, and it will be seen and experienced equally by believers and non-believers and people of any religion whatsoever. … Dying is preferable to a mere five minutes of what is awaiting us. … It will be like fire. It will not burn our flesh, but we shall feel it with our body and in our soul! ALL NATIONS, EVERYONE – WILL FEEL IT. No one will be exempt."

          ON JUNE 8, 1974 – JACINTA MARTO APPEARED TO VERONICA AND SAID: "It is true that I gave a final message, but I, too, could not give the date – only to warn the world that a great warning would come to mankind. It would be a great cataclysm/warning, and then there would be a great miracle. And after that, If nothing changes and man continues to offend the father, He would have to start this terrible trial, for there will be a great war, and there will be a great, terrible chastisement!

          ON APRIL 5, 1975 – OUR LADY WARNED: "Know that a great warning will be sent upon mankind. All who remain in the light of grace will have no fear, they will pass through this great warning without suffering. I cannot promise you that none will die in this great warning. My child, for there will be death."

          ON SEPTEMBER 14, 1976, OUR LADY GAVE VERONICA A CLUE: "… I give you one indication in regard to the WARNING that the time is ripe when you see, when you hear, when you feel the revolution in Rome – when you see the Holy Father fleeing, seeking refuge in another land, know the time is ripe…"

          ON JUNE 12, 1976 – OUR LADY GAVE SOME VERY IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: "My child, you must pray more, do much penance, for The Warning is coming upon mankind. There will be a tremendous explosion and the sky shall roll back like a scroll. (Apocalypse 6:14) This force shall go within the very core of the human. He will understand his offenses to his God. However, this warning will be of short duration, and man shall continue upon Their road to perdition, so hard are the hearts now, My child.

"There will be tremendously high waves roaring and taking with them cities; buildings shall disappear from their moorings; the atmosphere shall spew forth currents of great heat; a darkness of spirit and a darkness of atmosphere shall settle in a deadly quiet upon mankind.

 "As the day follows night, so shall this warning follow soon. Beware of the sunrise! Do not look up to the sky, the flash! Beware of the sunrise – Do not look up to the sky, the flash! Close your windows! Draw your shades! Remain inside!! Do not venture outside your door, or you will not return!! PRAY, PROSTRATE YOURSELVES UPON YOUR FLOOR. PRAY WITH ARMS OUTSTRETCHED AND BEG FOR MERCY OF YOUR GOD, THE FATHER! Do not seek to receive your animals into your homes, for the animals of those who have remained of well spirit will be taken care of."

‘KEEP BLESSED CANDLES, WATER, BLANKETS, FOOD WITHIN YOUR HOMES! The candles of those who have remained in the state of grace shall not be extinguished, but the candles in the homes of those who have given themselves to Satan shall not burn!!!"

ON DECEMBER 24, 1973 – OUR LADY SPOKE TO VERONICA ABOUT THE MIRACLE: "The Warning which will be sent upon man must be effective. And in the mercy of the Father, a great spectacle will then be placed in the sky for all to see. However, the agents of Hell will try to prove – disprove the hand of the Father in this Miracle.
          "You must cleanse your souls of all sin, mortal and venial. Come to My son in belief. Believe what you’ll see at Garabandal, and turn back from Your ways that have been created by Satan. Return to the Father, do penance And atonement, for your Chastisement will soon follow upon the great spectacle. I bless you all, My children, as the Father blesses you with sad heart."The above message of Our Lady, speaks of "Garabandal." For those who do not have the background on this – Garabandal is a small village in northwestern Spain, where from June 18, 1961 to November 13, 1965, Our Lady appeared to four young, simple little girls. The message was very much like that which is now being given to Veronica. The girls also spoke of the Warning, the Great Miracle which Our Lady said would take place in the pines near their village, and also the Chastisement.

Conchita (one of the four girls at Garabandal) writes this in her Diary about the Miracle: "The Blessed Virgin has told me the date of the Miracle and what it will consist of. I am suppose to announce it eight days in advance, so that people will come. The Pope will see it from wherever he is, and Padre Pio also. The sick who are present at the miracle will be cured and the sinners will be converted.

There will be no Doubt in the mind of anyone who sees this great miracle which God, Our Lord, will perform through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin. And now as we await this great day of the Miracle, let us See if the world changes and the chastisement is averted." Conchita is the only one with whom the Blessed Virgin discussed the Miracle. It will coincide with an event in the Church and with the feast of a saint who is a martyr of the Eucharist and it will take place at eight-thirty on a Thursday evening.


48.       PADRE PIO’S LETTER (Translation of a copy of a personal letter written by St. Padre Pio addressed to the Commission of Heroldsbach appointed by the Vatican which testifies to the truth and reality of these revelations given by Our Lord to Padre Pio, a Capuchin priest who bore the stigmata.)

NEW YEAR’S EVE 1949: "My son, My son, I have been for this hour in which I again shall reveal to you the great love of My heart. My love for man is very great, especially for those who give themselves to Me. They are My refuge and My consolation in the many and terrible irreverences which I receive in the Sacrament of My love.
          Pray! Pray particularly during this Jubilee Year of 1950. Pray and make reparation to Me. Admonish others to do the same because the time is near at hand in which I shall visit my unfaithful people because they have not heeded the time of My grace. Persevere in prayer, so that your adversary shall have no dominion over you. Tell My people to be prepared at all times, for My judgment shall come upon them suddenly and when least expected – and not one shall escape My hands, I shall find them all! I shall protect the just. Watch the sun and moon and the stars of the Heavens – when they appear to be unduly disturbed and restless, know that the day is not far away. Stay united in prayer and watching until the angel of destruction has passed your doors. Pray that these days will be shortened.

          JANUARY 28, 1950: "Keep your windows well covered. Do not look out. Light a blessed candle, which will suffice for many days. Pray the Rosary. Read spiritual books. Make acts of Spiritual Communion, also acts of love, which are so pleasing to Us. Pray with outstretched arms, or prostrate on the ground, in order that many souls may be saved. Do not go outside the house. Provide yourself with sufficient food. The powers of nature shall be moved and a rain of fire shall make people tremble with fear. Have courage! I am in the midst of you.

FEBRUARY 7, 1950: "Take care of the animals during these days. I am the Creator and preserver of all animals as well as man. I shall give you a few signs beforehand, at which time you should place more food before them. I will preserve the property of the elect, including the animals, for they shall be in need of sustenance afterwards as well. Let no one go across the yard, even to feed the animals – he who steps outside will perish! Cover your windows carefully. My elect shall not see My wrath. Have confidence in Me, and I will be your protection. Your confidence obliges Me to come to your aid.

The hour of My coming is near! But I will show mercy. A most dreadful punishment will bear witness to the times. My angels, who are to be the executioners of this work, are ready with their pointed swords! They will take special care to annihilate all those who mocked Me and would not believe in My revelations.Hurricanes of fire will pour forth from the clouds and spread over the entire earth! Storms, bad weather, thunderbolts and earthquakes will cover the earth for two days. An uninterrupted rain of fire will take place! It will begin during a very cold night. All this is to prove that God is the Master of Creation.

