1/31/’03  SPACE  SHUTTLE ACCIDENT??





FEBRUARY 4, 2003


“The Vatican is in an uproar over a series of visitations from the Virgin Mary that have left Pope John Paul II severely shaken and fearful for the future.

     “In his private chambers, the aging pontiff was granted a number of visions of the Virgin Mary, including one shared by two cardinals and two nuns during a midday conference. All five witnesses report seeing the same vision, and hearing the same warning of coming troubles-although each heard the warning in his or her native language.

     “This was clearly a warning for all humanity,” says a high-ranking source close to the pope. “Currently, it is going through the official process of authentication …

      “The clock counting down to doomsday has already begun. It is only right that the world be given the time it needs to either avoid the war or, at worst, to prepare for the end.

     “Now it’s time to repent the sins of mankind- before it’s too late.”

      Sister Teresa Poggioli, a nun living in a Vatican convent said, ‘She told him that the weakened state of the Church has left the world vulnerable.

     “With so much doubt among the faithful, the Antichrist is now ready to make his move.

     “These are the days told of in the prophetic Books of Daniel and Revelation.”

      The single, repeated message in all of the apparitions is that the world is heading towards an era of unceasing warfare and destruction.

     “WAR WILL CLOSE IN ON AMERICA ON THREE FRONTS AT THE SAME TIME,”says a source speaking on condition of anonymity. “The key danger points will be to the east and the south – two nations in the East, and one island in the South.”

      Once America is embroiled in Iraq, these enemies will attack in quick succession. They will have no official alliance, but will be united by a common disgust with the United States – and will each receive tactical advice from the same shadowy figure, a man eventually unveiled as the Antichrist.

    “From the Virgin’s own words, we can easily deduce that one of the attacks will likely come from North Korea,…The other two are less clear. …possibly the sleeping giant of China. The third enemy could be Cuba,…”

    The master manipulator of world events was described in subsequent visions as “a foreign Prince” and “a hidden meddler.” He is never named, but is given a number of identifying characteristics: 1) He will be a well-known public figure, but not a leader of a country. 2) He will be an immigrant… 3) He will have been involved in the Vietnam War, either as a leader of men or as an influential policy-maker. 4) He will have amassed a vast private fortune, in part from his international consulting firm, and in part from the sale of sensitive state secrets. 

    “On March 7, America and the rest of the world will be forced to act,” says Poggioli. “That is the day when the plans will be laid bare for all to see. And that is the day when the true followers of Christ must turn the world to peace and foil the work of the Antichrist.”

            The war will be fought using every means known to humankind – including biological, chemical and nuclear weapons.

            “The Virgin wept as she discussed the death and devastation caused by this war,” says the source. “But she did give detailed advice for the faithful, to help as many as possible survive.”

            The key elements of the survival plan fall into three categories:  being alert, being prepared, and being pious.  To be alert means to conscientiously study the news, and to be as well informed as possible about what is happening overseas.  Only those who react immediately will be spared.

            Prepare yourself and your loved ones for an emergency evacuation.  Keep a suitcase packed with nonperishable foods and antibiotics.  Select a shelter at least 100 miles from any major population centers or potential terrorist targets.

            Your Path to Heaven:  At the end of her final visit, the Virgin left Pope John Paul with a prayer to be recited every day.  “By repeating this prayer and spreading it across the world, you will turn the faces of the world towards God Almighty, and protect the world against the fear of war,” she said.  “By accepting this prayer into your heart, you will be assured of a place in Heaven.”

            “Dear God, Creator of All Things, Bless this, Your humblest child, in these, the darkest of times.  Open my eyes, that I may see Your light, and open my heart, that I may spread Your joy.

            Guide my footsteps always in the ways of Your glory, and use my hands only to uplift Your children.

            As You were in the Beginning, be so now at the End, and for All Time.  Amen.”



       The source for this recent prophecy has not been confirmed by this author. But all of it sounds like other confirmed prophecies, and the contents ring true with what I have gathered from secular sources as well. In this case, therefore, it is better to believe it and be wrong than to not believe it and be wrong, especially since other prophecies say as much already. (As of 1966, Canon Law allows the Faithful to believe and follow such prophecy, as long as it does not endanger Faith or Morals.)

     The criteria for the Antichrist figure given seem to fit Henry Kissinger very well. In 1938, he and his Jewish parents emigrated from Germany to the USA. He is a well known public figure, who is not the leader of a country. He has made a fortune in his consulting business, where he meddles in affairs of states. He was the statesman responsible for turning South Vietnam over to the Communists while abandoning our POWs. As US Secretary of State, he had access to state secrets, and he is a One World Government proponent, a consummate internationalist.

      In its 12/30/’03 cover story, The New American magazine notes that Kissinger is described by  one biography as a wholly owned subsidiary of “the House of Rockefeller.”

A 1975 expose by Admiral Ward and Phyllis Schlafly said that Kissinger and the elitists that supported his ascent  “have one objective in common.  They want to bring about the surrender of the sovereignty and independence of the U.S.” Kissinger’s convenient theory (for a traitor) is that keeping Communism strong, even to the extent of  overpowering us, gives the U.S. the necessary incentive to form a world government.”This grand design behind U.S. foreign policy dictated the course pursued by Kissinger as national security adviser and secretary of state during the Nixon and Ford administrations.”

He was the author of détente, the Panama Canal giveaway, dozens of “credit and technology transfers to the Soviet Union.” He engineered re-approachment with China at the pre-arranged expense of free China, and he “has been brokering deals between various transnational corporate interests and Red  China’s ruling oligarchy.” He drafted the first SALT treaty, which “gave the Soviets a strategic advantage in nuclear weaponry.”

      After WWII, Kissinger worked for Dulles as an intelligence agent recruiting Nazis as anti-communist fighters in Germany. These war criminals were often communist double agents themselves.

      In short, Henry Kissinger is, himself, a traitor to free nations and  a top-level double agent Internationalist scheming for a One World Government under Antichrist.. All this is perfectly plausible. As the SUN article said, “…his influence will continue to grow until he is discovered and rooted out. The question facing the world is if this will happen in time to stop him from launching the final battle…”




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NEWS: (  SF man snaps picture. NASA takes it for exam. “In the critical shot, a glowing purple rope of light corkscrews down toward the plasma trail, appears to pass behind it, then cuts sharply  towards it from below. As it merges with the plasma trail, the streak itself brightens for a distance, then fades.” This picture was snapped by an amateur from San Francisco “at 5:53 AM, as the orbiter began showing the first indications of trouble, 7 minutes before breaking into flames over Texas.”


 AUTHOR’S SPECULATION: Russia, our mortal enemy, shoots down the shuttle with its space-based laser/particle beam weapon. Why? 1)To prove it has this capability, for future blackmail purposes; 2) To take over the space station in order to control space based weapons and surveillance satellites in the coming world conflict.3) In essence. they inherit what we built (for them)! From space they could destroy our spy satellites, and possibly our aircraft in flight. And who knows what else.4) They can now get dollars to save the program and increase their participation in it, while we (conveniently) take “forever” to fix the phony shuttle problem (the tiles) so our astronauts will never suffer such a  fate again.

The kill must be covered up to make it all work, so expect our  traitors within to do just that and the Russians to shed lots of tears for the 7 who died. This photo may never see the light of public scrutiny!!  One more piece missing from the puzzle.