Those who hope in Me, and believe in my words, have nothing to fear because I will not forsake them, nor those who spread My message. No harm will come to those who are in the state of grace and who seek My mother’s protection.
          That you may be prepared for these visitations, I will give you the following signs and instructions: The night will be very cold. The wind will roar. After a time, thunderbolts will be heard. Lock all the doors and windows. Talk to no one outside the house. Kneel down before a crucifix, be sorry for your sins, and beg My Mother’s protection. Do not look during the earthquake, because God’s anger must be contemplated with fear and trembling.

Those who disregard this advice will be killed instantly. The wind will carry with it poisonous gases which will be diffused over the entire earth. Those who suffer and die innocently will be martyrs and they will be with Me in My Kingdom.

Satan will triumph! But in three nights, the earthquake and fire will cease. On the following day the sun will shine again, angels will descend from Heaven and will spread the spirit of peace over the earth. A feeling of immeasurable gratitude will take possession of those who survive this terrible ordeal— the impending punishment – with which God has visited the earth since creation.

"… Pray the rosary, but pray it well, so that your prayers may reach Heaven. Soon a more terrible catastrophe shall come upon the entire world, such as never before has been witnessed, a terrible chastisement never before experienced! … How unconcerned men are regarding these things! Which shall so soon come upon them, contrary to all expectation. How indifferent they are in preparing themselves for these unheard of events, through which they will have to pass so shortly!

The weight of the Divine balance has reached the earth! The wrath of My Father shall be poured out over the entire world! I am again warning the world through your instrumentality, as I have so often done heretofore.

 The sins of men have multiplied beyond measure: Irreverence in Church, Sinful pride committed in sham religious activities, lack of true brotherly love, indecency in dress, especially at summer resorts … The world is filled with iniquity.

This catastrophe shall come upon the earth like a flash of lightning! At which moment the light of the morning sun shall be replaced by black darkness! No one shall leave the house or look out of a window from that moment on. I Myself shall come amidst thunder and lightning. The wicked shall behold My Divine Heart. There shall be great confusion because of this utter darkness in which the entire earth shall be enveloped, and many, many shall die from fear and despair.

Those who shall fight for My cause shall receive grace from My Divine Heart; and the cry: "WHO IS LIKE UNTO GOD!" shall serve as a means of protection to many. However, many shall burn in the open fields like withered grass! The godless shall be annihilated, so that afterwards the just shall be able to start afresh.
          On the day, as soon as complete darkness has set in, no one shall leave the house or look from out of the window. The darkness shall last a day and a night, followed by another day and a night, and another day – but on the night following, the stars will shine again, and on the next morning the sun shall rise again, and it will be SPRINGTIME!"
          In the days of darkness, My elect shall not sleep, as did the disciples in the garden of olives. They shall pray incessantly, and they shall not be disappointed in Me. I shall gather my elect. Hell will believe itself to be in possession of the entire earth, but I shall reclaim it!

Do you, perhaps, think that I would permit My Father to have such terrible chastisements come upon the world, if the world would turn from iniquity to justice? But because of My great love, these afflictions shall be permitted to come upon man. Although many shall curse Me, yet thousands of souls shall be saved through them. No human understanding can fathom the depth of My love!

Pray! Pray! I desire your prayers. My Dear Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Elizabeth, Saint Conrad, Saint Michael, Saint Peter, the Little Therese, Your Holy Angels, shall be your intercessors. Implore their aid! Be courageous Soldiers of Christ! At the return of light, let everyone give thanks to the Holy Trinity for Their protection! The devastation shall be very great! But I, Your God, will have purified the earth. I am with you. Have confidence! (Here ends Padre Pio’s Message)

          The meaning of the word "day" was revealed by Our Lord on August 14, 1932: Question: "Are these days of darkness days of twenty-four hours?" Our Lord’s answer: "The three days of darkness are days of twenty-four hours each. The darkness must not last longer, otherwise the good would die of fear and anxiety."

49.  THE ANTI-PRIESTS Adapted from the French by Yves Dupont

                                                 This is the story of a man who wrote his memoirs, about which he had had dreams for many nights until it had become an obsession. He yielded to the urge to write them though not understanding why. "Anyway, it does not matter", he ruminated, "for no one will ever read this; I shall destroy it in due course."

          This man was a Communist agent who became a Catholic priest to better destroy the Church. He was ordained in the early forties, died in the late sixties, and his confessions survived him. He had overlooked one very important fact, however, that no man is master of his own life. He died in a hospital as a result of a car accident. His papers were found in his briefcase, and read by the Catholic nurse who looked after him.
          … "I was fully confident now that I would eventually enter the seminary, and I was already making plans for the future especially as regards my work for the Party. I was to inject into Catholic thinking a whole set of new values and a new train of thought. I was to foster remorse in their hearts, a gnawing sense of guilt, quoting the Gospel: ‘Be ONE as the Father and I are ONE.’ That sense of guilt must grow into an obsession to the point of rehabilitating Martin Luther. They will be made to believe that schisms and heresies were caused by their own intransigence, that the time had come for them to atone and make reparation by throwing their arms open to their Protestant brethren and confessing their own sin of pride and stubbornness. of course, we shall not tamper with the Creed except for the word "Catholic" which must be changed to "Universal" or "Christian" as the Protestants use. But we shall not use the name of God except when necessary. We shall speak of man, stress his dignity and nobility. We must transform the language and thinking pattern of every Catholic. We must foster the mystique of the human race. At first, we shall say that God exists, but we shall point out that God remains forever outside the field of human experience, and experience is what counts for sensate beings. We shall lay much stress on experience and sensory perceptions. The positive, the experimental and the sensorial must be the basis of the new thinking. We shall say that, since God is invisible, the best way to serve Him is to set up a universal Church in which all men can meet as brothers in mutual good-will, love, and understanding. This new mystique must finally obfuscate the concept of God or whom we shall speak less and less, except for saying that we are God because God is in everyone of us. In this manner, we shall re-direct the religious yearnings and superstitions of the of the people. We shall deify Man …"

"Once Catholics have accepted this new mystique, we shall tell them to strip their churches bare of statues and ornaments because these things are unessential and abhorrent to their dear Protestant and Jewish brethren. Thus all symbols of Catholic worship and devotion will go by the board, and when they are gone devotions will go too. Yes, we shall promote an iconoclastic zeal especially among the younger generation. They themselves will destroy that jumble of statues, pictures, vestments, reliquaries, organs, etc. It would be a good idea, too, to spread a "prophecy" that says: "You shall see married priests, and you shall hear the Mass in the language of the people." This should make our task easier. We shall incite women to assert their right to the priesthood.
          "All sorts of exciting ideas came surging into my head, and I coded my whole programme before sending it to Moscow. Looking back on these days, I now feel a legitimate pride at having been the first to suggest these ideas to the Party. It is now plain that these were the right ideas, far superior to a mere dialectical attempt at destroying religious belief. Some time later, an order came from Moscow: "New assignment: go to Rome." And so I left Poland for what was going to be my lifetime work …"
          "Once in Rome I met a priest-professor who was in our network. He was a scholar and a scriptural expert. He was then busy preparing a new English version of the Bible, but his work was still secret. In that new version the old cliches about the Virginity of Mary, the Real Presence and like fables were to be adroitly amended and re-interpreted. Instead of "Virgin", Mary will be called "maid". The "brethren" of Jesus will become His "brothers". The "Real Presence" will be explained as a feeling, or experience, when "Christians are gathered together in His name". The notion of "gathering" is an important one to promote the community spirit. Those who do not conform to the Group will be reproved as trouble-makers and bad Christians. We must absolutely stifle individual attitudes if we are to control the Group as we please, and the control of the Group is essential for the establishment of Communism.

          … Later, of course, the mass will be radically modified; we shall play down the sacrificial aspect, we shall exalt it as a meal taken by the Community. In case some reactionary priests refuse to conform, and insist on saying the old prayers, we shall direct that the Canon in its entirety be said aloud. This will also make it possible for the people to say the words with the priests, and once this is possible we shall rule that it is indispensable also. Thus the Mass will cease to be the privilege of the priest alone …"
          "The professor was already working on a draft for a New Order of the Mass, and he urged me to do likewise because, he said, it was greatly desirable that we should give the people different kinds of Masses; this will help destroy unity, the mainstay of Catholic power. …"
          "The merging of all religions and the brotherhood of man, must always be re-asserted as the basic motivation for all the changes. "Love thy neighbor as thyself" will be our scriptural justification. The greatest change, and the most desirable one, is the suppression of the papacy; but this appeared very difficult to me in view of Christ’s promise: "Thou art the Rock, and upon this Rock I shall build My Church." We shall therefore endeavour to undermine the authority of the pope in every possible way, and we shall try to enlist his cooperation to introduce the changes that will make this possible. We shall promote the concept of Episcopal Equality and the priesthood of the laity. When the bishops are elected by the people, and the pope is no more than the president of the bishops, our victory will be near at hand. …"

          "All must be done in the name of love. Also in the name of love, we shall promote the idea that God is far too loving to want His only Son to die a cruel death for us and to want to create an everlasting hell. Christ will be described as a good man and great revolutionary, and hell as a superstitution of the Dark Ages. We shall no longer mention sin, and Angels will be relegated to the realm of mythology and fairy-tales. Once the people cease to fear God, they will soon forget Him. Our task is to promote these ideas among the Catholic elite via the theological journals which we control, and they in turn will promote them in the Church as their own ideas. We shall also encourage many new translations of the Bible; the greater the number of translations, the better; it will help to create confusion. The number of Catholic scholars who are itching to produce their own versions – undoubtedly the best ever produced in their own eyes – is not lacking; all they need is a little prodding from us.

We are faced with a huge task; many problems remain to be solved: the Rosary, Lourdes, and the twenty odd feasts of Mary are annoying things, but we shall be patient. In any case, we will have to draw up a new calendar and dispose of many Marian feasts as well as many other Saints. The new calendar must look as bare as the table on which they will say the new Mass …"

          "Such is the substance of the orders which I issued to the network. The following year I began to work on the draft of a new catechism which would be acceptable to all believers. It must be practical, human, noncommittal, and ambiguous. It must stress the humanity of Christ who, in fact, was a brother of ours. But the word "charity" is to be banished absolutely; we shall say "love" instead. Love can be many things, but charity has an intolerable religious connotation. We shall say, of course, that it means the same and the change is more conformable to modern usage. Concerning the precepts of the Church, we shall say that Christians are now fully mature and adult, that the precepts were necessary when the people were ignorant and uneducated, but that it is more fitting to adult Christians to let their own consciences decide. God, in any case, is far too great and remote to worry about our eating meat on Fridays! …"

          "Private confession is a waste of time; we shall promote a communal penitential rite with emphasis on sins committed against our brothers. The precept of Sunday attendance will be modified too. We shall say that, because of the working conditions in this modern age, people need their Sunday to relax in the countryside away from the city’s fumes. They should be allowed to attend Mass on Saturday, even on Friday. God did not say what day was to be reserved. In all cases we shall stress the primacy of the individual conscience over set rules and petty precepts which are unworthy of an adult man and an insult to his dignity. We shall retain the "Our Father" for the time being, but we shall replace "Thee" by "You" and we shall find suitable substitutes for such words as "forgive, temptations, trespasses" and other similar nonsense. The seven sacraments will receive our special attention. The first I would like to abolish is baptism, but it will have to stay for a while; we shall say that Original Sin is not the sin of Adam and Eve who, in any case, never existed; we shall re-interpret it. Baptism, then, will merely be a ceremony marking the coming of a new member into the human brotherhood. We shall do likewise with every sacrament. Concerning marriage, it shall not be refused to those priests who wish to receive it …"

          "In the Mass, the words "Real Presence" and "Transubstantiation" must be deleted. We shall speak of "Meal" and "Eucharist" instead. We shall destroy the Offertory and play down the Consecration and, at the same time, we shall stress the part played by the people. In the Mass, as it is today, the priest turns his back to the people and fills a sacrificial function which is intolerable. He appears to offer his Mass to the great Crucifix hanging over the ornate altar. We shall pull down the Crucifix, substitute a table for the altar, and turn it around so that the priest may assume a presidential function. The priest will speak to the people much more than before: to achieve this, we shall shorten what is now called the Mass proper, and we shall add many readings to what is called the Foremass. In this manner the Mass will gradually cease to be regarded as an act of adoration to God, and will become a gathering and an act of human brotherhood. All these points will have to be elaborated in great detail and they may take anywhere up to 30 years before they are implemented, but I think that all my objectives will be fulfilled by 1974. …"

          "Thus I laboured for twenty long years. Pius XII died in 1958. When John XXIII announced a new council, my interest was greatly stimulated. I reported to my chiefs that this was perhaps the last battle: no effort should be spared. They were obviously of the same opinion because they immediately appointed me to the highest position in the West European network, and they gave me unlimited financial backing through our Bank in Switzerland. Hearing that Pope John had appointed a commission to draw the schemas of the forthcoming Council, I immediately started to work on counter-schemas with the help of avant-garde theologians who had been won over to our way of thinking. Thanks to my contacts I managed to obtain copies of the projected papal schemas: they were terrible! I was in a cold sweat! If these schemas are carried, my work of 20 years will have been in vain. I hastily put the finishing touch to my counter-schemas, and I circulated them. Eventually, they were tabled in the Council. Thanks to the cooperation of some bishops whose thinking had been conditioned previously, the majority of bishops, reactionary but ill-prepared, were completely disconcerted by the highly efficient and coherent interventions of our friends; most of my counterschemas were carried…"
          "But I am not satisfied: many of my schemas, although they were accepted, have been watered down by Pope Paul himself in contempt of the majority vote at the Council. Fortunately, the revised versions contain many ambiguities; in this manner, it will be possible to initiate further changes, alleging that they are in the spirit of the Council. However, we must begin to work for Vatican III even now. Vatican III, as I see it, will mean the destruction of the Church and the death of God … Then, I shall come forward, not to nail Christ upon His Cross, but God Himself into His coffin."



(More Messages received by Veronica Lueken at the Shrine of Our Lady of Roses in Bayside, NY)

            “There is a secret of Heaven and another one of earth, and the latter is terrifying.  It will seem as though it were already the end of the world.  And in this cataclysm everything will be separated from the sky, which will turn white as snow.”  (Jacinta, child-seer of Fatima, Portugal, on her deathbed to Mother Godinho,” February 1920)

            Cataclysm:  “It is true that I gave a final message [to Mother Godinho], but I, too, could not give the date – only to warn the world that a great Warning would come to mankind.  It would be a great cataclysm Warning, and then there would be a great Miracle.  And after that, if nothing changes and man continues to offend the Father, He would have to start this terrible, terrible trial.  For there will be a great War and there will be a great, terrible Chastisement.”  (Jacinta, June 8, 1974)

            Explosion:  “There will be a tremendous explosion, and the sky shall roll back like a scroll.  This force shall go within the very core of the human.  He will understand his offenses to his God.”  (Our Lady, June 12, 1976)

            Have No Fear:  “All who remain in the light of grace will have no fear.  They will past through this great Warning without suffering.”  (Our Lady, April 5, 1975)

            Sunrise:  “As the day follows night, so shall this Warning follow soon.  Beware of the sunrise!  Do not look up to the sky – the flash!  Beware of the sunrise!  Do not look up to the sky – the flash!  Close your windows; draw your shades; remain inside.  Do not venture outside your door, or you will not return.  Pray!  Prostrate yourselves upon your floors!  Pray with arms outstretched, and beg for mercy of your God the Father … Keep blessed candles, water, blankets, food within your homes.  The candles of those who have remained in the state of grace shall not be extinguished, but the candles in the homes of those who have given themselves to satan shall not burn!”  (Our Lady, June 12, 1976)

            Mitigate:  “Wear your sacramentals, and retire now into a life of prayer and self-sacrifice.  This will please the Father much and mitigate much of a Warning to you.” (Jesus, December 7, 1973)

            Great Impact:  “It is from the merciful heart of the Father that you will receive a great Warning.  Man will feel that the very powers of the elements have shaken the very foundations of his being, so great will be the impact of this Warning from the Father.” (Our Lady, September 28, 1974)

            Prayer Against:  “If it was not for My Mother who steadily holds her hand upon Mine in sorrow, I would let My hand fall and the Warning come upon mankind.  It is not to be asked for, because you know it is coming, My children.  It is to be prayed against, for there will be those who will die in this Warning.”  (Jesus, October 1, 1988)

            The Cause:  “I see the huge ball and the sun; it’s a ball of fire.  And this is another ball of fire.  And a piece now is broken off, and it’s hitting the sun.  And there – Oh!  Oh, it’s and explosion.  Oh, I can’t look!  Oh!  Oh! Everything seems so still, and I see people now holding onto the chairs in their houses.  Everything’s rocking.  It’s like the very foundation is rocking in the houses.  And they’re all frightened.  And many are funning into the streets.”  (Veronica, December 24, 1973)

            The Miracle:  Veronica – I can’t repeat it?  It’s beautiful!  Oh!   “The forces, the evil forces, my child, of 666 will lead a band of fools against Garabandal.  The majesty of God will be much evident at this time.  Should this great Miracle be cast aside and rationalized by atheistic, scientific man, I assure you, My children, the Chastisement will come upon you with great force.”  (Our Lady, July 15, 1974)

            From the approved text of the Secret of La Salette:  “For the time has come when the most astonishing wonders will take place on the earth and in the air …. [Satan’ will have great power over nature:  there will be churches built to serve these spirits.  People will be transported from one place to another by these evil spirits, even priests…”

            Delusion:  Veronica:  “Oh, there are two flying saucers now.  They are going very, very high into the sky …”

            “Be not afeared, for you are being allowed to see what satan plans to delude mankind with.  There is no life as you know it, or human being, or otherwise, upon another planet.  The creation of the Father has been given to you in the Book of love and life.  Do not fantasize of life on other planets, my children.  It is a falsehood.  Were it not so you would have been told, for the Father hides nothing from His children.  He created man, known Adam and Eve, and as such they were the first of your – of the Father’s creation.” (Our Lady, September 28, 1974)

            The Elements:  “They are performing now prodigies and wonders to confuse and confound mankind.  You call one of them the UFOs.  They are supernatural manifestations from hell.  They are created in the minds of some by the demons, who are capable, because of great power upon earth, to control now the elements, nature.”  (Our Lady, February 1, 1978)

            Rapture:  “I give you great grace of heart, my children, to know that many shall be taken from your earth before the great Chastisement …. Many of your news medias shall state that they have been carried off by flying saucers.  Oh no, my children!  They were carried off into a supernatural realm of the Eternal Father to await the return of my Son upon earth.  (Our Lady, December 7, 1976)

            Not a Figment:  “In this final battle, there are many agents of hell loosed upon earth.  They are traveling in transports.  Do not be won over to a false theory of life beyond the heavens, other than the Kingdom of God.  Know that it is satan who sends these vehicles before you.  They are to confuse and confound you.  These objects that take flight across your earth are from hell.  They are only the false miracles of your times.  Recognize them, my children; they are not a figment of man’s imagination.  They are present in your atmosphere, and they will become more dominant as the fight goes on for the souls.” (Our Lady, December 24, 1973)

            Hidden Among You:  “Already satan is working his way into your consciousness, seeking to take over your minds.  He is now promoting false miracles.  Those you call flying saucers are images from hell.  My children, if you reject the knowledge of the supernatural, you are now playing right into his hands. While he remains hidden among you, he can go about and, like a ravenous wolf, gobble up my children as they fall from grace.”  (Our Lady, June 18, 1978)

            Struck Twice:  “There are flames, and there’s a big hole.  Oh, it covers half of the globe, the hole.  It’s like burned out, as though it’s been hit by a tremendous big ball of fire.  Oh, it’s terrible.  I can feel the heat.  Now I notice that there is a tremendous ball now setting out in the sky by the sun.  It’s like two giant suns in the sky.  But the ball on the right has a tail, and it’s starting to move now around the sun.  And as it goes it’s bouncing crazily…. And it’s heading now over towards the earth again.  It’s hit it once, and something happened.  And now it’s heading for another part of the globe.  It’s turned its course completely around and is striking the globe; I can see now the whole underside of the globe in flames.  (Veronica, April 14, 1984)

            Cities Swallowed Up:  “I see a great light, a flash!  It’s so hot, this flash!  Oh, there’s a large ball of fire.  Oh, it’s very hot, and it’s whirling through the sky, and it’s shooting off sparks behind it.  The sparks – they’re large pieces of rock, and they’re falling, falling down.  Now the waters, the waters are rising very high.  I can see the waters.  Oh!  Oh! Oh, the waters have come in.  They’re so high!  And I see some cities.  I see a large city, and the waters are now – oh, they’re pounding against the ground.  And now I see the buildings – they’re falling!  Now the ground is cracking, and the buildings are falling into the holes.  Oh!  Oh!  Oh!”  (Veronica, June 16, 1973)

Too Late:   “Many of you will wait until it is too late, and then what will you say, as in Noe’s time, the Ark was closed and the waters descended upon the earth?  So it will be in the end days, My children:  the Ark of graces, the Ark of knowledge, the Ark of your God, will close upon those who will be saved, but others will be destroyed by the Ball of Redemption.”  (Jesus, June 18, 1987)

            Three-Quarters:   “The Ball of Redemption shall take from your earth three-quarters of mankind.  Your country, American the beautiful, has not witnessed a massive scale of destruction and death.  Is this what you call down upon yourselves?  You, My children, hold the balance.”  (Jesus, September 28, 1976)

            Modesty:   “All flesh and nakedness shall burn with the Ball of Redemption.  Cover your bodies!  They are temples of the Holy Ghost!” (Our Lady, November 19,     1977)

            Statues:  “All sacramentals must be worn and kept in the homes.  The monuments, statues, must be kept in the homes and the House of God, for they will not then fall during the trail of chastisement.  All who keep My monuments in their houses will not be destroyed.”  (Jesus, March 25, 1973)

            Woe: “Woe, woe to man of earth.  He calls down upon himself a just punishment for the abominations in the sacred temples of god.  Wars, famine, flood, cataclysm, and the Ball of Redemption.  Know that in this order man shall be cleansed.”  (St. Michael, May 30, 1974)

            In Your Atmosphere: “My child and My children, you will keep a constant vigilance of prayer going throughout your world, because, I repeat again, near the throne of the Eternal Father, He views a ball so immense, so beyond all man’s speculation, that it will destroy over three-quarters of the earth.  It is in your atmosphere.  It has been noticed by few, but the few seek not to bring fear to the hearts of mankind.  They do not know that it is the Eternal father Who now will guide that Ball.”  (Jesus, June 18, 1991)

            Supernatural Origin:  “There is in your atmosphere of earth a Ball of Redemption hurrying to earth.  It is of supernatural origin.  Those who have cast aside the knowledge of the supernatural shall not be given the grace to observe the coming Chastisement.  When it enters upon your atmosphere, hearts shall be gripped with fear.  Many shall run to hide themselves, recognizing the wrath of their Lord.”  (Our Lady, September 13, 1975)

            Begging:  “All I can say is I stand before the Eternal Father and continuously plead your cause before Him.  If this was not to be, you would have received the Ball of Redemption already.  I do not know, my children, how long I can hold the hand of the Eternal Father back.”  (Our Lady, June 18, 1991)

            This Century:  “We have asked also, urgently and have had great cooperation from the earth’s masses of people – to Rome to tell them, ‘Look up, and see what lies beyond your windows:  a Ball that is fast hurtling toward earth!  It will be here within this century, if not sooner.’  For even the scientists have failed to recognize the speed of this Ball.”  (Our Lady, June 18, 1988)

            Provisions:  “The Eternal Father has the Ball poised in His hand; your end can come by day.  It will come upon you quickly, and how many shall be prepared?  Do you have your candles?  Do you have your water, your canned food, and your blankets?  It will become an extremely cold day with the start of the tribulation, and you will welcome having these on hand, My children.  Do not take this lightly, but abide by Our direction and you shall not be caught short of provisions.”  (Jesus, November 1, 1985)

            Winters to Summer:  “Know that at the time of the Chastisement, the brightness of the coming celestial punishing agent from the Father will light up the night as the day.  The heat will turn your winters to summer.  Yes, My child, the celestial body will throw off a great amount of heat upon your earth.”  (Jesus, November 1, 1974)

            Only Those:  “Man shall not be prepared for this great trial.  Only those who act upon and listen to the counsel from Heaven shall be ready.”  (Jesus, June 1, 1978)

            The Climax:  “I stand upon the head of the serpent.  My heel will crush him [Genesis 3:15], but not until man and the world have been cleansed.  I come as a Mediatrix of all graces, Representative through My Son in the Father.”  (Our Lady, March 18, 1973)

            10 Minutes:  “I told you, my child, to shout it from the rooftops that many will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption.  Only a few will be saved.  There will be nations disappear within a matter of ten minutes and less.”  (Our Lady, May 30, 1981)

            Peace:  “The world as you know it shall be changed – not completely, my child, annihilated as in the time of Noe, but changed.  The peace promised shall be given at this time.”  (Our Lady, December 24, 1974)

            Eternal Crowns:  Veronica – “Oh, my!  Now this huge ball of fire is going back into the sky.  I could feel the heat; it’s very hot.  Oh!”

            “Yes, my child.  Not only the great War, but the great celestial destructive agent.  Those who are left will have gained their crowns, made clean by trial, chosen to join my son in victory.  (Our Lady, December 24, 1974)

            Tail Hits:  “Oh, my!  Our Lady is pointing up to the sky, and I can see a tremendously large ball of fire.  It’s beyond description.  It’s the most frightening thing I’ve ever seen.  And it’s going through the air at a very fast speed, and I can see over on the right side of the sky an outline of the earth.

            And the ball is heading for the earth and it’s striking, the tail is setting fire to the side, I can see here, of the earth.  Oh! Oh! The tail has intersected the earth, and the ball is now circling the earth.  Oh!  Now it’s growing very dark.  I can feel the great heat.  Ohh!”  (Veronica, August 21, 1976)

            Eternal Father:  Veronica – “And I see a man, a very kind man. He has – oh, He has very white hair and a heavy beard, and He’s smiling.  He looks like, sort of like a real nice grandfather.  Oh, He thinks – oh, our Father is smiling … And He’s holding – it looks like a scepter in His right hand.  And He’s pointing down now to His chair, and He’s, like bouncing a ball …

            “My child, that is a most tremendous ball you are seeing.  It is the Ball of Redemption.  It is at the fingertips of the Eternal Father to do as He wills.  Pray that mankind will awaken and escape this great Chastisement, My child.  It will rush into your atmosphere without warning.  Scientists will look with fright, as will the ordinary man.  Know, My child, that no scientist will know an explanation for its appearance.”  (Our Lady, September 6, 1975)

            Closer:  “The Ball of Redemption hovers close to your world.  It is not an ordinary celestial star, My child.  It is a supernatural manifestation performed by the Eternal Father.”  (Our Lady, April 17, 1976)

            Editor’s Note:  The length, timing, severity, or even occurrence of this Chastisement is totally dependent on man’s response; precisely the reason for these Messages from Heaven.  Thus, on a more hopeful and encouraging note, a full restoration to godliness and traditional values in all sphere of life would stay God’s holy wrath.  The Biblical story of the prophet Jonas and the city of Ninive would illustrate God’s endless mercy and the age-old remedy of prayer and penance.  Still, Our Lady has warned that this comet “will be here within this century, if not sooner.”

            Two Parts:  “For soon there will come upon you the great Chastisement.  It comes in two parts, My child and My children:  the Third World War,” and also the Ball of Redemption.  These can no longer be delayed.”  (Jesus, June 18, 1986)

            Planet-Struck:  Veronica – “I know it’s a comet.  It, it’s a round ball of fire, and it’s traveling at a very fast pace through the sky.  And it’s so hot!  I can feel the heat, the great heat of this long tail.  As it’s going through space, it’s shooting out a tremendous fiery tail.  Oh!” 

            “I repeat, my Child, your country shall not escape the destruction of the fires, as you will be planet-struck.  As in the days of Noe, My child, many shall reject the Message from Heaven.”  (Our Lady, July 25, 1975)

            Billions Lost:  “In this chastisement, My children, billions will be lost.  Many lives will be lost.”  (Our Lady, October 6, 1973)

            The Meaning:  “You ask, My child, why this has been called the Ball of Redemption?  Because, My child, it is the manner in which the Eternal Father plans to redeem mankind from his sins.”  (Our Lady, April 17, 1976)

            Second Coming:  “For you will know when My Son arrives.  He will come down with the angels with a loud shout of triumph to set you world in order … If My Son did not return, My child, there would be no flesh saved, so great will be the trial upon earth.”  (Our Lady, March 18, 1975)

            Christ the King:  “Satan will be chained, My child, for a number of earth-years.  He will no longer roam to tempt mankind.  My Son shall be the Ruler upon earth.”  (Our Lady, September 13, 1974)

            A Second Sun:   “God, your Father, sends the sun to shine upon you.  God, your Father, can also send the sun to burn you.  A second sun lies out in your atmosphere, the Ball of Redemption.  I repeat, My children, it is not a myth, nor a story; it is a fact.”  (Our Lady, December 31, 1974)

            Waves:    “I see a ball of fire; it’s coming fast through the sky, and it has a long red tail.  It’s red, it’s fire!  And now it’s coming down to what looks like a ball, but no, it’s the earth.  And oh, oh, it has hit through the water; it’s brushed through the water.  And there are waves rising higher, higher than anything possible I could have seen.  The waves are terrible.  They’re washing half of the continent out to sea.”  (Veronica, July 25, 1985)

            Futile:   “Will your men of science find a way to stop the Ball of Redemption?  I say unto you:  No!  For the Eternal Father shall guide that ball!”  (Jesus, May 30, 1978)

            Nothing to Fear:   “Many shall be removed before the great flame of the Ball of Redemption cuts across your world.  The sins of mankind have hastened this trial upon you.  All who remain in the light will have nothing to fear.  Believe and you will be given the way.”  (Jesus, March 29, 1975)

            Armor:  “There will be a time of great tribulation upon mankind.  Will you be able to persevere during this time? … You must keep about you at all times – at no cost must you remove from your bodies your crucifix, the St. Benedict medal, and your Scapular.”  (Our Lady, October 6, 1992)

            Crucifixes:   “Pray and wear your sacramentals.  And also, My children, I ask you again to place a crucifix upon your door.  Both front and back doors must have a crucifix. [available from the Shrine of Our Lady of Roses] I say this to you because there will be carnage within your areas, and this will pass you by if you keep your crucifix upon your doors.”  (Jesus, June 30, 1984)

            Two Weeks:  “And it will be known to man because when the Ball of Redemption is used as the chastising agent, you will see it for about two weeks before it ever hits earth.  And that, I can assure you, will be a most frightening incident for most.”  (Veronica’s commentary, July 15, 1973)

            All Receive Message:  “When the Ball of Redemption comes upon your earth, all will have received the Message from Heaven, and they will be given individual choice for their salvation or their damnation.”  (Jesus, October 2, 1972)

            The Warning:   “The Warning, My child, will come soon, and if mankind does not heed this sign from the Eternal Father, there will follow fast on it the Chastisement by the Ball of Redemption.”  (Our Lady, August 21, 1975)

            End of Era:  “You are in the end days.  It will not be the end of the earth or the world, but it will be the end of your era, the end of time as you know it.”  (Jesus, November 25, 1978)



LA SALETTE- September 19, 1846: Our Lady: "The Vicar of My Son will suffer a great deal, because for a while the Church will yield to great PERSECUTION, a time of darkness, and the Church will witness a frightful crisis."

FATIMA – 1917: "There will also come a time of the hardest trials for the Church. Cardinals will be against Cardinals, and Bishops against Bishops. Satan will put himself in their midst. What is rotten will fall, and what will fall must not be maintained. The Church will be darkened and the world plunged into confusion."

          Canon Law 2335 decrees automatic excommunication for either clergy or laity for joining a Masonic Order. This act, if unrepented, condemns a soul to Hell. Why then did so many Masons infiltrate the Vatican and change centuries of traditions?
          The list of Masons below, with their entrance dates, appeared on the front page of the Puglia Gazette on July 26, 1976. Puglia is near Milan, Italy, which is considered a Communist stronghold.

          Cardinal Danielou had announced that he would reveal a list of Masons. He was found dead four days later. The newspaper published the List nonetheless.
          The Catholic Church was taken over by Mason infiltration in 1972. The troika of this unholy clique was led by Cardinal Giovanni Benelli, the Under Secretariat of State, Cardinal Villot and Cardinal Casaroli, who is the Present Secretary of State. Pope Paul VI was drugged and kept prisoner in The Vatican while an Italian actor appeared in the Pope’s place. Numerous photographs, including these from the book Shepherds Are Lost, attest to the fact that there was an impostor.

Pope Paul VI


Pope Paul VI before 1972: Long, straight nose - almost to end of ear lobe. Ear is full and round.

The Impostor: Nose is shorter and more round - reaching only 3/4 length of ear. Ear is longer and not as wide.

Pope Paul VI


Pope Paul VI: Long nose - reaching to the end of ear lobe.

The Impostor: Nose much shorter in comparison to ear.

          Below is a partial list of Masons who gained power in Rome:




Cardinal Jean Villot


Secretariat of State; usurped Pope Paul VI’s power.

Cardinal Agostino Casaroli


Present Secretariat of State.

Cardinal Leo Suenens


Promoter of Charismatics.

Cardinal Ugo Poletti


Vicar General of Diocese of Rome.

Rev. Pasquale Machhi


Personal Secretary to Pope Paul VI. Excommunicated by Paul VI; but later reinstated by Cardinal Villot.

Rev. Sebastiano Baggio


Picked bishops for dioceses of entire world.

Rev. Levi Virgilio


Vatican radio and L’Osservatore Romano Press.

Rev. Virgilio Noe


Secretary of Liturgy Congregation-Destroyed Latin Mass.

Rev. Annibale Bugnini


Novus ordo Mass creator; assisted by 6 Protestant ministers and 1 Jewish theologian.

Cardinal Augustin Bea


A convert from Judaism, he compromised Catholic Dogma, under the guise of ecumenism, to please Protestant and Jewish peoples.

Rev. Pio Laghi


Apostolic Delegate to U.S.: Chooses U.S. Catholic Bishops, Masonic number 0-538. Secret Masonic name is "Lapi."

Cardinal Achille Lienart


Leader and recruiter of clergy into Freemasonry.

Rev. Paul Marcinkus


Involved in Vatican Bank loss of millions to Masonic controlled Banks. Masonic number 43-649; Masonic name is "Gorilla."

                               There is a list of 130 high ranking clergy enrolled in Freemasonry. Most have a secret name and number. The Masons are largely responsible for the destruction of the Church from within. According to the apparitions of Our Lady at Bayside, New York, Pope John XXIII and Pope Paul VI were "laid low" by the enemies of God, and Pope John Paul I "received the horror and martyrdom by drinking from a glass … given to him by a now deceased member of the Clergy and the Secretariat of the State." Cardinal Jean Villot was the Secretariat of State during John Paul I’s pontificate.

          "Were there Masonic clergy in other countries besides Italy, Father?"
          Yes, and these clergy were headed by the papal delegate for that country, who was a Mason appointed by Masons in the Curia. Let me read again:

          "He is the Most Reverend Pio Laghi in Washington, D.C His Masonic number is 0-538. His secret Masonic name is Lapi. He entered Freemasonry 8/24/69, which means he was automatically excommunicated (Canon Law 2335) from the Church – yet he currently chooses her U.S.Bishops! The Pope almost always follows the Apostolic Delegate’s recommendations for the choice of Bishops.
          What are the fruits of the Bishops chosen by the Masonic
Apostolic Delegate?

-- Destroyed or removed the altar of Sacrifice.

-- Removed statues of Angels and Saints.

-- Removed Stations of the Cross.

-- Removed altar-rails.

-- Ignored the pope and Catholic Church Doctrines.

-- Suppressed Novenas, organ music, Gregorian Chant, the Rosary, the Scapular, Apparitions, Sacramentals, Blessings and Indulgences.

-- Lessened reverence to Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament.
-- Replaced the Church Doctrines on sin and Confession with the fallacy that God is Love and does not punish. There is no hell of Purgatory in their new religion of man.

          If Pio Laghi is not a Mason, why does he choose Bishops who have made a shambles of the Church in such a short time? The fact is, the Most Rev. Pio Laghi is a Mason and has done his Masonic task well. He is gradually destroying the Catholic Church in the United States.

"… Developments since the Council seem to be in striking contrast to the expectations of all, beginning with those of John XXIII and Paul VI. … What the Popes and the Council Fathers were expecting was a new Catholic unity, and instead one has encountered a dissension which – to use the words of Paul VI – seems to have passed over from self-criticism to self-destruction. … There had been the expectation of a step forward, and instead one found oneself facing a progressive process of decadence that to a large measure has been unfolding under the sign of a summons to a presumed ‘spirit of the Council’ and by so doing has actually and increasingly discredited it.
          … It must be clearly stated that a real reform of the Church presupposes an unequivocal turning away from the erroneous paths whose catastrophic consequences are already incontestable.

 … Vatican II in its official promulgations, in its authentic documents, cannot be held responsible for this development which, on the contrary, radically contradicts both the letter and the spirit of the Council Fathers."




We take note of a few highlights in these last descriptive prophecies at Bayside concerning the Chastisement:  1) It is 1991 that Jesus says of the Ball of Redemption “it has been noticed by few …” i.e., it has been noticed, no more than eight years after the 1983 IRAS observation of a “mystery object” near Orion.

2) The “supernatural origin” of the Ball does not dismiss the possibility that it is a physical object or that it was produced directly by God through the forces of nature. Rather, the comet is to be understood as unlimited by natural or temporal constraints; because it is completely at God’s disposal.

3) The Comet is described as a “second sun” and as “fiery” and very hot, which does not correlate with the average comet.  Yet it has a tail like a comet and it is called a comet by the same seer.  Furthermore, the IRAS body was supposedly 40º above absolute zero, ie., 219º below zero.  Can these traits be combined to envision an object that could be found and formed in nature?

A very massive comet could have a solid rock core.  If it passed close enough to the sun for a piece to break off and fall into the sun, then it would have gained great heat, and the stellar wind would cause a fiery tail; yet in deep space it is super cool. 

4) The Comet, in passing the earth, returns and strikes again before moving on.  If the Ball had come so close to the earth to brush it, earth’s gravity could conceivably turn it around for a second pass, without it being captured in earth’s orbit.

5)  As to the Ball being in our “atmosphere,” this could be a quaint phrase of Our Lady meaning “in our solar system.”

The scientific, historical, and prophetic evidence can enliven ones perception of these prophetic events, but belief in the whole is based on religious reasoning:  The Creator is good and just and merciful!  He hates sin, which deserves eternal punishment (because it is an offense against an eternal Being).  But in His mercy he uses punishment as a corrective.  At this time the world is steeped in sin and will perish both spiritually and materially by man’s folly, if it is not purified and turned toward God once again.

If one believes this Chastisement is coming, he will follow the direction of heaven given herein (in various passages), in order to prepare his soul and his body and those of his loved ones.*  All of us must prepare now by turning ourselves to God in responsible obedience to His will, i.e., His Law --- the Ten Commandments.  A repentant heart He will not scorn!






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            ** The sources above marked by asterisks provide more information on the Messages from Heaven given at Bayside, NY from 1970 to 1995.  They also have “kits” for preparation against the coming times.  Ask for all that you need for your family.


            We do not necessarily endorse all the contents of the websites/books above.







A- 4   

PYRAMID OF EVIL                    


Excerpts from Vol. II and III Antichrist Series by Brother Vincent de Paul, T.O.S.F., 1975.



            Dr. Nahum Goldman, President of the World Jewish Congress, speaking at Montreal declared: “The Jews might have had Uganda, Madagascar and other places for the establishment of a Jewish Fatherland, but they want absolutely nothing except Palestine: … because Palestine is the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, because Palestine constitutes the veritable center of world political power, the strategic center for world control.”  (French Canadian paper  L’Unite Nationale No. 4/1963




SECRET OF THE MASSACRE AT DEIR YASSIN, ORDERED BY BEGIN:  Deir Yassin was a poor Arab village for over 1,300 years, but not it no longer exists.  All of its inhabitants have been slaughtered because Menachem Begin, - the newly elected Prime minister of Israel ordered it.  Then the once happy village was BULLDOZED, and a new Jewish city of Givat Shaul was built over the ruins!


Deir Yassin’s inhabitants had informed the Zionist Army that they were neutral, and had refused permission to Arab fighters to defend their town.  Begin knew there would be no resistance. …


Early on the morning of April 9, 1948, at 4:30 A.M. the official Jewish Army, “Haganah” invaded.  Then they withdrew, and Begin’s Irgun Terrorists came in.  They dragged everyone from their homes.  They were taken to a wall, until the group was large enough.  Then the Irguns were ordered … to shoot the civilians.


Some women refused to come out of their homes and stayed there protecting little children.  Begin’s men went to these homes and threw hand-grenades through the windows.  Those wounded, trying to flee were killed by machine guns.  By 6:30 A.M. all screams were silenced.


The bodies were not even buried.  Bulldozers covered them up.  Some were thrown down wells.  This was Begin’s tactics to make all Arabs flee from villages.


Deir Yassin was only the first.  In quick succession the Jews completely slaughtered every human being in the cities of Akka, Lidda, Remleh, Beersheba ...



BEGIN ORDERED DYNAMITING OF KING DAVID HOTEL (95 DEAD):  Begin, in his own autobiography, called this brutal act, the “highlight” of his career.  The mining of

A-4 / Page 2


the hotel used as the Headquarters for British soldiers assigned to keep peace by the United Nations.  By this, 95 English soldiers were killed, along with hotel help and administrators.  Over 100 were injured …




PROOF THAT THE COMMUNIST PARTY IS CONTROLLED BY INTERNATIONAL JEWRY OF ROTHSCHILDS & ROCKEFELLERS!:  … the Communist Regime is directly controlled by the Yids, such as Jacob Schiff, Rockefeller and Rothschild, Master-Minds of the Great Conspiracy who call themselves, “The Grand Masters.” … the Communist Party, (The Bolsheviki) was CREATED by these Master Minds, whom you will note, are Capitalists, with no intention of sharing the wealth with the masses.  … the Schiffs, the Warburgs, and the Rothschilds planned and financed the ENTIRE Russian Revolution. …


… Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin took their orders directly from Schiff, and the other millionaires whom these Communists pretended to be fighting!


The grandson of Jacob Schiff, who is John Schiff, admitted that Jacob financed the Communist Revolution to the tune of 20 million dollars!  … 4 million died in this brutal revolution, …


There is a report on file with the State Department, that Schiff’s Firm, which is Kuhn, Loeb and Company, also paid ALL THE EXPENSES of the First COMMUNIST 5-year PLAN FOR STALIN!  There is also proof that the person, who engineered the UNCONSTITUTIONAL Federal Reserve System of private ownership of the entire American money system, was none other than Paul Warburg, who was not only Schiff’s relative, but his partner!


After the Illuminati was exposed and became notorious immediately after World War I, the name of Illuminati was changed to the “Council on Foreign Relations,” 58 East 68th St., New York, NY, 212-535-3300.  The leaders of this Council are descendants of the first Illuminati Conspiracy, but to conceal this fact, the family names have been all changed to American-sounding names, such as the name of Douglas (Clarence) Dillon.  The original name was Lepolski.  This man became Secretary of the United States Treasury.


The Illuminati set up numerous “Front” organizations, such as the British Institute of International Affairs in England.  Many International Bankers are dupes of the House of Rothschild and are completely owned and controlled.


… News Bulletins 122 and 123, which are entitled, “U.N. is Spawned of the Illuminati,” and “C.F.R. is Completely Unmasked as the Illuminati.”  Order from:  Cross and the Flag, P. O. Box 27895, Los Angeles, CA  90027.

A-4 / Page 3


… A prime feature of the C.F.R. Plan should be stressed.  When and if their blueprint for World Control is discovered, the C.F.R. will themselves prove the truth of the dreaded “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” and turn the whole guilt upon the Jews, [the common “Jewish” people, the Yiddish] who are their innocent dupes.  By inciting hatred, the C.F.R. will attempt to wipe the Jews off the face of the earth, in order to divert suspicion from the C.F.R.  If this seems far-fetched, bear in mind the encouragement of Adolph Hitler to incinerate 300,000 Jews and their fellow countrymen.  Hitler, who was not German but Austrian, was financed by Warburgs, Kennedys, Krupps, and the Rothschilds, to further the One-World Government for Anti-Christ.


Weishaupt, himself, said that the word, Illuminati is derived from Lucifer, meaning “Holder of the Light,” or “Lightbearer.”  In other words, the name of Lucifer means the same as the Illuminati. So to join the Illuminati is to join Lucifer!  Why did this former priest, Father Adam Weishaupt, name his society after Lucifer?  Adam was in consort with Lucifer!


Since the unearthly genius of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” came from Lucifer, himself, and since Weishaupt patterned his society directly from these, he worshiped Lucifer.  The C.F.R. even had the Illuminati symbol printed on the backside of our American one-dollar bill!  This is the weird eye inside of a triangle. 




The immense development which Masonry has attained with its ability to control all the money powers of the world (Our Lady, Sept. 13, 1975, Bayside, N.Y.) and powers to instigate the American Civil War, the French Revolution, World Wars I and II, proves that Satan, himself is their “Illuminati,” … He is their “Grand Architect of the Universe.” (The name of God is carefully avoided.)  The leaders of Masonry, (Council of 13, and 33 and Grand Masters,” cooperate with Satan PHYSICALLY”.  See. Vol. 1, page 293 Acta Sancta Sedis, July 13, 1865.


B’nai B’rith, the secret Jewish Fraternity, began in 1843 under the name of “Sons of the Covenant.”  No one who is not a Jew may enter the B’nai B’rith Lodges except the “Chosen Magi of the Third Degree of the Palladium.”


In 1874, a pact was signed between Albert Pike, Sovereign Grand Commander of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite and A. Levy, life Member of the “Sublime Federal Consistory of B’nai B’rith of Germany,” (signed for B’nai B’rith of Germany, England and America).


By this Secret Agreement, UNKNOWN BY RANK AND FILE MASONS   , Freemasonry recognized control by the Jewish Lodges, as in the Supreme Dogmatic Directory of Universal Freemasonry.  The Agreement set up the central Headquarters of B’nai B’rith at Hamburg, Germany, which took the title of the “Sovereign Patriarchal Council.” 


A-4 / Page 4


The Secret of the existence of the “Confederation of the B’nai B’rith Masonic Lodges (presented as Jewish temples) has been ordered to be kept rigorously by those members of High Degree Masonry, whom the Supreme Dogmatic Judges Directory deems it advisable to make it known. (Catholic Gazette of London)


The All-Seeing Eye represents Lucifer, as does “Illuminati.”  The Grand Master for Russia of the International Order of the B’nai B’rith, at the time of the Russian Revolution was Sliozberg.  He controlled the leader of the 1st Revolution of Russia, who was Kerensky (1917).  The real name of Alexander Kerensky was Aran Kirbiz.  Kerensky, used the name of his stepfather who was a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason.


The B’nai B’rith, under orders of the top 300, (900 now) International Grand Masters, direct the orders of Freemasonry beginning with the Grand Lodge of England, and the Grand Orient and Scottish Rites and the O.T.O. (from “Occult Theocrasy” by Lady Queensboro.)